screams of the asylum

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  1. very simple just try to make it as realistic as possible
  2. Name: Jordan // Lizzie
    Age: 17 // 16
    Gender: Male // Female
    Patient Number: 105 // 207
    Asylum Case File: Hallucinates // Hears voices and hallucinates
    Personality: Insane, believes he's superior to others, rude, sadistic, cruel, mean and quiet // Sadistic, insane, rude, cruel, evil and happy
    Appearance: [​IMG] // [​IMG]
  3. Name: Anastasia but goes by A.

    Age: 16, almost 17.

    Patient Number: #666

    Asylum Case File: Has a identical twin and had a history of harming others at a young age like cutting/stabbing other students when she throws a tantrum. At age 10 she was sent to the asylum for starting a fire in her house, killing her parents and only her and her identical twin getting out with little damage. Her parents were found cut up and mutilated with Glasgow Smiles carved into there faces. Wasn't sent to prison because she pleaded insanity. She suffers from self harm, sadistic thoughts, schizophrenia(hears and sees things), won't sleep. (Twin is in a orphanage and often visits A.)

    Personality: For someone insane she doesn't act like it much. She's able to make sense most of the time when she speaks, but she rarely does. She mostly keeps to herself and stays in the background always watching and observing. Often times gets sent to confinement in a straight jacket and muzzle due to her random temper tantrums.

    Twin Sister(Matilda) (open)
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  4. A stood towards the back corner of the rec room. She watched the people doped on the medication shuffle across the floor, and the people with not enough meds talk to themselves or hit themselves. A sighed a little, spitting the medication she was suppose to swallow onto the floor. She hated being lumped with these people, she preferred the solitude of confinement. Though word has it people from another wing were gonna be put with them due to budget cuts.

    A leaned against the corner, her eyes darting from the people to the door, awaiting the new arrivals. She already basically ran this wing with and iron fist, now she had to put these people in check. Or at least that's what the voices told her. Jeez, these people would be late to there own funeral, free time started 20 minutes ago.. She thought to herself. Turning her head, she saw one of the black figments she usually sees but no one else seems to. A calls them her demons. The shadowy figure snakes towards her and leaned in, whispering break someone's teeth.. Cut them up.. Do anything to those who challenge you.. Remember, you run this place. We gave you the power to run it. A cringes a little at it's voice ringing in her head. She didn't hate the demons, to her they actually were the source of her sadistic thoughts so she respected them. But they always appeared at inappropriate times. Turning her gaze away, Anastasia continued watching the door impatiently.
  5. Jordan entered the wing with a carefree and somewhat bored expression. Once in he was about to lean against a wall when- Fight. Punch them. Slice their skin. Break their legs. Destroy them. So, he grabbed a pocket knife that he had snuck in there before leaping at one of them and carving a chelsea smile into their cheeks. Then, he slit their throat and did the same to 5 others before smirking at A. Lizzie watched from the corner as she held her doll. "They're all useless human beings." She whispered to her doll. "They'd be better off as dolls. Just like you."
  6. Anastasia grinned and burst into laughter. In a instant she lunged off the wall and at Jordan. One hand grabbed his wrist and yanked the hand holding the knife away from her and slammed her forehead into his face feeling a satisfying crunch of his nose breaking. With her free hand she grabbed his shoulder and yanked him down and to her while her knee slammed into his gut. Before she allowed him time to react she spun around him, still holding his wrist and yanked it so the point of the knife was an inch in front of his eye while her free arm wrapped around his throat, cutting off his air supply. She bursts into laughter and whispered to him "I swear, move one fucking inch and I'll slam this knife into your goddamn eye. Don't think I'll stop there, no. I'll rip that fucking eye out and eat it just so you can watch me shit you out in a few days. Move one goddamn inch, I beg of you. I haven't cut up someone's face in a week and I'm just itching to slice someone up." She grinned, slowly bringing the knife closer only to have doctors and security burst into the room to maintain order.
  7. When the doors were burst open, Jordan slammed his foot into her gut with enough force that forced her to the other end of the room. Growing softly, he picked up his knife. Lizzie spoke to her doll. "It's time for us to make a friend for you." She then walked ovto someone, knocked them out then sowed their mouth into a smile, cut out their eyes then sowed the sockets shut.
  8. Smirking, she lunged at him again and gripped his hair, slamming his head agains the corner of a metal table. Quickly, A rammed her foot into the back of Jordan's knee causing him to fall over. She pinned him face down to the floor and slammed his head into the ground. She grabbed the hand holding the knife, breaking the arm neatly at the elbow and taking the knife out his hand. She used the knife to slice open the back of his shirt and carved a large "A" into his back. She laughs and began slashing his shoulder and any other skin around the "A". Soon the guards tackled the three of them, slamming them down. Anastasia growled and lashed out at the guards and began clawing, cutting and biting them. She managed to slice a Glasgow smile into a guards face before they injected her and the others with medicine to calm them down and make them sleepy.
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