SEALs on, why not?

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  1. So with SEALs on fire, what could go wrong?
  2. Steve was alone in a cement room--no windows, no natural light only a low hanging light which gave a dull glow. His head was throbbing from the capture. "Hey, Bryce, Snips..." Steve said groggily as he sat upright. His voice was thin and weak, but that wasn't the point. At the moment Steve was assessing his surroundings.

    Two Iraqi men came into the room with guns. One had a pistol while the other an M-4. "Shut up," one yelled harshly. Steve just glared back at his captors angrily. His hands were tied as well as his feet. With his situation as is, there wasn't much to do. The one with the pistol smiled after talking with his friend. The sound of a hammer echoed across the small room as the Iraqi lowered the barrel to Steve's head.

    Steve woke up in a cold sweat. It was about 5:00am. He fell back into his sheets and stared up at the ceiling. He'd been back for three weeks and the nightmares didn't stop. Already he wanted out. For more than a third of his life he was a killing machine. How can they just expect him to be a civilian? Realizing that he had to move, Steve got up and put on running clothes.

    He left his small apartment and began to run. His headphones were on loud, but he could still feel the surroundings. The quietness of the early morning unsettled him. It made him think of the lulls between firefights. Already he had run for 1 1/2 hours. He panted slightly, but the need to keep active trumped his exhaustion. Staying out for another hour or so, Steve stopped into a small diner.

    Taking a seat at the counter, Steve ordered a cup of coffee and listened to the early morning babble. The news was on as usual, but Steve ignored it. Usually they just talked about irrelevant things like the latest celebrity meltdown or what cat video was the cutest. But then something caught his attention. A building was ablaze and captions skidded across the screen...Avel St...That was where Steve's parents lived. Leaving the money on the counter, Steve rushed home and got into his car.

    Disregarding the speed limit, Steve wove in between traffic. It only took him 8 minutes, a ride that usually took 15. As he got closer a cop stopped him from entering. He parked his car a distance away and snuck into the closed off area. This was the only home he really knew and it was ablaze. Finding the nearest firefighter Steve commanded, "Where are Thomas and Marie Davis?"
  3. Early morning shifts really destroyed Roman. He trudged into work and slumped down at the table, "Michael, could you pour me a cuppa'?" Roman groaned, his eyes not fully open. At least he'd be finished by 11AM. And he only had to work the early hours once every so often. Roman rubbed his eyes, trying to alert himself.

    Just as he got his first two sips of coffee, the alarm woke him up. A fire this early? Nevertheless, it seemed serious. Roman quickly chugged down the burning liquid, scolding his tongue and throat as he jumped off the seat. He ran to change into his uniform, changing into the bright yellow and blue overalls. Apparently the fire was serious, so he got his helmet on and got into the truck quickly.

    They approached a building that was up in crimson flames, it must of gotten worse as they were getting there, "Shit." Roman cursed under his breath, unbuckling his seatbelt as he ran to the police officer, his work-mates unraveling the hose."Sir, is there anybody inside the building?" Roman rushed up the the police officer as he adjusted a oxygen mask onto his face. Before the officer could confirm or deny his worries, he heard a males voice.

    "I'm sorry sir, we don't have that information yet." Roman nodded to the man. He looked like he was worried. Roman wanted to help him out a bit more but a loud crash came from the building. The flames must of got to the gas pipes or something, because it exploded, "Sir, stay right here!" Roman shouted, pulling the mask over his face and running back to the truck, he was going to have to get in there soon if somebody was in there, he didn't want to risk another explosion.
  4. Steve felt his heart being pulled out as the house exploded. Pushing away from the firefighter, Steve ran towards the house. Using sheer force, Steve forced his way past the barrier the first responders created to keep civilians away. His parents were still in there! That was the only thing going through his mind at the moment. Before he reached the front door the house collapsed and sent Steve flying backwards. It felt like stepping on an IED. The shock wave knocked Steve out. Just before he blacked out Steve uttered, "Fuck".

    The sound of a heart monitor awoke Steve. He was in the hospital with some cuts and bruises. For the most part he was alright except for his left arm which seemed to take the brunt of the explosion. It was wrapped in gauze. He could feel the burn through the cool gauze. Looking around Steve tried to find something familiar, but just saw nurses and doctors running around like chickens without heads. He was in the ER. Getting up, Steve unhooked the heart monitor and got up. Of course he was sore, but that was nothing compared to what he endured in Iraq. He went up to the nurses' station and said in a threatening voice, "I want to leave, now."
  5. When Roman turned his head back to go into the building, he saw the man run to the building, "No!" Roman shouted, running behind him to try to stop him from getting to the house. Before Roman could grab the man and pull him away, another explosion caused the house to disintegrate. The man went flying backwards into Roman, who was also pushed back by the force of the fire. Roman quickly got to his feet and picked up the man, "Ambulance please!" He screeched from the fire as he held the man tightly. Paramedics rushed out of the already parked ambulance with a stretcher, wheeling it over to Roman. He put the man down onto the stretcher and followed the paramedics. "You need attention." Roman frowned before he pulled a gloved hand up to his face, noticing his helmet and mask didn't protect the side of his face, at all.

    At the hospital, Roman was just in the black pants and white shirt he had underneath his uniform. He was lucky that only one side of his face had minor burns and a sort of road rash. It stung, but Roman refused to get treated now, he wanted to know how his fire-buddies were doing. At the same time, Roman walked to the nurses. Before he could get his words in, the man from the fire spoke. Roman sighed with relief, at least he was okay. "Sir, you've got to stay here." Roman said before putting his hand out to signal he wanted to talk, "Does anybody have any information on the scene? Is everybody okay?" Roman asked seriously.
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