Searching for a one x one!

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  1. Hello! c:
    I'm new here and beginning my search for a good one x one.

    I would say I am open to anything but there are a few things I require. That is ~romance~ and ~long term~
    I am the biggest hopeless romantic you will ever meet and I basically get my sticky-sweet love from role playing, so that is a must. I also really enjoy long term role plays, but I haven't had a good, long one x one in forever. So I'm hoping to find that!

    Other than those two things... Suggest and I will tell you yes or no. It's late and I'm tired, so I can't function well enough to write out any of my ideas. Maybe I'll come in and edit this (if I can???) later. I like femalexfemale, malexfemale, and malexmale (my personal favorite) I am currently craving something fantasy like. Shape shifters, mermaids, werewolves, fairies, anything. I don't know. haha.

    So... If any of this makes sense to you and you possibly would like to talk ideas with me, feel free to message me or reply here. I am super excited to start some role plays, seeing as I am on spring break and completely bored.

    Okay I'll stop rambling now :P
  2. I have two suggestions:

    1 - a femalexfemale with my character being a shy Aspie who meets your character on a train.


    2. A fan-based roleplay based on a certain boyband.... (please?)
  3. I a have an idea for malexmale if you'd like. Just send me a pm and we can talk about it.
  4. I have an idea for an RP based off of this fairy tale however I have an interpretation that leads to a romance between the prince and the wolf and you know, excludes the happily ever after with the princess XD

    I have some things that I'd like to change so just reply back if you're interested, and when you become a new member we can PM :D