GROUP RP PLOTTING Sci-fi roleplay, Machines or Time travel?

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  1. Hello! I'm new here though I've a small idea of a Sci-Fi roleplay which I wonder if someone would be interested to join in? Actually I've two different ideas.

    The first one is that almost all humans are being wiped out because of the machines (humanoids/cyborgs) because the machines has now been so much programmed that they understand what they themselves can do. The human are being wiped out because they can be a threat against the machines since it was the humans who built them so now, the machines that now have further intelligence than a human brain, they try to build machines and clones of their own instead of letting the humans do it. Humans are not allowed in the city to just walk around freely, if someone does, the cyborg police will catch them and kill them. The whole city is crowded with different kind of machines for example a machine with only an arm that can only do jobs that includes something that needs an arm, or maybe just a small cylinder machine or the newest model cyborg/humanoid.
    Uhm... and this is where my idea ends so, I wonder if someone could think of something more, maybe that the roleplayer is a human that tries to take back their place and wipe out the machines ones and for all or something like that.

    The other one is that the climate on earth is all deranged up, the warmest place today is impossible for even bacteries to live in and in the coldest climate such as russia, north pole, etc has almost never any snow, just a little sometimes.
    A guy finds an old man and the old man tells him about our time today, that the eart once had green grass and not an derest once, that you could go swimming or go around in the worst cold days, etc. Then, when the old man dies the guy is on his own again and have made two decisions and that is one; to get a time machine so he can go back into time and try not to make the future as it is in his today. The other one is to find suvivers and help them.

    And with this other one I thought that it will also exists two groups that are against each others, a good group and a evil group that tries to kill the other one since the good ones are trying to stop their plans for... something that I haven't thought of yet.

    So, anyone interested? (Sorry for the long text)
  2. Sounds interesting c:
  3. Which one? xD Do you mean both of the ideas?
  4. @Natchi
    Ah, sorry x_x I should have been more specific; The first idea sounded interesting.
  5. Ah, yes. well... I hope I can make the first idea come true. I tried to post it but no one replied in another rp site. so... we'll see how it gos with that. The same with my other idea, though one was intrested in that one but he hasn't answered more than that.
  6. @Natchi
    Aw, I'm sorry. Don't worry, more people will reply!
    What RP site did you post it at? o: Just a little curious.
  7. It was here:

    Though this site is in Swedish so you're probably not going to understand a lot. If you're not Swedish of course.

    And yeah, just wait and see if people are interested. It takes it's time though I'm a little bit of an eager person, I just want to start right away sometimes xD
  8. Don't worrry, my google chrome translator will help :P
    We'll see~ Don't worry, it takes time c: