Scotland Referendum Boogaloo

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  1. So you may have heard my countrymen and I have been having a little discussion as to whether we fancy staying part of the UK or whether we fancy declaring "FUCK IT, WE'LL MAKE OUR OWN COUNTRY! WITH BLACKJACK. AND HOOKERS."

    Well, results are in as of this morning. Duly, we're staying part of the United Kingdom.


    Anyhoo, I shall now be marching about the room high-fiving myself and belting out 'Rule Britannia'. Feel free to ask me questions about stuff.
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  2. How was the whole everything? May you provide a few anecdotes on your experiences with the referendum?
  3. I'm only here to ask whether or not you're gonna get drunk to celebrate.
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  4. Somehow this came to mind.

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  5. The real impact of succession would have been to the economy right? What plans did Scotland have for that?
  6. Seemingly none. Which is the main reason they voted no.
  7. Well at least all the dumb Mel Gibson Braveheart posts will stop. Because, you know nothing screams freedom more than a multi-millionaire Australian anti-Semit.
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  8. Living in the UK, for a few years now.. And seeing how the Scottish people had reacted has left me .. Well. Nothing.

    I had a feeling of coming out as an 'no'. I know they wanted to be Independent and all that.. Unfortunately it's not going to happen soon. ^^


    We should all stick together !!@.@
  9. Jesus Christ, you guys actually replied. And here was me thinking I was just gonna be high-fiving myself the whole day.

    Unanun, our economic plan was basically bubblegum and raindrops. "Hey trust me, you guys, it'll be fine." A chunk of people leaving the country would have done some serious damage to the Pound, and left us a captive state to a foreign power's currency. Fuck that. That issue alone made the No vote right.

    That being said, the turnout was inspiring. 97% registration. 85% turnout. You just don't normally see that in modern British politics.

    And Alan, in answer to your question: I am fucking shitfaced right now. Herein is the answer to your question.
    RiverNotch, the whole thing has been pretty strange to watch. If this country were voting based on "who had the better campaign", an independent Scotland would control most of Europe just now. But sadly the answers to basic questions weren't there, and thus my side got the majority.
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  10. I actually had a reply to RiverNotch too. My phone decided to delete that. Thanks, phone.

    Today has been interesting. The buildup has been, too. I think a lot of people have mistaken shouting loudly (the Yes campaign) for having an actual majority. And thus we're gonna have a lot of bitterness this next wee while.

    Going by the centre of Glasgow just now, we're in for a serious boogaloo.
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  11. Too soon I'm sure, but do you think this will be it,mor is this gonna be like Quebec and come up every decade now?
  12. Hey, I watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver too ;-)
  13. Naw, it's too close a vote for the thing not to come up regularly.
  14. The ball's basically in Westminster's court now. They promised devolution for Scotland, and off the back of that we got a No vote. With Salmond now standing down, if these new powers are delivered I think the independence thing is gonna fall to the wayside for a bit as the SNP (Scottish National Party) goes back to being the confused, bickering mess it was a decade or so ago.

    HOWEVER. That's if Scotland gets what it's been promised. If these devolution powers aren't handed out? I can see another big independence boogaloo within a few years.
  15. Doctor Who's to blame.
  16. But dey gots oil, Grumps.


    You're rich! Rich as Arabs!

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  17. >Implying the Shetlanders weren't planning on defecting to Norway and taking all the oil with them

    Tegan pls
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  18. A quick perusal of wiki seems to indicate that Scotland is relatively OK on its own, between energy-related activites, whiskey exports, and financial services.
  19. Debatable (and believe me, it got the shit debated out of it). The oil's running out, our financial institutions are now mostly owned by the UK taxpayer (yay for government bailouts) and you sadly can't run a country on whisky (believe me, we've tried). Most of the country's budget comes from the chunk of cash given to Scotland for remaining part of the UK.

    If stuff had been a bit better explained, I could have got behind the Yes chaps more. Instead, however, when you asked about things like military spending and the currency issue, their response was basically just "nah, don't worry about that, it'll be fine. Trust me. Also, did I mention we hate the Tories? Seriously, fuck those guys."
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