INTEREST CHECK Sci-Fi Universe Building and Roleplaying Project

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  1. Ok so I have had this idea in my head for some time, and I don't know if this has been done before but I would like to try it.

    The idea is that I make a group and this group together creates an original sci-fi universe. Details can be hashed out later if I see people that are interested. The idea is that we brainstorm then vote on things and create this sci-fi universe as in depth as we possibly can. Once we have a moderate amount of it done we could start doing roleplays in this universe all types, with all different plots. It would give people the chance to incorporate small RPs into a larger scale. People would be still free to do any type of RP they want especially sci-fi, but if they want to they could set it in this new universe and each new roleplay could add depth to the universe.

    I'm not a very good person with science and that sort of details, and generally I'm good at brainstorming and seeing the overall picture, but I need people that can do other things as well as this. This universe may be either soft sci-fi or hard sci-fi it depends on what people want to and/or can do. I have few ideas, but these are all subject to change and i'm willing to go with whatever the group consensus is.

    Just wanting to see others thoughts on this. If I get at least 3 people then I'm going to create the group and start doing this.
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    Dyson spheres are a must.

    Do you want FTL technology or not?
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    Might I suggest you make a Group for this? That way you can have all your information in one spot.
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    @Unanun: All you have to do in this thread is say if your interested or not. I'm guessing you are so I just need 2 more and then I will make the group for us to start planning and creating.

    Details can be done later, depending on what everyone wants.

    @Ocha: I plan to. I just would like to know if there is anyone interested and if so how many first. I don't want to be doing this by myself.
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    If you build it they will come.
  6. I'll help out. I'm pretty good at sci-fi.
  7. Interested
  8. I would like to assist this project through whatever humble contributions I may devise.
  9. Oh ok so apparently according to Revi she is pretty much planning to do the same thing as this in Magrathea but we are going to vote on the genre. So ya...I'm quiting this and I'm going to just wait for Revi and I deleted the group.
  10. I would like to help if I can. :D
  11. Join Magrathea and wait until Revi posts up the project.