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  1. Scorched Earth: Watch the World Burn
    So many years ago. What was it, seven hundred seventy five? Heh. To me, they're like seconds now. Everything passes by so quickly.....anyways, this isn't exactly how things used to be. You wouldn't know; you're an infant compared to me, of course. Naw, this all happened because literally everything in the world went to shit at the exact right moment.
    So ya see, all those fateful years ago, shit was going down. These things called countries, sorta like.....big villages, I guess, so you understand, all hated each other. Finally, it boiled over and they used wouldn't know what that is either....anyways, it basically blasted all these big villages to bits. Aaaand there I was. Just researching in my......lab, you wouldn't know's like a....big building of knowledge or something. But yeah, I was working on.......okay, still no way to explain it, but just so you don't ask, working on folding dimensions over each other for easier locomotion. I see that look on your face, 'the fuck does that mean?' Well, I'll answer that with: lemme finish. You'll learn later.
    Well, my research is what caused all this. Now, if you were born back then, you'd be strangling me right now. But this is all you know, so you probably aren't all that concerned. Anyways, dimensional rift, hole in space and time, unknowable horrors pouring into my baseme-erm, lab, and then humanity was utterly fucked in hours. Mhm. More than a few billion people completely scattered and murdered in seven hours.
    Well, there were a few stragglers. Those stragglers, as they found, were a the particles from the other place. The Nexus, yeah, whatever you call it. So, they sorta became what you guys are now. Mismatched parts, completely changed biology, hell, even some people made of slime. Yeah, you're not entirely different species, you're just mutated. Let that sink in. So, seven hundred seventy five years later, here we are. Dying out, no supplies, pitiful villages, Nexus monsters pouring in on all sides. Anyways, my time's running short. Have fun with your new-found wisdom, I gotta go. Good luck, don't die, and have fun, chaps.

    So, a lil RP I used to run on another forum that died sorta quick, mostly cause I used to be a very noobish GM. Now I think I've improved, and wanna try good 'ol Scorched Earth again. Basically, Fallout, but with MUCH, MUCH worse mutants and conditions. Also it's been over seven hundred years. Resources are gone, and people are already farming and herding again. Oh right. Everyone who's survived has been changed by the Nexus particles generations ago. Expect bull horns, acid membranes, fangs, scales, different colored hair and skin, really anything. Though ask me before you choose something. So, you know nothing about the old world, live in an isolated village, and have crazy mutations. Tech is crude and primitive; the best gun you'd find would be a single shot handcannon or something of the like. So yeah, hope this seems interesting.
    Character Sheet (open)
    Appearance: (Some mutations required)
    Mutations: (List all physical/internal ones, mental should be asked for, and physical still gotta be approved)
    Equipment: (Clothes would be leather scraps, old cloth, etc. Some weapons are okay, no firearms (Unless you ask and I approve), most likely scrap blades or crude bows. Jewelery and other aesthetic are fine for flavor)
    Misc Items: (Eh, pretty free here. Just as long as it makes sense)
    Character Dynamic: (Hot headed? Smooth talker? Adorable helpless character? Etc.)

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  2. I'd be interested once I see other people jump in. :o
  3. Interested :O
  4. Cool, nice to see other people wanna try my idea. (Based off the little Roguelike Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.)
  5. Hmm, for my mutations, I'm thinking arms that reach to his knees, with boneless, highly flexible/prehensile fingers. Kinda like tentacles except more fleshy. I'm debating on a near-uncontrollable thirst for blood upon the sight of it, but I'm worried that might be a bit cliche. What do you think?
  6. That'd work fine. I really like the long arms and flex-fingers, and the blood could work pretty well.
  7. Hm, so you finally moved this to IWAKU. Hell, I might as well join again.
  8. I'd be interested in this. Do we just send a message your way if asking for the more mental mutations, or do we just post it here?
  9. You can just post it here, feel free to ask any questions.
  10. Please let me know if this is okay! I could find a reasonable picture, but obviously I probably wouldn't find one with all the mutations and the like.

    Name: Casandra J'Thrall
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25

    A tall woman, Casandra is seen as a beacon of hope to all who gaze upon her! Just, minus the beacon of hope part. She stands at 6'2", weighs around 130lb., has long, tangly black hair which is still in a braid over her left shoulder, and holds a single azure optic which seems rather striking when one gazes upon it. She seems fairly lithe, but her muscles are merely a,in to those of lizards; not exactly the same, but rather similar indeed. She is capable of acts of athleticism and tends to be able to jump many feet indeed.

    •Second Right Forearm
    This mutation causes Casandra to have a second right forearm, which is great for use with her now rusted out crude steel blade. The forearm sits on top of the normal one,and the elbow is fairly bony as a result, as this forearm can twist and turn independently of the normal forearm.
    •Lack of Appetite; Eat Sunlight Instead
    This mutation occurs within Casandra's digestive tract, and she does not require food or water to continue living. Rather, she is more like a solar panel than anything when it comes to energy. Though this is the case, she is still capable of consuming food and water, but it will come at a great discomfort to her. At night, she does usually become awfully lethargic, and while she can still function, it's at a very slow rate. In direct moonlight, she will get a little more energy, but not enough to be beneficial in a way.
    •Greater Naked Eye
    This mutation causes Casandra's vision in her right eye to be a lot more crisp than standard human eyes. She is able to concentrate and see things at a magnification of roughly 1.5x, not much, but enough to be fairly noticeable when she's staring. Due to her longer range, she is a little longsighted and looking at things close up tend to be even blurrier than usual. She can raise her hand to her face and see triples, rather than doubles, for example.

    •Homemade Clothing
    Casandra's clothes cover up a lot of her body, save for the midriff, arms and shoulders. They're rather tattered however, and no one knows when they'll simply be irrelevant in the scheme of things.
    This is placed on her second right forearm, and hides a hole in that arm which, while it has healed, doesn't seem to hold conventional bones like the human forearm would.
    •Rusted Steel Blade
    A laugh at it's former glory, this sword is around the size of a long dagger. The handle is still fairly good, if a little worn, and the pommel is still good for smashing.

    Misc Items:
    •Crude Bionic Left Eye (which doesn't even work!)
    This eye is simply to save Casandra from looking like a pirate, and gives her a touch more scrap cloth to... Clothe herself. It looks like a silver version of her right eye, and the Iris is painted in the same sort of colour as her right eye.
    •Bone Necklace
    A necklace with a fairly fragile rat or mouse skull! nothing major.

    Character Dynamic:
    Casandra is like a mildly tame animal; one would be wise to not take everything at face value, and being cautious is rather well thought of.
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  11. And here's the character sheet of coolness. Also, I'm not real keen on making super long character sheets.

    Name: Duncan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: A peculiar man with orange hair, his grey eyes almost feel like they are looking through you. It's easily seen that he is of average height going by the old standards. The only noticeable difference would be the set of cat ears atop his head. He'd prefer that you'd not pet him.
    Mutations: Cat Ears, Physically doesn't Age, Increased Healing Rate
    Equipment: Cheap Woven Clothing, Wooden Sandals, Long Musket, Scrap Bayonet.
    Misc Items: A dirty ring attached to a small string.
    Character Dynamic: A young man who seems unnaturally wise beyond his years.
  12. Nice, they're both good.
  13. I thought firearms weren't allowed? :?
  14. Forrest changed it sometime afterwards and I asked him while we were on Skype.
  15. Yeah, you just have to check, Moogle. But a musket/firelance sorta thing is the best you'll get, with a max of two or three shots.
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  16. Hrm, okay.

    Name: Silex Amoro

    Gender: Male

    Age: 38

    Appearance: Silex has had a lot of stress in his life unrelated to the day-to-day life of this hellish world. Combine that with all the time he spends indoors, and suffice to say, he hasn't aged well. His skin is pale and premature wrinkles line his cold, black eyes. His hair is just as dark and reaches his shoulders. It tends to look slightly greasy, and the bold white skunk stripe running down the side doesn't exactly call attention away. Even his mutated hands tell much of his storied past: his knuckles stand stark against his skin, but his fingers move with deadly precision, not a tremble in sight.

    Mutations: Silex's arms are elongated heavily, his hands falling around his knees, with no extra joints to make movement easier. His fingers have morphed into flexible, fleshy tubes, each about a foot long without any discernible bone structure. He has complete control over these prehensile members, making him rather dexterous.

    Whenever he sees blood, including his own, Silex becomes overwhelmed with an intense urge to drink it, perhaps even draw out more from the victim. He does not need blood to survive, but fighting off the urge is rather difficult for him. He seeks a way to overcome this particular mutation, worried that it might lead him to hurt someone he cares about one day.

    Equipment: Even though Silex lives a life of poverty, just like everyone else, he still wants to make a decent impression. Thus, he sews his clothes together from scraps of cloth he finds. He is currently wearing a dark-colored jacket, buttoned in the front, with stitches running haphazardly across and numerous bloodstains. There are few tears, however, as he stitches them up as he finds them.

    Silex is a thinker, not a fighter, but he knows that in this day and age, the ability to defend oneself in physical combat is key. Thus, he carries around a wooden staff -- really just a long thin pole that he found in an abandoned home -- and practices with it when the urge hits him. He isn't very fit, physically speaking, and he doesn't know how to fire a gun or bow, but he isn't helpless.

    Misc Items: A small notebook tucked into the inside pocket of his jacket, as well as a few short pencils. Written inside are notes about the various mutants he comes across, and he also uses the book as a diary at times.

    Character Dynamic: A cool-headed pragmatic scholar, concerned with the true nature of the mutations that have befallen society. He isn't afraid to hurt others in the name of knowledge and approaches everything scientifically, assuming the existence of fundamental laws governing all phenomena.
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  17. Very good, approved. Perhaps one more person, or another day, and I'll have the thread up.
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  18. Good to see you got this up and running on the RP'ing forums Forrest. With permission, allow me to deploy this character I had developing for a heavy apocalyptic situation, Rico!
    : Rico Maxa. [Dialogue Colour]

    Gender: Male, last time he checked.

    Age: ...He doesn't actually remember properly, and he lost track. Was it... uh... he would estimate he's somewhere in his mid-twenties. 25? 23? Something like that.

    Appearance: Rico is a tall-ish man standing at six foot even, and his legs are quite large in proportion with his body. He has a slightly squarish shaped head, which on it are placed two cyan eyes, a normalish seeming nose and a pair of unnaturally coloured lips which are turquoise coloured, making it look a bit like he's wearing lipstick; although I can assure you he isn't. His hair is messy and medium, and he has managed to cut it the best he can with his crude shiv, although it isn't much of a good job. He has a thick deep blue strip down the middle of his black hair, messily done with some dye. Otherwise seeming normal, on closer inspection it is noticeable he has an extra two fingers on each of his hands, and he has six toes. Generally he is arguably somewhat handsome, and his body shape is generally average, not particularly muscular although he has slight bulges in his arms and legs. Due to the lack of good food, he is also pretty skinny.

    -A vocal mutation in his Adam's Apple which allows him to do multiple tones of the voice, and allows him to imitate sound effects once he practices them, although he isn't very good at using them. This mutation is mostly for show, although in rare occasion it can serve an actual purpose. The appearance of this makes his neck look somewhat deformed and misshapen, and his Adam's Apple is a very weird shape.
    -His lips are also an unnatural shade of blue/red and can stretch out much further, although when the lips are closed this looks perfectly normal other than the weird colour.
    -His hands have six fingers and a thumb! Gah! Pretty normal once you get used to it. His also has six toes.

    -A makeshift cloak which he managed to cobble together from rags, and from pure vanity and a scavenged deep blue dye he managed to form, he has dyed this cloak blue in some areas. It has many holes, rips and unformed areas, making it look very rugged and discoloured.
    -A long rag he wears around his neck for some sort of fashion statement, otherwise it's the closest you're going to get to a scarf nowadays. It keeps his mouth warm, at least... well, barely. It could also be used to strangle someone, although it would probably rip apart if he tried.
    -Makeshift shorts made from rags, barely a step above a loincloth although his blue cloak covers this anyway. They are practically falling apart, and he's had to embarrassingly repair these several times, hence why he decided to cobble together a cloak to hide this failed yet slightly functional piece of clothing.
    -The Solo Album: This little beauty has helped Rico many a' time, and is considered somewhat of a relic nowadays. Basically, this weapon is a makeshift flail made from a black microphone with a long black rubber cable attached to it, but the input plug has been ripped off. Additionally, Rico has strapped small crude spikes to the part of the microphone where you could sing, making this essentially a spiked makeshift flail. In short, this is a spiked microphone with the cord attached, how genius.
    -A crude shiv made from a beaten piece of scrap metal, this isn't even classy enough to cut butter properly. If that stuff still existed, that is. This small shiv acts as a very poor cutting tool with string wrapped around it. It is much more of a tool for cutting weak materials rather than a weapon; it would probably break if he tried to use it to shank you.

    Misc Items:
    -A coin of some sort. He keeps it as a lucky artefact, and by the looks of it it's made of copper, although both sides of the coin have been burnt off. What a shame.
    -A few pieces of cloth he keeps stored in his makeshift shorts. You never know when you'll need a random dirty rag.
    -A small, dusty glass 100ml bottle which is cracked, but it's still able to hold a liquid. In this case, it holds a blue dye which smells awful, although he only has a few drops left. It was probably used to dye the cloak and his hair.

    Character Dynamic: An entertainer at heart, Rico is a wild, playful and cocky individual who can be quite flirtatious at times, and is a little bit of a perv. Sometimes he has good ideas, but mostly he has plans which seem very reckless and not well thought out, like his combat personality. When in life-threatening situations, he usually performs showy manoeuvres but otherwise he manages to retain a serious mental attitude when the need arises.
  19. Alright, gonna start the thread up in a few.
  20. Is there still a spot left for a weary traveler? Or me, for that matter.