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  1. Hello everyone! So yeah this is Avengers next generation where the sons and daughters of the Marvel heroes/villans go to school for them to harness their powers and abilities and use them for good. Since there are also villans they will be in their own classes of NOT TRYING TO MESS SHIT UP! Lol! Anyway just post a bio of your character and who their parent(s) is/are and we will just see how this goes! :) Oh and the ages will range from 13-18

    My character:

    Name: Shade Laufeyson
    Parent: Loki God of Mischeif
    Age: 16
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: Much like her fathers. Very cold hearted in most situations. Bad temper and terrible mouth. Likes to cause mischeif and trouble. Extremely sarcastic.
    Powers/Abilities: Same as her fathers. Duplication, change forms, ect.
  2. Question.. Cinematic Avengers, or classic? Just wondering, since with Cinematic they've been wayyyyyyyy trimmed down..
  3. Thank you for the bio and cinematic. Swwy if that bothers you :(
  4. Nah, it doesn't. I was just wondering, so that I didn't make a character that's a descendant of an avenger that has yet to join the team in the cinematic version. :3 Anyhow.. I'll consider making a character. ^^

    Oh- and just so you know.. You may wanna change your OC's surname to Lokidóttir. c:
  5. Well I mean it can be any of the Marvel superheroes/villans. I don't care. And why so?
  6. Ohhhh... Okay. Sorry, I thought you meant strictly 'The Avengers'.

    Just because Norse is.. weird. It's got really weird rules with names, and surnames are adapted with every generation according to those rules. I can't fully explain it, as I'm bad at explaining things and it's complicated, but you can look it up if you'd like. Or, if you want, you can just leave her name as it is. It's totally up to you, and was merely a suggestion.
  7. Well I'm kinda going off the movies..... swwy.... But would you like to join? Everyone is welcome :)
  8. Okay, just so I can get this straight... You're going off of the movies, but are open to other characters from the MU? I'm seriously confused. XD
  9. Actually you explained it just right but I mean my character is off of the movies. Sorry I suck at explaining too and making things clear.
  10. Okay, had to make sure 'cause I was getting really confused. XD Anyhow.. You don't 'suck' at it, it's just a matter of mixed-up communication. :3

    Not sure how feasible it'd be to have villains attending the school as well, though. I doubt there parents would send them there... Unless they've got something of a hellfire club-esque 'school' for them to attend? Or, of course, if someone wanted to be the child of a villain, but have the child turn to the light side and rebel against their parents in a 'The Runaways'-esque type ploy..

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions. XD
  11. Villians are in separate clases that are technically forced to attend for the fact either a. Parents are dead or b. SHEILD forces them.
  12. Yeah. SHEILD just really wants their children to not follow in their parents footsteps.
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