EXERCISE Scene Challenge: Giant Bat Attack

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    For my challenge today, I would like to see some improvisation. Your challenge is this: Write a scene describing what is going on in this picture without having any character sheets or plot introductions. This is all about seeing what comes from the top of your head. Try to limit it to a few paragraphs and see if you can create a beginning, middle, and end.

    Once again, the massive bat crashed against the knight's shield, sending him staggering back. He was able to regain his balance easily enough, but the winged beast was relentless. With another shriek, it charged at the warrior's shield, threatening to rip his shield away with its gnashing teeth, if not the arm it was strapped to. Yes, he had fought against many Rodents Of Unusual Size, but fighting one gifted with flight was ridiculous! The knight wasted no time in thrusting his sword into the bat, but he only managed to slice into its boar-sized ear. The wings were flapping far too hard and fast for him to so much as touch it!

    "Cheryl, have you found it yet?!" he called out behind him, putting his weight into a shield bash in hopes of shoving the bat aside. Annoyed, the foe kicked up more dust as it flew a little higher to get out of the knight's striking range. The knight panted, unsure how much longer he can keep up a fight against such a fast creature.

    Behind the knight was an unusual sight. A life-sized ball-jointed doll that was moving of its own accord. Though not as nimble nor dextrous as a human, that didn't stop her from scrambling upon the ground to rip up the many roots entwined upon the forest floor. The jaw of the doll slid open, allowing for an almost distant voice to echo out. "Not yet! Buy me some time!" she called back.

    "I've been buying you time!" the fighter shouted back, exasperated. The screeching bat cut him off as it dived at him once more. This time, the warrior had been knocked onto his back with a loud clatter, his shield arm pinned to the ground thanks to the sheer weight of the winged mammoth. Leaning upon its massive knuckles, the bat leaned in close to snap at the armor. Its rancid breath was more than enough to make its victim gag, but not enough to kill his will to fight. The sword slashed out at the beast, this time ripping through its cheek. With a shriek of pain, the bat recoiled, allowing the knight time to strike the leg pinning him down. With wild flaps, the bat hopped off of the knight, finally freeing him from the overgrown rodent's grip!

    At last, the doll found what she was seeking. After rolling aside a massive log rotting with age, Cheryl found a round trap door of ancient bronze adorned with a pair of dials. Opening it was simple enough. She sunk her fingers into the dials, turned them until they were both horizontal, and lifted up the door. A ladder led down into darkness. Though she knew not what lie below, she knew of the immediate threat behind her. Cheryl quickly began to descend the first few rungs before hollering at the knight.

    "Grayson! Over here!"

    The knight turned enough to see Cheryl's head disappear into the ground. The trap door was left wide open. If nothing else, that obnoxious beast can't open the trap door once it's closed. He made a mad dash for the hole in the ground and grabbed at the handle beneath the lid. Grinning widely, Grayson simply jumped down into the hole, pulling the trap door shut along the way. The bat crashed against the now-sealed hole, its frustrated screeches echoing through the forest as it dug away at the metallic door with no avail.
  3. "Here, this will help." The knight used his sword to shorten the maiden's dress. "Trust me, you'll thank me later when you realize you can run faster. Now hurry!" The sound of trees cracking and falling only got louder and louder. The knight kept his sword drawn and held his shield up. "Alexandra I don't know what you did to piss off that demented king, but you owe me. Big time. Especially since he sent his pet after you." The screech made him dig his feet into the ground, prepared to go head to head with the beast.

    "I know, I know! Yell at me later Joseph! Now is not the-" She screamed at the sight of the monster approaching. The fallen trees made it rather difficult to travel through, but Alexandra did her best. "Please be careful!"

    "Now you worry about being careful!? Now, of all times!?" She frowned as he berated her, despite being in such a dangerous situation. A resounding 'oof' was a clear indication that Joseph had been hit full force by the gigantic bat. Being one of the best knights of his day, he didn't back down. In fact, when he was pushed, he pushed back. The sound of claws and swords clanging together echoed throughout the forest. The bat's screech seemed to follow the maiden no matter how fast she ran.

    The woman tripped over a protruding root in the ground and gasped. Instead of scrambling up and continuing to run, she crawled into a small space between a tree and the ground. Alexandra covered her head and listened to the sound of fighting, until all of a sudden, it got quiet... The woman could hear her heart beating rapidly. Only the worse came to mind thanks to the silent. A few panicked tears escaped her and she covered her mouth as the crunch of footsteps came closer.

    Just as she felt her heart about to stop, Joseph hopped and bent down. "Well, what are you waiting for? C'mon!" Alexandra heaved a sigh and climbed out. Joseph took her hand and continued leading her out of the forest. "Hope you didn't think I was going to die. Ha! The king will have to get a new pet now." He gave a triumphant yell as he practically scooped up Alexandra and continued their escape from the kingdom.
  4. "That's a pretty sweet costume," Kyle remarked in mild surprise, shifting the silver plastic helmet of his knight costume. "Ball-jointed doll? I've never seen that done before."

    "Thanks," said Megan with a slight flush. "I really like making costumes and I thought this would be fun. Cool party so far, though, isn't it?"

    Before Kyle could respond, there was a huge crash. Both of them immediately ran for the back door to check it out, even as another crash shook the house.

    Moonlight illuminated the wooded backyard, limning what looked like a giant bat in a silver shimmer. "That is the craziest party prop I've ever seen," Kyle muttered weakly, trying to stifle the fear that was knotting his stomach. "Is this like a game or--"

    The bat screeched and knocked a small tree over with one of its wings, the shock going through the ground and knocking Megan off her feet. "Hey! Watch it!" Kyle shrieked, brandishing his foam sword at the monster. "This isn't funny!" Megan scrambled to get to her feet, picking up a long branch and standing beside Kyle. The bat screeched again and lunged for them, the two teenagers both screaming as they threw themselves back, trying to avoid the attack.

    "I hate bats," Megan groaned. "I take it back; this is the worst party ever." Kyle leapt to his feet, gritting his teeth and giving the bat a solid whack in the wing with his hard plastic shield, and it started to bleed. Immediately he stumbled backwards. "I don't think this is a party prop. I think actually we should run." Megan's face was suddenly white, and her mouth couldn't seem to form words, so she just lurched to her feet, grabbed Kyle by the arm, and followed his advice.