School 1x1 Rp?

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    Zethes " Zues " McQueen
    (Check my characters for his personality)

    Zethes was once again on his way to school, where torture began. He didn't do much but sleep and stare out the widow, but surprisingly he doesnt fail any of his classes.

    Another annoying thing about school were these so called 'fangirls' that were all freshmen. Man, you do not know how annoying it is to be stalked by a bunch of 14 year olds.

    Another reason why he wasn't interested in any of the freshmen is because they're all flat chested.
    He would have appreciate It if they were at least A-cups.

    Once he entered the class he sat down beside a random girl and began to stare at the window.

  2. (may I? you want to rp here or take it to PMing ?)
  3. (( soryyfor the late reply but I would rather go with PMing))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.