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    ♦ Mad's Partner Search Thread ♦

    As tempting as it is, please refrain yourself from posting on this thread. PM me, instead.

    ♛ Introduction ♛

    Hello. A few things about myself:

    • I write meaty posts, I like meaty posts, give me meaty posts.
    • I looove nitty gritty dark themes with lots of angst. Please fuck over my characters.
    • I don't do one liners. That's just. Ew. No.
    • I prefer 80/20 plot/smut ratio.
    • I do my best to post once a day. However, work may cause a delay to up to one week.
    • If you see no response from me for more than a week, poke me. Spam me. Whatever it takes.
    • I will tell you if I have a problem with your posts.
    • I strictly play MxM, do not request me for anything otherwise.
    • I don't mind doubling. Whatever it takes to make a good rp.
    • At the moment, I am very busy. There is only room for one partner to fill my needs and there is very limited time on my hands to make frequent posts. Please understand that life does come first. ; u ;

    ♛ Expectations ♛
    • Be willing to deal with my unexpected disappearances (it happens).
    • Meaty posts, please.
    • I don't care if English isn't your first language. It isn't my first language either. I expect decent grammar and spelling.
    • I'm not a quality>quantity person. Don't give me that bullshit. I am a quality=quantity person.
    • Contribute to plotting.

    ♛ No. ♛
    • Water stuff
    • Scat
    • Extreme gore
    • Gore
    • M-preg (depends)
    • Mutilation

    ♛ Yes. Please. ♛
    • Rough sex
    • BDSM
    • Toys
    • Dirty Talking
    • Degradation
    • Spanking
    • Obsession
    • Jealousy
    • Nipple play @u@
    • Pet play
    • Pet plaaayyyyyyy<3333
    • Pet play
    • Crazy, psychotic love
    • Obsession
    • Posession
    • And other stuff. Ask me.

    ♛ Craving ♛
    • Deranged Obsession.
    • Unhealthy relationships

    ♛ Characters ♛

    My characters range from wimpy to psycho. I have no set character personality; I use whatever personality I feel best fits the RP scene. I am a go-with-the-flow RPer.

    ♛ Plots ♛

    * = Would need convincing to play this plot. Not particularly interested.
    ** = Interested. Slightly.
    *** = Interested.
    **** = Craving.

    Loose plot ideas.

    These plot ideas are very flexible and vaguely thought out. The point is, I want to expand and flesh out the plot with my partner.

    Werewolf x Werewolf *
    Werewolf: A
    Werewolf: B

    Since everybody seems like they're doing werewolf RPs, I am too. But only because my interest is piqued.

    A is omega and B is alpha. B is cruel and exploits his powers as an alpha, using them for his own pleasure. A, the omega, gets the rough end of it all. He's supposed to be B's mate. But instead, He's nothing more than a sex toy- and expendable. A can't help but accept it and love the rough sex because of their bond, but it hurts. It hurts the poor omega wolf that every time A would come back to toy with him, the alpha would reek of local human prostitutes and among other female were's.

    B is nearly at his breaking point.

    Peter Pan and the Lost Boys ****
    Peter Pan
    Character X
    Side Characters: Lost Boys

    A vague idea of the story would be preferred. Accuracy is not expected. The plot is very loosely based on the actual story.

    By "plot", I mean something you and I will come up with. I have a vague idea of what I want - PM me for more details.

    ♛ Pairings/Ideas ♛
    Lion x Unicorn
    God x Mythical creature
    Divorced couple
    Old feelings rekindled
    Age gap
    Vampire x Vampire/Werewolf
    Werewolf x Vampire/Werewolf

    ♛ Note ♛

    Please understand that I am incredibly picky about partners. I'll go through your shit, your posts, and all that crap. I'll read your RPs for your style of writing. If there is nothing available, I'll want a sample. Or if you'd like, just send me a sample. I want a partner who will be compatible in terms of writing style. So feel free to ask me for a sample!

    I promise I'm not as mean as I sound. I just want to make what my standards are to be clear. I promise you, I am a bucket of sunshine.

    If there is nothing of interest, feel free to PM me and we can talk it out. I have a ton of ideas and shit going on in my head right now. I'm just too tired to actually type out all that stuff. But besides that, if you're interested, PM me. c:

    In your PM, please include plot ideas/pairings.
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  2. Update:

    I know it may be a lot but please do try to read everything. Well, at least the "Expectations" and "Position" part. Oh - and the "Notes" part. If you have any questions, let me know (by PM) and I'll do my best to answer.
  3. Update:

    Added new plot: husband x 'mister'ess.
  4. Update:

    Added new plot: Angel x Prince
    Added new craving pairing: Angel x Werewolf/Vampire
  5. Ireaaalllyyy want to roleplay something. Someone PM me pleaaasssseee
  6. Am really looking to do something really smutty and nitty gritty dark and psychological.
  7. Update:

    "I do love dark themes so feel free to give all the plots a dark twist."
  8. Pleaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee PM meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. closed.
  10. Open and searching
  11. Looking to play idea 1
  12. Updated plots, take a look!
  13. Still looking ! ;u;