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  1. Hello friends!

    If you're looking for an intermediate to advanced roleplayer with a love for plot and development then you're in the right place. I'm very adaptable to styles and preferences, and although I have my likes and dislikes, I can usually be inspired and motivated to write about almost anything. Please don't be shy to post here or shoot me a PM!

    As the title suggests, I'm a female, looking for 18+ male or female partners to write at a high intermediate to high advanced level. I can play either gender, and usually play multiple side characters along with one or two mains. From me, you can expect at least 1-2 lengthy posts a week, or 3-4 shorter ones depending on my schedule and the roleplay. These would be in the private message format, but I might be convinced to do chat or thread.

    I prefer to work out specific plots out with my partner, but, just to give you a taste I tend to prefer roleplays that are more on the realistic than fantasy side. I really dislike furries/futas or vampires/werewolves, and unless the plot is really more sci-fi or realism centered with just some fantastical aspects, I usually lose interest. Some of my favorites are horror, drama, and crime. Chances are, if your plot fits into any of those genres, I'd be more than happy to give it a try.

    If my style or preference fits your needs, please shoot me a PM or respond to this thread!



    When it comes to plots and storylines, I prefer to develop those with my partners, that way we are both equally satisfied with whatever we come up with. I've included some fandom plots below. All of these are completely fluid, I'd be more than happy to change most or all aspects to fit our mutual interests.

    Based on Films/Literature/TV:
    • Thomas Harrison series (Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon)
    • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    • OITNB(Would be willing to use characters from the show, if RP will consist of elaborating on their specific backgrounds)
    • Matrix series
    • The Valley of Amazement
    • Memoirs of a Geisha
    • White Oleander
    • 1984
    • The Color Purple
    • Spirited Away(got an idea to give this a darker twist)
    • Death Note
    • Misery
    • Breaking Bad
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Ghost in Shell

    Genre Preferences:
    • Horror
    • Psych
    • Drama
    • Slice of Life
    • Science Fiction
    • Technological
    • Historical
    • Crime
    • Multi-Character
    • Romance
    • Mystery
    • Incarceration
    • Dark, Multi-Layer Characters
    • Adventure

    Original Plots:
    • If you like Post-Apocalypse, Fallout, Survival, Dark,
      Plot1 (open)
      Character A was 13 years old when the bombs fell. Thanks to their father's ingenuity, and the wonderful community of Lacedew Village, they and many of their neighbors survived the attack. At the beginning of the Nuclear War of 2054, Character A's small community came together, connecting the basements of their homes into a makeshift bunker capable of sustaining their lives for a small period of time. It has been 10 years since then, and Character A's haven is discovered by Character B, who came to the area in search of their family. The pair quickly find reason to dislike one another. With just a fraction of North America's population still alive, however, they quickly realize they must put their conflicts aside and work together to thrive, or find refuge elsewhere.
    • If you like Dark, Romance, Crime, Breaking Bad
      Plot2 (open)
      Character A appears to be a regular student at Moscow State University. What isn't apparent on the surface, however, is Character A's ties to the Kuznetsov family; a Russian crime organization responsible for most of the methamphetamine production and distribution in Northern Moscow. During Character A's third term, they are given the task of befriending Character B, a significantly older student in the middle of their doctorate of science. Using this newfound friendship, Character A is expected to gain access to the school's laboratories in an effort to gain insight, supplies, and the possible location for a new meth lab.
    • If you like Incarceration, Researcher x Test Subject, Dark, Crime, Gore
      Plot3 (open)
      It is a few years into the near future, and in an effort to deal with the overwhelming rates of cancer and disease, along with the overpopulation of America's Prisons, a proposition has been made to perform medical experiments on long-sentence prisoners. Depending on their crimes, these 'tests' can range in severity and time. Character A is a researcher at such a facility, Character B is a prisoner.
    • If you like Slice of Life, Drama, Crime, Sibling x Sibling
      Plot4 (open)
      Character A is a teenager at the brink of adulthood. Their life, however, has been anything but happy. In an effort to escape their turbulent home, Character A pressures their older sibling, Character B, into accepting them in the large city where they live and study. Upon arrival, however, Character A discovers that their sibling is not an innocent student like their family thought. As Character A attempts to build a life in this new city, they struggle with not getting sucked into the drug/gang/violent actions of Character B.
    In the above plots, I would prefer the role of Character A, although I can probably be convinced otherwise. ;]
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  2. Hello lazarette! Welcome to the site. :)

    Here on Iwaku, we don't allow members 17 and under (users with a blue star near their username) to write sex scenes with people 18 and over (red star). You've got the right idea saying that you'll only roleplay with 18+, but if you know that you would enjoy it if your roleplays would have sex, there's a different solution.

    The Libertine forum is an age locked forum; everyone who accesses it will be over the age of 18. Since the general One on One requests forum is not age locked, we do our best to keep requests that include a desire for smut out of this section of the forum, and in the appropriate Libertine forum. Since you've expressed an interest in including sex in your roleplay, I've moved this thread to the libertine forum.

    If you have any questions, or believe I've moved it erroneously, let me know.
  3. Hello Peregrine.

    In an effort to save time and not post two threads in two forums, I tried to mention in this one that I am also interested in libertine roleplay, although the above plots/ideas were not meant to be libertine in nature. I went ahead and edited the post to remove the mention of sexual RPs. If possible, please allow me to move the thread back into the regular onexone search forum.

    Much thanks,
  4. Of course! Not a problem.
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  5. Hi @Lazarette. I'd be interested in making your Plot 4 (?) happen.
  6. Thanks for your interest! I went ahead and sent you private message. :)
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