Searching for a partner.

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  1. Hi there! So I'm looking for a partner and a few RP's. ^.^

    I'm not too picky with things, but there's one or two things I'd like or are necessary. Please don't be put out though, it's not that long a list and its rather simple.

    - I'm dyslexic, so good spelling and grammar are a must have for me, otherwise I get confused and things get crossed or switched in my brain and it makes reading and replying to posts difficult.

    - At least one paragraph per post/character. At least no one liners please

    - I'm not picky with the gender or sexuality of the characters, though I tend to play gay males easier then any other for some reason ^^;


    - Fantasy
    - Modren
    - Sci-fi

    - Superheros/Mutants/Magic Users
    - High school/Boarding school/College
    - Demon/vampire/any supernatural creature x Human
    - Things not listed that you might want to try
  2. Hmmm... I might have a few ideas that should fit into your categories... PM me if you're interested :D
  3. I'm always interested in a vampire or magic rp.
  4. I might have a few ideas that we could possibly roleplay together. If you are interested send me a PM! XD