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She had to listen to her crew yelling and wailing at her for three days out on the ocean as they needed to fix the boat as well. So she sighed and drove her boat toward the small port of the region she was well known in. A place that even the royal family feared her more then any other pirate ship as well. As she grinned as she got off the boat she called to the group to get the supplies needed for the ship. She then walked toward the small port Tavern and grinned gently as she kicked the door open and looked at the males that screamed and ran out other than Walter and his friends . She laughed and watched all those wimps run off in terror and went to the other.

"Mister Arcon" she shouted as the Bartender whirled around as if someone had pointed a gun at him as the female pirate walked over and smiled slyly.

"My map please I have waited three years for this map" she said pissed off as the bartender gulped and nodded eyes looking around and ran off to the backroom. The Pirate helped herself to an entire bottle of pure Vodka and drank it down and smiled cruelly.

"THERE IS THE SNITCH" screamed a guard running in right at the female pirate. She turned to him and slammed the bottle onto the guys head and flipped away onto the counter seeing fifteen guards running in ready swords drawn.

"well is ee you guys missed me" she ,uses as she flipped away as a male swung a blade and dhe vanished behind the couter before jumping up and released three daggers catching three guys hands and they screamed dropping their blades. The others lashed out and she kicked one in the face and side swept another across the legs angrily.
"You destroyed three of our Nacy ships *y Sea swine" yelled the head guard slashing out and caught her knee and she fell to the ground but there was more fight going on. She used one of the chairs to beat five guys up hitting them in the face and breaking another's arms.

But after five minutes she was dragged to the ground a sword pointed at her Neck "You will be brought to justice Fang" snapped the head guard as they dragged her off and tied her up and the horses went off with the guards and pirate to the nobility House.

She was brought in chains and slammed in front of the Naval officer as well as several other noble and was looking at them as Prince Laurum.
"Pirate Captain of the Black Titan, you dare to show your face to our lands?" he demanded sharply before he looked at the naval officer that looked like he wanted to slit her throat.
"You can have your way with her make sure she suffers" Was all the Prince said to the naval officer.

My Male

“I have heard that lord is finally going to do something with that lousy bastard of his. Poor guy had it coming…” That sentence broke Walter out of his thinking. The people here didn´t know that Walter was actually a son of noble and he wanted it to stay that way, but he was curious about what were the current gossips regarding the topic.
“Really, what´s he going to do with him?” he asked curiously.
Leo, true to his reputation of gossipmonger, smirked at him. “The word is that baronet is going to let the military take him, buy him a nice spot on one of their ships. It´s a bargain for both of the sides, Baronet will finally have a family member in the army and the navy will have their fresh blood. They are thankful for every recruit these days. Especially with the pirates pillaging like crazy.” And here it was, another thing to ruin his mood. He had already heard gossip about it, but he didn´t believe his father would actually do it.

The table have fallen into an awkward silence for a while, until Jor finally broke it. “Speaking of news, The Black titan is back. Have seen it with my own bloody eyes, it even docked here!” his eyes were sparkling like a pair of stairs and the hideous man turned into a small children for a while.
“What´s The Black titan?” Walter asked in confusion. He didn´t know any ship bearing that name.
“Are you kidding me? It´s the most friggin famous ship there is! A single ship, worth more than a whole bloody fleet. I have heard it´s here to recruit some sailors.”
Leo nodded “Yea, they already took a few men aboard. If I were any younger, I would immediately sing up. Just imagine it, serving on the world´s best ship!”
Walter imagined it. It was an interesting idea indeed.


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