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    In a dark vision of the future, two sides fall into focus, and those thought not to exist are called into help.
    Two sides, in a dark war long since begun, only one side can win whilst the other falls.
    One school, two different type of supernatural beings, learning how to fight and join the war they were born to win.
    Some may find it an honour to be in such a school, whilst the others find it suicide.

    School for fighters, isn't your every day school.
    It's a fighting school for those with special abilities, some may know how to control them, others may not.
    The school is built for these people to learn how to use it in combat against the most fierce of beings.
    You may have enrolled voluntarily, some of you may not have.
    It's not your choice any more, the light warriors are suffering major losses, and now need you.
    The war of dark and light.
    Many thought it as Myth, until the gates of hell opened up, and now the battle is raging.

    Right then, so let's get to the nub of this.
    It's a school for supernatural beings, humans with special abilities ect...
    Two sides (Dark and Light, because I'm pretty bad with actual place names, so I'm using a cliché) are waging a war as old as time.
    The 'Light' side have heavy losses and are losing by a landslide, this school is built to supply warriors for the Light.
    The schools shipping in students from all around to a secluded area, no one knows where they are other than a school, and it's purpose.
    No one can leave, unless it's to go into battle.
    You're allowed any-where at any time, but you must train in the fighting centre for at least 7 hours a day, whether it's it's in breaks or the full 7 hours.
    You have your own dorms, and get an update on the war every four days.

    (If the characters are called into the war scene you can choose to act them in it, or start a new character)

    Race: Vamp/Human/Half breed ect...
    Appearance: (Pic or detailed description)
    Brief history:
    Other: any other thing you'd like us to know about you're character. (optional)


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  2. Name: Lilith Masters.
    Race:Half breed-Wiccan/Vampire.


    Lilith is a kind person, but a very touchy person, it's easy to wind her up and she can be quite nasty about it.
    She loves being around people but hates it when she's over crowded, basically Lilith is a walking contradiction, if you get to know her however she can be very charming, and is hard to dislike.
    Lilith is someone who wont let you see her cry, and will try her hardest in everything she wants, when she was in her old school, she aced everything, and it had nothing to do with her powers.
    Brief History: Lilith lived with her parents, mother Wiccan, father vampire who died when she was eight.
    Her mother brought her up well enough, brilliantly really, and taught her everything she knew.
    Lilith could hunt successfully, if she wished, and mastered all of her abilities at the age of eleven, Lilith enrolled into the school by choice, wanting to help since she found out she could help the cause for the war.
    Other: i:e abilities. Lilith has all of her Wiccan powers, spells, and enchantments, and other things along with any vampires e.g infra red vision in the night, ability to hide in the shadows, sense blood ect..

  3. Name: Sera Tate

    Age: 18

    Race: Shape-shifter

    Appearance: She’s not tall or short, rather something in between. She has a rather toned body from years of having to survive by fighting through life. She has dark brown hair that she keeps at a length just above her shoulders. From a distance, it looks almost black, but up close, in the sunlight, it’s various shades of darker wood colors. It’s a bit wavy and curls under at the ends, framing her face and neck. She has medium-toned skin, gray-green eyes, and her face is lightly freckled. Adding to the various marks from old battles, which are scattered over her arms, legs, chest and face, she has premature worry lines. As a wolf, the animal she transforms into when she shape-shifts, she maintains most of her physical appearance, including her hair (as her fur), her eyes, and her scars.

    Personality: Sera’s very shy and doesn’t have very developed social skills. Once you get to know her, though, she’s intelligent, quick-witted and strong-minded. She isn’t too quick to trust others but is very trustworthy and loyal to those she considers her friends. She doesn’t like authority much but obeys people whom she knows she needs to and people who treat her with respect. She treats the Golden Rule as one might treat the Commandments. Her greatest love is nature, because it gave her everything when she had nothing.

    Brief history: She first transformed when she was twelve, and shape-shifters were nearly unheard of, legends used to scare children and keep them inside at night. When she transformed, she was banished from her home, even her parents turning their backs on her. She roamed the forests for the rest of six years before the school recruited her.

    Let me know if I need to change anything.
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  5. Name: Marcus Horten

    Age: 23

    Race: Possessed Human


    Personality: Marcus is clinically insane by most people's observations, though he still shows signs of intelligence, and understanding despite his madness. Though he often mumbles, and screams incoherently, he does however show signs of understanding words, and actions of others, and responds to them though in strange, and unusual ways, there is a civilized demeanor behind them... unless he is acting insane. Which isn't hard to discern. Having been locked away in solitary confinement, only to be released during his training, and even then under extreme guard, it isn't hard to imagine that he seems like a caged animal, and dangerous

    Brief history: Raised in a broken home, Marcus had little guiding light when he was growing up as his father was non-existant, and his mother was a complete whore spending her time at the local tavern's, taking what was in a man's coin purse for narcotics, booze, and a few hours of sinful enjoyment. The lack of parenting allowed the boy to grow up reckless, and with no regard for law, order, or right, and wrong. It shouldn't be surprising that when he sought rules, and codes, he found his way into a Satanic cult. It was here that he got his first taste for murder, and was taken in by his fellow cultists, as a Demon was placed within his body the day he freely chose to join, and devoured an Angel's heart.

    The token of his confirmation however bound the demon within the boy, and marked him for redemption, forcing him to flee from the dark place until he stumbled upon a school in a crazed state. Passing out on it's steps, he found himself wake to a solid stone room, with chains binding him to the floor, and a deep desire to kill once again filling his mind. Through what some could call mercy, and others might call cruelness, he was taught to harness the unholy powers within his soul, and that only through fighting could he find redemption, and free his body from the darkness dwelling within him.

    Other: Marcus has gained the ability to control an unholy fire that acts as natural fire, as well as a spiritual flame that harms those that are good, and those that are evil, as he possesses the will of both sides. His body is also super humanly strong, fast, and resistant to damage, though he isn't immortal, or invincible. He can simply take a much larger thrashing than most mortals.
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    Name: Gota Olander

    Age: 12
    Race: Blessed Human
    Personality: She is a reserved girl. She will be polite to those who force a conversation with her, but she will make little more than small talk. She is quite intelligent, but does not like conversing much. She is the type of person who likes to be left to her own devices, only working with others when it is necessary. There are very few people, if any, that she considers her friends. She will leave you alone if unprovoked; however, try to do her wrong and you will get what you deserve. She tends to lack emotions when it comes to things, especially herself. If she's victimized, she doesn't feel self pity; she immediately begins to think of how to fend them off. Deep down inside of her, however, there is still a small part of her that does feel emotions, whether she acknowledges so or not.

    (Not-So-)Brief history:

    Gota was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to a twenty-something mother who could not adequately take care of her and a horrid father who was never around. The few instances when she did see her father, he was either too inebriated to actually talk to or he was beating his mother. Her mother tried to take care of them, but they would barely make it through each winter, barely scraping by, and sometimes even having to beg on the streets. At the age of 8 on a frigid January evening, her father was at it again, beating Gota's mother. The beating was so bad that her mother would not wake up when she passed out. (To this day, she is still in a coma.) At the sight of this, the overwhelming desire to run away took over her. Without thinking, she stuffed as many belongings and clothes of her mother and hers as she could into a backpack, threw on a coat over her fleece, and ran off into the frigid night.

    Her father pursued her in vain. After a few moments of clumsy chasing, her father gave up, letting his daughter, whom he did not even love, flee to what seemed to be certain death. After a week, Gota's father finally decided to file a missing persons claim to the police. The search covered all of Stockholm and Uppsala to the north. They eventually found her unconscious, but somehow still alive at the edge of a frozen pond with her backpack. What the paramedics had not seen that night is that a group of water nymphs that resided in the pond had taken pity on the dying girl after she had clumsily fallen into the pond. They had revived her, blessing them with their magic. The paramedics rushed her to the hospital. Strangely enough, a miracle had happened. Even though the girl was soaked in the pond's icy water when the paramedics had arrived, she was somehow doing perfectly fine. She was just sleeping, it seemed. When she came to, all of her readings were normal, so she was kept under watch for a few days before they decided to discharge her, amazed that she managed to survive falling into a freezing pond of ice water and falling asleep in the cold night. This instant was when she got an idea of her what her powers are.

    However, due to the discovery of her father's malicious beating of Gota's mother, Rida Olander, Child Welfare in Sweden decided to place Gota under the care of her aunt who lived in Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden. Her aunt, Rida, was a kind woman. She eventually became Gota's confidante, allowing Gota to express her feelings toward her troubled past. However, her stay with aunt Rita was not entirely without event. Before she stayed with her, her hair was actually quite dark. Ever since she had left the hospital, her hair began to progressively become lighter until it was the light shade of blond that it is today. She was sent to the academy when called by some government official. Reluctantly, her aunt let her niece go. What little Gota has yet to discover is that she can do more than withstand the cold.

    Tl;Dr: Girl lived in a family with a wife-beater for a dad and a broke beggar of a mom. Her father beat her Mom so bad one night when Gota was 8 that she couldn't bear it and ran away. She fell into a frozen pond where a group of water nymphs lived and was on the brink of death when they decided out of pity to revive the little girl. Along with reviving her, they gave her special powers. Child Welfare sent her away to live with her aunt after they discovered what her father had done and his negligence in sending out a group of people to search for her. Her aunt reluctantly gave her up to the school four years later.

    Other: Gota can withstand extreme cold and heat with ease. Her presence also weakens other people's powers. She is not aware of this second ability, and does not have the faintest idea how to control it.
  9. Name: Cassia Levanda
    Age: 15
    Race: Slightly mutated Human
    Cassia is around five foot four hight and has eyes that constantly change color, usually according to her mood. She has jet black hair that reaches the middle of her back and has a slight tan. She's built like an athlete with toned muscles and eats a lot more than she would appear too. Her lips are crimson and seem to be the first things that people notice besides the bizarre shades of her eyes. Her hands are slender and they seem gentle. She has scars from fights she has been in in the streets of her old town and she doesn't attempt to hide them. Most of these scars land around her arms and shoulders. There is one scar on her face but is usually unnoticed unless carefully observed.
    Cassia has a tough atmosphere around her and she seems to push people away. Subconsciously, this is a test of who can become her real friends and who is willing to put up with her bantering. From years of fighting in the streets she has a fighting spirit that has a "never give up" feel. She is quick in thinking and quick to solve puzzles, this makes her able to learn something new quickly and easily. Although she can think quickly on her feet, she has some issues with dealing with other people. Quite often, she doesn't know how to respond emotionally. For example, someone can be crying over an injured friend, yet she wouldn't know what to say or how to feel. When she talks, she tends to interrupt herself a lot as if her mind is going faster than her lips and she tends to talk with her hands as well with flamboyant and unexpected movements. At the best of times she seems to be a "glass half full" type of a person, but when push comes to shove she realizes that sometimes you need to look at the dark side of things to defeat an obstacle. Being a quick thinker, she is also a very artistic person. She enjoys drawing intricate objects such as clockwork and machines. The detail is a challenge to her and it usually relaxes her. She also cherishes her personal space and is highly offended when someone crosses it.

    Brief history:
    Cassia was brought up in the world of social media and the buzz of tabloids along with the sun of California. Though, she never felt at home. She always felt like a misfit and an outsider. Her quick thinking and intellect was usually too much for people her own age to handle, and she was constantly bullied. The bullies taking the fighting to the streets, this is where she first learned her way of fighting. Knowing the chink in the armours she knew where to hit and how hard. Her scars were from various things ranging from pieces of stone to actual fashioned weapons. Living a hard life, her parents weren't always there to help her. Being an only child, she was used to being alone and being left to take care of herself with cooking and cleaning. So she learned responsibility early on in her life. She tends to like to go to libraries to read books about new information. Her parents signed her up for the school without her consent and she was furious. Deciding that what was done is done, she decided to take it maturely as she possibly can.

    Other: Cassia is able to sense spiritual presences paranormal or normal. Almost as if she has a radar fashioned into her gut instinct. She knows how many living life forms there are and how close they are.
  10. Name: Suki Anderson
    Age: 19
    Race: Skinchanger

    Appearance: Pale skin, almond shaped bright green eyes, long black hair in a ponytail. Tends to dress tomboyish, jeans and tees. About 5'7" tall, roughly 190 lbs.

    Personality: Extremely laid back, almost lazy. Doesn't talk much. Tends to be more outgoing when she is around friends rather than strangers.

    Brief History: With the abilities that she has, she grew up ostracized. Her mother knew about her talents, as her great grandmother had the same skill. Since her great grandmother expected her children to have the skill so the knowledge was passed down. Trained for two years about the rituals regarding skinning animals, and even people (though Suki swore she'd never put on another human's skin), and using the magics to change into them, Suki became quite adept just in time for her father, a cleric, to leave for the war and be one of the casualties. Swearing to avenge him, she left her mother to train for the fight.

    Other: Carries the skins of animals that she has killed. When adorned, she shifts into that animal. If handed the skin of a human, can even take on that person's identity. Carries a wolf skin, a mountain lion skin, and a badger skin. She's also an avid archer, a skill she learned in order to kill for skins.

    Sorry if I'm not as descriptive. I like to leave things open to the story as well. Let me know if you want me to add more information.
    Edit: Yeah, I changed my character race. My friend threw the idea at me from a book he read.
  11. Name: Zaneth Zarikol
    Age: 19
    Race: Wizard/Portal

    Appearance: 5'6" tall with black hair and reddish-brown eyes. And with more manly, less pointy chin.


    Pretty relaxed has moments of heated emotion when riled. He can be reckless, stubborn, heedless, impulsive and he tends to avoid responsibility but he's dependable. Restless, looking for something to do, and he sometimes has a problem with authority. He'll listen and does what he's told, mostly, but if he feels like some one is being over bearing or pushy and bossy and getting on his nerves then he'll probably end up getting in trouble. Or if they're interfering with something he's trying to do. No tolerance for a bully.

    Brief history:

    Zaneth's life is pretty simple and the most trouble he's been in were playground fights with bullies, and not always because it was him they were picking on. He doesn't get picked on much any more. Zaneth's dad is a slightly important Wizard who has been trying to teach his son the ways of magic. Zaneth has nothing against his father it's just he has trouble sitting still, and with responsibility. They had to move around a couple of times because of where his father would be needed, but this time Mr. Zarikol is leaving his family home to go fight in the war directly. As a result Zaneth is taking himself slightly more serious as a Wizard and doesn't begrudge his parents for making him come to the school.


    Zaneth has basic Wizardly knowledge taught to him by his Wizard dad. It covers some fey, some uses for circles, glyphs, chants, brewing a potion, and how to make a decent blasting rod. He'd know a lot more if he payed attention to his dad. He is unaware that he's a Portal, his mom and dad don't know either. Few people know what a Portal is or what they're capable of, these few are powerful important figures. There has never been a Wizard Portal. Being a Portal makes his aura a powerful tool as well as a dangerous risk. He actually hasn't used the abilities being a Portal provides, not that he'd know. He gets nervous when people expect things of him as a Wizard.

    (PM me if you have any questions or concerns)
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  16. Name: Cain Sardona
    Age: 23
    Race: Enhanced Human
    Appearance: Standing at 6'1 he is a figure of average height, possessing a bright red mohawk with very closely buzzed hair on the sides. His eyes are pale green and has an olive skin tone due to his Greek descent. His facial structure is rounded, with remnants of childhood clinging to his features, but has some sharper angles to balance it out, mostly in the jawline and chin. His body type is average, with little definition to his muscles, but he is in better shape than most (compared to other humans, at least). Despite his lack of visual work on his body, he is stronger than most would believe and has a shocking amount of control over his physical abilities.

    Personality: He's happy and peaceful, hoping to attain enlightenment through living life and enjoying it despite the imminent danger he will face in the war, and is very loving of the earth and has an uncanny connection with nearly every living being he comes across, sometimes growing mildly attached to people he gets along with well. In life he is very lonely and often becomes mildly resentful for his destiny, but is slowly learning to come to terms with it. His sense of humor is uncanny and involves wordplay combined with dark cynicism despite his positive outlook, which he frequently seems to contradict when ranting about human nature.

    Brief history: Cain was born to two very loving parents. One, the mother, was slightly overbearing but always had his interest in heart. His father was a laid back, easygoing working man who taught him the majority of what he knows in life. The two of them balanced each other out and helped raise him into a healthy human being. His mother, being a spiritual person, sensed traces of his extra sensitive abilities but never admitted it until Cain told her himself. As he grew he dabbled in a few various martial arts, never taking the time to master one. Instead, he learned a little bit from all of them and for the past five years has worked to master them through books, example, and vigorous practice, though he still has a very, very long way to go. He entered the school against his father's recommendation, who knew how endangered his life would be if he did and didn't desire to lose his son. Cain, on the other hand, felt that he was needed; if not for someone else's sake, his own.

    Other: He dubbed himself an 'enhanced human' to describe the abilities he possesses and how he worked to achieve them. Through meditation, introspection, and revelations triggered by psychedelic experiences, he has been learning to harness the powers inside him. It is his belief that all humans have an amount of energy (basically it's chi...) inside them that moves at an extremely fast vibrational rate. Due to this energy and the gradually heightening level of control he has over it, he is currently able to heal some wounds (albeit very slowly and it is very taxing on his life force), send energy to certain parts of his body to enhance strength, speed, and flexibility. Thanks to his extensive control over spirit, he also can perform minor forms of astral projection. Although those are the powers he's mastered fairly well, he's been discovering new abilities for him to develop. He has very little control over it, but he is capable of levitation along with shooting solid forms of energy at, into, and through surfaces, either breaking them with brute force or selectively crumbling small structures within the larger pieces to create a masterpiece of destruction.

    If this doesn't check out, let me know and I'll do what I can to remedy it.
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