Schrute Farms: The Office Spin-off

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Original poster

I'm not sure how I feel about this....
I'm a huge The Office fan. And I still watch it, even without Steve Carrell anymore on the show.
It's still okay at some times..
But a spin-off about Dwight on his farm, with his cousin Moe?
Hrrrm.... It COULD be good..
But without the whole cast of The Office.. It might be kind of dull. D:

What do you think Office Fans of Iwaku?

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I was a huge fan of the Office when It first started. I have the DvDs and everything, but I stopped watching it even before Steve Carrell left the show. It's probably just me, but I feel like the level of humor dropped after the first few seasons. Although sometimes I still watch it cause Pam is HOT!

I would totally watch a Schrute-farm spin off, cause Dwight IS the one character who still made me laugh even when I disliked the rest of the show.


Original poster
​I second that Pam statement. SHE IS AWESOME.<3 So is uhm.... I forgot... her.... naaame...... uuuuuh.............. other redhead... which is not the slutty one.