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  1. Something I've wanted to do for a long time. For those of you not familiar with the SCP foundation: here is the wiki. We would play as people employed by the Foundation, D-classes, even SCPs themselves, maybe? I'm open to ideas!!
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  2. I would also suggest looking up MissShadowlovely's SCP narrations on YouTube.

    The idea sounds fun, but I'd feel even happier if you consider allowing rival organizations for play, mainly the Global Occult Coalition.
  3. Oh, definitely! The groups of interest would be included.
  4. This sounds fun.

    Maybe we could be a team that's hunting for an escaped Keter (preexisting or original) or something like that?
  5. I like that! The GOC could be attempting to capture it at the same time maybe?
  6. The GOC would be trying to destroy it.
  7. holy four letter word that starts with s you read my mind scps are awesome
    (wat do you call a ship that the pope sank a "holy ship)
    worst joke ever
  8. i was actually reading a scp my friend made
    scp 4000 i think it was
    code name little sally
    she is really easy to contain if you dont scare her but if you do wait for all hell to break (breach:b) loose....
    but enough about that i got a question will the ninetails be playable characteroh and would this take place during a containment breach or is it just every day life in a compound
  9. As of now I'm thinking it'll be a group tracking down a loose Keter, lol. Playable characters will be people on the team tracking it down, it'll be like a race with the GOC and maybe another organization to try to get to it first. I'm thinking the Keter might be playable? If we decide on a sentient one. We might make one up of our own.
  10. maybe 4000 isnt the best shes a bitch to capture mainly because shes counters others scp weakness if she gets scared(for instance if the statue is in her line of sight he can move freely even if some one else is also looking at him) besides id find a way to get kil by 914
  11. We already have scp containment breach for chasing meters but the daily life thing
    And how dare you CHEESE you called my scp a b####
    And you sell her really short...
    Any ways will docter gear be a playable character I think he's hilarious
    And if there's an rp when's it gonna start?
  12. I'd like to be an SCP unit.

    Say, which one was the shadow-skinned child who could use anything as a weapon?
  13. ...
    Anyone can use anything as a weapon if they set their minds to it.
  14. I was kind of referring to a specific one who could do so to the extent that she was not allowed to be given anything - not even clothes. She is kind of cray and has killing intent.
  15. The only shadow skin child I can think of would be radical larry
  16. *Crashes though window* DIBS ON THE PLAGUE DOCTOR
  18. Is it possible to be a researcher for one of these organizations working specifically on intel. and such. Of course the character I have in mind will die horribly. XD
    Ima look at Shy Man or take a trip through 914.

    Edit: Can we also make up new SCP's for the rp? I actually have a few ideas that I never entered into their competitions or anything.
  19. Are bait subjects playable?
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