School break boredom. HELP

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  1. Hiya. So I'm on break for christmas and am extremely bored of counting the popcorn on my ceiling lol. I've been craving a few ideas because I have characters for them that I would like to let blossom. I'll put them up below and if you are interested in working with them please post up here or send me a visitor message. Can't receive pms yet sadly.

    Was taken away from her parents when she was 13 to be the perfect soldier/machine to kill. She has machines and guns melded to her skeletal and muscular systems. She can turn her body into some of the most dangerous weapons imaginable but at a cost to her physical body. He skin shreds apart to reveal the machines everytime she uses them and it takes her body about an hour toheal from it.
    has slight issues with being around people that wear white in excess
    doesn't talk much
    can be sarcastic when she does talk
    feircly protective of things she cares about because of how few amount of things there are.

    Name: Isadora
    age 21
    has amnesia from before she wakes up in her tomb. Doesn't know about her past but she knows there is something importanat there that she needs to figure out.
    she is very hard to handle at times because she is childlike in trying to figur out what things do but sh does have random times when she is coherent enough to bethought of as an adult. It doesn't happen often though.

    These two are the only ones I have a definite idea for but that doesn't mean I'm not open to other sugestions as well.
  2. Popcorn on your ceiling??
  3. The texture popcorn lol
  4. Lol. Anywho, What ideas do you have for an rp?
  5. umm well depends on which char you like or if you have another idea. :) Remmi I had a protector idea, kind of like she could be a body guard after she escapes from a lab. and Isadora can be used for almost anything
  6. Huh. Kinda reminds me of my charrys. Allen could be used in most/if not all plots because he's human, and Percy(alias, charry's accutal name is Johnathan) is in most of the same boat due to being a soul reaper.
  7. yeah Isadora has the whole amnesia thing so she can be molded into almost anything
  8. Sooo, which charry would you chose?
  9. Probably Remmi. She's my favorite right now. :)
  10. Try to break them out of their basic molds. If you're looking for them to grow, let them experience things they're not used to and are not comfortable with.
  11. Ty for the advice. I was hoping to do something like that with them. I don't get to use these two very often.
  12. Ok, lets go with that.
  13. Alright cool. Do you want to have this take place in the present or like awhile in the future.?
  14. Present be good. Hold on for a quick moment.....tails, so it looks like ima use Allen for this.
  15. lol. ok. woiuld you like to started or would you liike me to?
  16. Ladies first.