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  1. Hi I'm looking for a partner to roleplay with me c:
    Here's what I'm interested in:

    Black butler
    (Sebastian x Ceil)
    (Claude x Ceil)
    (Lau x Ceil)

    (Alucard x seras)

    Vampire Knight
    (Kaname x yuuki)
    (Zero x yuuki)

    Demon x angel (plot in mind)
    therapist x patient (I'll play either)
    Teacher x student
    Demon x human (plot in mind)
    Hostage x kidnapper (plot in mind)
    Vampire x human
    Assassin x target
    Human x supernatural being
    Human x powers
    Slave x master
    Vampire x vampire hunter
    Demon x vampire
    Vampire x werewolf
    Werewolf x human
    Boss x employee
    Zombie apocalypse (Zombie x human)
    Alien x human
    Prostitute x cop
    Married man x younger woman/man
    Everyday person x mafia

    I have a few ideas that someone could try with me, I've never done them before but I saw a story that seemed fun. We will of course switch them up a bit.
    We could try
    little red riding hood (werewolf x human)
    Belle/ beauty and the beast (werewolf/supernatural being x human)
    The little mermaid (human x mermaid/supernatural being)
    Ect, ect, ect... And Any other ideas you have I'm open to!

    A little bit about me:
    I am usually the more submissive character I can play dom but I loose muse very quickly with this and it never seems to work out. My characters though are a mixture of the two.
    The bolded ones are the roles I would most like to play c:
    I get on almost every day but I am have internet issues so expect slow replies. I do have quite a few ideas for a couple of these and I'm warning you I come up with a lot more when we are roleplaying. I do MxM and MxF mostly MxM but I can play a female as well.

    I'm very open to ideas too! So just let me know if you have any c:
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  2. I'd love to hear your idea for demonxangel. If you don't mind sharing it.
  3. Ill pm you c:
  4. I'd be interested in doing the vampire and hunter
  5. Pm me and we can set it up c:
  6. im intrested in a few of your ideas actually and thought of plot twists for most of them

    but i think my top ones are:
    hostage x kidnapper
    slave x master

    and really any of the fairytales

    so of those which ever youd like to do more
  7. Ok c: just pm me and we can figure it out cx
  8. Still looking!
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