Screw my next door neighbors!

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  1. In real life, I'm generally a very easy person to get along with. You mind your business, and I mind mine. Don't yell at my kids for no reason, and tell me to my face if you have a problem, and we're golden. Unfortunately, the pile of white trash living next door to be are the exact opposite of the type of people I can tolerate.

    For let me begin with the problem with their kids.....

    They have four girls. A sixteen year old, a six year old, a four year old, and a two year old. The sixteen year old is a nosy body, who is constantly eavesdropping on any conversations my husband and I have, and butting into them if she thinks we're talking about her family. (We're not. Usually we're talking about my family.)

    The six year and four year old are constantly outside unsupervised, and following my children around, even though they know they're not allowed to go where my kids go. My children are not their babysitters, and neither am I. Yet, these people think I'm supposed to tell my kids that they can't go play with their friends all because their children don't want to listen to them? Yeah, I don't think so.

    Today, however, has really pissed me off royally.
    I have two dogs, and while they both are loud and intimidating, they're all bark and no bite. When I take them outside, I try to avoid letting them going to the bathroom in other people's yards, and when they do, I clean up after them. (Unless it's pee, and there's no way to clean that up from the grass.)

    This morning I took my dogs out like usual, walked them up away from the houses and towards the street to do their business, and with my trusted little plastic bag, picking it up when they were done. No problem right? My dogs are happy, the grass is clean, and no one has anything to complain about.

    Skip a few hours later, my kids are home from school and outside playing and I hear my daughter arguing with the little girl next door. My husband goes out to see what the problem is, and the little girl is repeating what she overheard from her parents, complaining about our dogs shitting in their yard. Mind you, my dogs were nowhere near their yard. Where I took them was in the complete opposite direction of their yard. Yet, they're bitching enough for their kids to overhear and say something to my daughter about it.

    Neither parent were mature enough to come to me and ask me if it was my dog. It wasn't, and if I have to start taking pictures of exactly where my dog takes a shit and what the spot looks like afterwards to keep these people from running their mouths, than I'll resort to it. That is the type of petty bullshit that I am dealing with, and it's annoying as fuck!

    Not only that, but I honestly believe they stabbed holes in the tires of my husband's work truck tires in order to get him fired. (Funny thing is, the guys at his work are convinced that my hubby could rape their boss' wife and still keep his job.) What they failed to realize was that we have two personal vehicles he can take to work, and his boss knows that Dustin would not damage company property in that way. Next time it happens we're calling the cops, and I swear if I find out it was then I'm suing the fuck out of them. Normally I'm not a law suit type of person, but these people are so childish and petty that I would stoop to that sort of idiocy to get the them fuck out of my life.

    One month in and I already have enemies.

    Man, it's good to be home.
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  2. These neighbours seem to be pretty pathetic, Nydanna. It's even worse they're instilling their wrong beliefs onto their child.
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  3. GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL I swear if that were me, I'd be kicking some ass and saying some cuss words. If I had a gun, I'd shoot it at them just to get my point across. Yes I'm that violent when I get pissed. They wouldn't be getting away with that shit in my hood! NO FUCKING WAY!
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  4. Believe me, if I had a gun I'd probably be waving it in their faces by now. One more thing and I'm going to end up snapping.
  5. Just be sure to have some bail money saved up ok? :) You don't wanna end up in jail D:
  6. Collect dog poops for a month.

    Dump collected dog poops onto their front porch.


  7. Next time, take one of those dog turds, put it in a bag, light it on fire, and put it on their porch. When they ask if it was you, say no, it wasn't.
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  8. I say you let them keep being them. Stop hating on others. Gosh.

    (Total sarcasm. Totally on your side. Have one of your dogs eat their children, that should teach them not to fuck with you.)
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  9. No, don't do that! The dog could get diarrhea! Have you set up cameras? That counts as evidence, as far as I know.
  10. The funny thing is, I don't really need a camera for today. One of my neighbors saw me walking back to my house with the baggie full of poop and even made asked me what I feed my dog. For the rest of the time though, I guess it'll be photographs of dog shit.....

    That's certainly not a hobby that I thought I'd take up. @_@
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  11. I'd advise against this.
    It's only giving in to and rewarding their childish behavior.

    When a child throws a tantrum do you frantically run around give them what they want so they'll stop?
    Or do you stay firm so they know to stop crying over it and learn their lesson?
  12. That logic doesn't quite work for idiotic adults who believe destroying other people's property is okay. Not just that but they are literally bullying my daughter by talking bad about her both behind her back and right in front of her, while encouraging their daughters to be mean to her.

    Yesterday was my daughter's birthday, and since my husband had to late we didn't really get a chance to do much. Our plans were for this weekend anyway with a little family gathering tonight, a trip to the zoo tomorrow, and a day at the pool on Sunday. Yet, because we didn't have a party yesterday, their kids kept telling my daughter she was a liar about it being her birthday, and calling her names because they aren't invited to her 'party'. I kept my patience for as long as I could, first telling the girls to go back to their own house if everyone couldn't get along, then by literally banning them away from my house when it continued. Meanwhile, their fucking bitch of a mother is sitting outside talking to her husband on the phone as loud as she can about how she doesn't want her kids playing with my daughter because she's a mean little brat.....(Let's just say I was ready to knock her head through a brick wall.)

    Okay, for starters I don't give a rat's ass if she doesn't want her kids playing with mine. Honestly, I'll be fucking happy about it! I'm so tired of their daughter knocking on my door to tattle on my kids every five god damn seconds, it's not even funny. Let my kids all walk together to the gas station across the street? (My fourteen year old is with them, mind you.) Knock on the door and 'Your daughter just went across the street.' Tell my kids they can go play at the playground around the corner? Another knock on my fucking door. I feel like snapping 'Look, just because your mother doesn't know where you go, doesn't mean I don't know where my kids go.'

    And then, the little tattle tale is walking around telling everyone my daughter has lice. No, she doesn't have lice. We've checked and checked, and checked. The clinic sent a note saying that she has dead nits that we didn't get rid of from the last time she had it which was a month before we moved. The dumb woman next door who obviously knows nothing at all starts saying my kids are dirty. WRONG! Lice like CLEAN hair, and my daughter washes hers every day in the shower, which is why her hair is always soft and shiny and not looking like someone dumped a bottle of oil in her hair. My kids also have clean clothes on every day, and change their clothes multiple times. Meanwhile their kids wear the same clothes for the entire weekend. And my kids are dirty?

    Seriously, I could give a fuck if they talk about me. They can talk shit about me all the fuck they want. It's talking about my kids and how they treat my kids that's pissing me off. They refuse to take responsibility for their own absenteeism. They talk to their kids like shit, and they think it's okay to do the same to mine? Yeah, fuck those assholes. Next one to say a thing about any of my kids and their face is going to meet concrete.

    Wow.....I'm not usually this angry, but these people.......

    Sometimes I wish Darwinism could become a law, and people had to take an IQ/Common Sense/Common Decency test in order to procreate.
  13. Yup you definitely need to beat their asses now. Just beat them hard and good and tell them not to fuck with you or your family.
  14. Well, it's been a while since I've updated this, and I thought that maybe things would settle down. Today, that proved to be an inaccurate assumption.

    Today for the first time in my life, I had to call the cops for something that wasn't an emergency.

    It all started when my kids were outside playing. My one daughter had some paper and was outside drawing when a piece of paper blew off our little patio and in between our yards. The neighbors daughter picked it up and started to rip it up when my oldest daughter said something about how the paper wasn't in her yard and she should have left it alone. The neighbors jumped in her shit, started cussing her out to the point that she came inside crying hysterically. I went outside to confront them, and we ended up getting into a huge argument where thy told me they were getting a petition to get us evicted.

    Now mind you, I rarely go outside my house unless I'm leaving. I don't talk to these people at all, and neither does my husband. We don't have dogs that bark at all hours and keep people awake. We've never had a complaint made about us at all as a matter of fact. Yet, they're getting a petition against us?

    Anyway, so today I called the police about them cussing at my daughter. I feel stupid for it, and I hate that its how I had to deal with these idiots, but cussing out my daughter....mind you these are 30 year old adults cussing and insulting a 14 year old girl. I don't care. I did it so I can go up to the rental office and show them the police were called against one of their employees. I don't give a flying fuck that the fucking douche bag has a new baby. I will do whatever it takes to get that asshole fired from his job at the complex, and end the problem.
  15. You should've recorded EVERYTHING so you'll have proof. In fact, you should get a petition to get them evicted yourself! If I had a daughter and someone dared to cuss her out, I wouldn't have called the cops. I would've beat the LIVING SHIT out of the neighbors and then proceeded to make their lives a living hell and making sure that they were homeless and jobless.
  16. Wait, you're trying to get your neighbours fired from their job for yelling at your kid?

    I mean, your neighbours are assholes, but the reaction here seems pretty extreme. :/
  17. He's a thirty year old man, cussing and insulting someone else's child, and then justified his actions by saying he had a right to instead of coming to me directly. Think about this. He's a maintenance man for the community I live in. What does that say about the community if a person representing said community goes off and cusses and insults every kid in the neighborhood? I'm also not the first person to have this problem with these people. It's a problem for quite a few other families, including one with a child with special needs.
  18. Update: They just got in a fist fight with another set of neighbors. Tell me that's not worth someone losing their job?
  19. Community as in he's commonly hired there? Or Government paid?

    Cause honestly if you don't like the guy I would just suggest not hiring him.
  20. Ninja'd... By a bit.
    (That's what I get for leaving the page open while I grab something to eat).

    That is pretty ridiculous.
    I can see the reasoning with firing him for that though, if it's really the community hiring him (the people he's fighting with).

    But I should disclose that I have a strong peeve/disliking with people getting fired over things not happening on the job.
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