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    Corinth Colony
    Corinth Colony is a class one quarantine planet, population is restricted to authorized personnel. The small planet is a security technology development and testing station. Everything on this planet has been genetically-altered to kill humans, it has one of the harshest environments designed for military testing and training. It was terraformed by UniGen Corp in 2054 and established in 2062. UniGen Corp is a multinational corporation with an ambitious history, developing and specializing in major advancements in the fields of health, energy, electronics, cybernetics, transportation, terraforming, and security. The SE class (vessel) Sylvania is currently in route transporting personnel and equipment to Corinth Colony. The ship is monitored by artificial intelligence, that pilots the ship and surveils the crew while in hypersleep.

    The Obstacle
    However, when the crew is awakened they will soon realize things are not as they expected, and their objectives quickly change — an accident released a lethal biological weapon into the atmosphere, infecting and killing the colonists. The crew is forced to land anyway in order to refuel the vessel, and unwillingly come face to face with UniGen’s latest secret weapon. They must learn to work together and trust each other, if they want any chance of returning home.

    Everyone will play two characters, one crew member and one passenger, but only one will be a main character and the other will eventually die. I don’t really care what roles you pick, and which character you chose to live (or die), as long as you commit to playing the role.

    Some of the characters have history together, you will need to work out that history with the other player accordingly. The history is there to create some drama and tension between characters. The main plot is simple, survive the environment. The game will play like a sci-fi-horror.

    Crew Roles.
    • Corporate Suit (taken)
    • Android (taken)
    • Captain (taken)
    • First Officer (open)
      First Officer/Medical (female): She’s been with UniGen for 9 years. Has worked with the captain before, and had a romantic relationship with him, but that was two years ago.
    • Pilot (open)
      Pilot (male): Originally the first choice for the position of captain. He is a highly experienced pilot, has flown every kind of ship including M-Class star freighters. He’s been with the corporation 14 years, previously worked under the command of the captain. It was him who recommended his old captain for the pilot position, but he had no idea that bringing him in would get him demoted to pilot.
    • Navigator (open)
      Navigator (male): He joined the team as a personal request of the captain (who happens to be his father). This mission is the boy’s first time in space. He may be young and green but knows his job well.
    • Mechanic #1 (open)
      Mechanic 1 (male): An engineer that was part of the design team of the ship and is knowledgeable and proficient with the equipment used on Corinth Colony. He also has a military background, and is the brother of the second mechanic. He has a friendly competitive relationship with his brother.
    • Mechanic 2 (taken)
    Passenger Roles
    • Scientist (taken)
    • Spec Op 1 (open)
      Spec Op 1 (male): Highly trained combat individual, privately hired by UniGen to be tested and trained at Corinth’s training facility.
    • Spec Op 2 (open)
      Spec Op 2 (male): Highly trained combat individual, privately hired by UniGen to be tested and trained at Corinth’s training facility.
    • Spec Op 3 (taken)
    • Spec Op 4 (open)
      Spec Op 4 (male): Highly trained combat individual, privately hired by UniGen to be tested and trained at Corinth’s training facility.
    • Gov. Inspector (open)
      Government Inspector (male): He represents a government agency. He is there to inspect Corinth Colony. He is also a childhood friend of the corporate suit, but has a strong devotion to his job.
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  2. Looks fun. Could use a good sci-fi horror. Probably go for Pilot, though I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what that description means. Who's doing the recommending and who's getting demoted?
  3. Sounds interesting. Can I play the Scientist and the Captain?
  4. The pilot was originally hired as Captain for the Sylvania. He needed an experienced pilot so he recommended his friend, but his friend (who happened to be his old captain) got hired as captain instead, and he was demoted to Pilot. Get it?

  5. Ah, alright. I was just a bit cofused by the wording there. Cool, then. I'll go for Pilot and one of the SpecOps guys.
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  6. Bump! Still looking. Check out the official page for more details on what we are planning.
  7. D:


    *goes to official page*
  8. Welcome @Mglo !

    I've updated the cast. We are still looking for players. Come check out the official page.
  9. I guess you wouldn't let someone just play a single character ?
  10. No. The requirement is two characters per player, one is a passenger, the other a member of the crew. One of them will die -you decide which one.
  11. I think we should toss coins to decide who dies.
  12. I want the choice to be in your hands. There will be tough situations for all of us, and once we have decided on the infection it should be easier.
  13. Is the pilot role open? I've been dying to play a pilot that gets comfy with his ship and calls her names and everything.
    Maybe Mechanic #1 if I can squeeze him in.
  14. Pilot is still open. The role was never reserved since the first person to show interest in the role never completed a character sheet for it. You can pick one more role from the passenger list only.
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