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  1. Hi, I'm Kaisaan and I have plot I would love to work out. Before you scroll down to look at that, though, please take the time to read my preferences as I would hate for you to fall in love with my idea and then not be compatible with my requirements. :)

    • I write long posts. Not novels, but they are at least 300-900 words or 5-10 paragraphs long. I would like my partner to at least be able to get close to 300 words and be able to write at least 4-5 paragraphs. If you could match me in length, though, that would be awesome and a dream come true!
    • Grammar, spelling and punctuation is important to me. I don't expect perfection, but I do expect to be able to read your posts. No text-speak and please capitalize where it is appropriate - do that and we'll get along just fine. :)
    • Romance is a MUST, but I only do M/F pairings. For this RP, I would like to play the MALE.
    • No smut or explicit making out/sex. No Mature, basically. I go up to R-rated for most things, but romance stays around the PG-13 rating.
    • I am an aggressive RPer, but I love to hash out plots and details with my partner. I like collaborative efforts just as much as I like to take charge.
    • I would prefer a daytime partner, but I'm on most the time, so night is fine, too.
    Serious inquires only please! Anyway, if I haven't scared you off, here is my idea:

    A rather primitive planet was taken over by a far more advanced species and due to the lack of deep exploration on the space frontier at the time, laws concerning the inhabitants already on the planet were loose at best or nonexistent. As fallout from this, the natives - the Nuathal and the Aavan - were conquered and subjugated to the more advanced aliens.

    The Nuathal were adaptable enough to surrender easily and eventually earned a place amongst the alien invaders. The Aavan were far different, fighting the new aliens and a long war was fought between the two. The result of this war was the new alien species' victory and the enslavement of the Aavan. It's been many years now and the new aliens now call this world their home. They think themselves safe and at peace here, but what they do not realize is that danger lurks on this planet that they have not yet seen. It has lain dormant for so long it has nearly been forgotten, but the Aavan were the first to fight it and they have not forgotten it. They can sense it rising again while the new aliens remain oblivious to it's presence.

    That's the background, now for some questions it raises and plot points for the RP itself:

    Are the new aliens really unaware of the danger or have them come hoping to encounter it? If they have, why? Will the Aavan attempt to warn them after all they have been through? Would the new aliens listen if they did try? What is the danger? How are they to fight it? How would our two characters convince their two species to stop holding grudges and work together? Will every species on the planet now need to find a new home?

    So yeah...that's my idea. I will admit that I would like to play a male Aavan. He (and the rest of his kind) would be a dragon-like creature able to shape-shift into something human-looking. The new alien species and what your character would look like would be completely up to you. :)

    Soo...if any of this has tickled your fancy, lemme know!
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  2. Hey, hey (: I'm interested. But first, a few questions ~

    • "How would our two characters convince their two species to stop holding grudges and work together?" Were you implying that our two characters have maybe already interacted a few times? Perhaps have already formed a secret bond throughout the years of her specie having dominated the world and his having been enslaved?
    • Did you have anything in mind for this 'mysterious yet dormant unknown source of force' or would you be open to possible ideas?
    • I think that's all. xP
    • Thank you very much for your time.
  3. Hi, Puntii!

    • I was thinking that we would start out with the two characters meeting, developing the relationship and then introduce them to the dangers at hand. I would love for them to meet as strangers, BUT I am open to negotiation and compromise. ;)
    • I am so open to possibilities. LOL I don't know what it is, but I know it's there. LOL I would be more than open to figuring this out together.
    • You're welcome! Would you like to move this to PM?
  4. Still looking if anyone is interested. :)
  5. [MENTION=4197]Kaisaan[/MENTION] This looks super cool! I'm just getting back into roleplaying, but I definitely had longer posts at my peak. I might be a little weak until I get my RPing muscles warmed up again, but if you're willing to put up with that, I'd be interested in RPing with you! (Otherwise, just consider this a "Wow! I love your idea!" post. =D)

    Two different ideas I had for characters (for a female of the new species)
    - Someone who has always been fascinated by the world and has been trying to find out more about what the world was like before they (the new species) arrived.
    - Someone who feels very much that the new species belongs here. Maybe she is part of the government there, and there was some talk about some ancient power, and she was the unlucky one to get assigned to busting the myth.

    Other questions I have:
    - Are you going for a more sci-fi/cyberpunk or magical feel? Or a mix? Basically, are you open to advanced technologies? To more magical elements? Or are you trying to stay on one side of the line?
  6. Hey, Shavynel ~

    I would be interested in seeing if we can work something out so long as you wouldn't go all 1-3 paragraphs on me, because (and not to be a b***ch) I will drop you if you do that to me. I don't like playing with super-short posts and bad spelling/punctuation. That is just something I can't tolerate.

    As for the ideas for your character, I love the second one. I think it would fit in well (though, you could do government or royalty since the species does have a Royal Family - just to let you know).

    I am going for sci-fi/advanced technology/fantasy type feel. No cyberpunk as I don't know what that is and I don't tend to like outright magic in great quantities, but it's pretty much a flexible RP. So yeah, if you are still interested, then PM me. :)

    Oh, and I will be going out for a while and will be back in the evening. If you PM, I can talk with you then. :)
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