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What is the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen in person?

Inspired by Fel's vacation thread. I was thinking about all the amazing visual beauty that I saw while road tripping across America last year. From rolling hills, to hill side cabins covered in snow, to crystal clear lakes. I am lucky to live within 30 minutes of the northern California coast line, so I get my share of awesomeness, but I think the most beautiful thing I have ever seen would have to be the Grand Canyon. It was amazing.
Beach sunset in Washington! Soooo pretty!
I've been to many places, but I think that the most incredible thing that I have seen is the view from the mountains here, looking down at the world below. Inspiration Point, in specific, is breath-taking. It's a very humbling point of view, to see laid out in front of you the land all the way into the next state.
I live about an hour away from the mountains, and go there every couple of months. Watching the sun setting over the mountains is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
I haven't traveled much but we did take a summer trip up to Maine in the Kennebunkport area (AND BUSH HAD TO COME AND BLOCK OFF THE ONLY ROAD TO OUR HOTEL WE KNEW OF D< damn ex-presidents *grumblegrumble*)

That aside...the sunsets and sunrises over the water there were GORGEOUS from what I remember D:

Although I must say that back home in Ohio....when we had a tornado touch down nearby the skys were actually REALLY pretty. They turned red, then purple, and then had this green color that was nice to look at : D (course then it got all windy as hell but meh)
This is so tough! I want to say looking at the Golden Gate Bridge from a sailboat, or hanging out on Point Reyes right next to the ocean, or maybe the Mississippi River from the lovely pathways in my city, or perhaps that river in Germany that I sat next to when I was feeling lonely... There is so much good scenery. And, heh, all mine have to do with water...
@ Elyd - Point Reyes is beautiful!