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  1. So it is officially Sci fi Month here at Iwaku! I was wondering, what songs go on your Ultimate Science Fiction Soundtrack? I know mine wouldn't be the same without this gem:


    So post yours! Make them good ones! Let's make this a sci fi soundtrack to remember!
  2. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Gets the blood moving!
  3. One of my favorite character themes:

  4. [video=youtube;LQEgZNqa8jE][/video]
  5. I always love this one!

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  6. Well,
    I guess my taste in music is rather unusual.


    This one builds up slowly- I'd say, start listening about half the track if you're not up for the intro.

    The whole Spiral Empire album is great, IMO, as a Sci-Fi soundtrack.
  7. I absolutely love the soundtrack of games, and I have my science-fiction soundtrack practically lifted from them. Regardless, I do not think it would be quite the same without this piece:

  8. Suprised this one hasn't appeared yet.


    Also because I have a thing for space horror.

  9. [video=youtube;pWOTg3LYFNI][/video]
  10. Man....dude, man. You can't have sci-fi music with out Power metal founders Helloween.

    FUTURE WORLD - a song about living in a future world.


    DR. STEIN - A song about cloning. ( Octo fact:
    I name a lot of my characters with the last name 'Stein' because of the protagonist in this song * waves at Fluffy and everyone in "Journey without end" *)

  11. Pretty much the entire Tron: Legacy and Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtracks, but specifically:
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    And this:
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  12. [video=youtube;H28AgoryWHE][/video]

    I love prog rock. So much of it has a sci fi sound.