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  1. It's the year 2035. Two years ago, researchers did some tests on changing the D.N.A to try and create super humans for the military. The researches created a serum that was first tested on animals, with a positive effect they believed they had suceeded and so the military used it on their own soldiers. The soldier became the ultimate beings, quick, strong, agile, tough and intelligent. However, what the scientists didn't know is that when mixed with human D.N.A the serum created a virus, although it took two years for the mutation to kick in, it sowly eats it way from the inside of a humans body outward. The mutation has finally begun and the world is faced with the biggest trial that will be ever known to man kind. Will humans triumph, or will they? Getting in the best specialists they can find, they strive to take down these newly formed demons and an evacuation has been set in place.

    Character Types:

    Monsters: These can be custom made, your mutation can look however you want and it can also give you a certain amount of abilities depending on the structure of your monster's build. Although be realistic with it, if a monster is massive it is more likely to be slower that a thinner one as it has more weight to carry. Monsters are Merciless and crave for human blood, however they also recognise their own kind and are able to form an alligence with each other creating a coloney.

    Soldiers not yet changed: If you play a soldier like this, there will be a changing point for you within the roleplay. Which can be discussed between yourself and the GM, the time will be random and thus these characters can be unpredictable at which point we will also have to ask you what your mutation is. Although unpredictable, these characters excel in every form of strength. Weakness is not an option. If you want a powerful character that is generally unpredictable, this would be the one to go for.

    Specialists: These are humans who work in a specific field and that will be of aid in the task of taking down these monster. They are very good at what they do and are able to use their field of practice to help with humanity's survival.

    Other Notes:
    There will be bosses in tact that you are required to kill in order to win the war. But either the monsters or humanity can win. The weapons will be similar to real life but a little more effective as they would have been modified over the years.

    I will probably need a hand GMing this if enough people are interested and I will most likely need a group to do so.
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    Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm interested in trying one of the Soldiers not yet changed. It's something I haven't RPed before.
  3. Lol that's cool Hiro, it's just to see if anybody is interested in it for the moment. ^^
  4. Oh, okay! I hope you get more sign ups, it sounds like fun to me so getting to RP this theme would be great ^^