INTEREST CHECK Scatterworld: A Rather Crazy Group RP Fantasy Adventure

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  1. Is life just too dull? Do you find yourself wishing you could dress bizarrely, possess fantastic powers, and advance them as you explore a world like no other?

    *Le Poof*

    Welcome to Scatterworld, my friend: It's a world whose geography hasn't been mapped yet due to the sheer difficulty of traveling, because each continent on the planet possesses a bit of every single known/possible climate on it. It is a strange and bizarre world where knights on horses with iron blades can find themselves leaving the comfort of their forest, and delve into a tropical jungle to battle a tiger, or into the desert to be attacked by a gang of wild west style bandits.

    Governments of Scatterworld are limited to certain areas, some functioning as mini-medieval kingdoms, wild western towns, jungle tribes, snow dwellers and sea dwellers, to name a few.

    The girls are always wearing something weird or crazy, from elaborately decorated dresses to one-piece swimsuits (because girls can wear almost, ALMOST anything and get away with it. Especially in Scatterworld!), people can do things out of the ordinary, from being as fast as a lightning bolt, or produce energy blasts, or whatever fits your fancy. Weapons must often be enchanted with a magical aura and mystical effects in order to do battle, as you travel through numerous lands and climates in the span of mere days, even hours! Why, you could be in a frozen tundra, only to find a beautiful field with castles up ahead!


    You're from normal ole' Earth, a teenager lost in a world you only halfway understand thanks to the fact you probably pay some attention in history, enough to pass the class, as you travel the world in search of answers, fighting for your own reasons, whether it be good, a personal path, or because you've allied yourself with the big bad of our story.


    Lord Malivolio is the evil bastard currently twirling his moustache at the heroes, and has all the boys and girls of evil on his payroll. He is a demonic cosmic god that utilizes a human avatar form to present himself.

    False Form:

    True Form


    You're trying to get the hell out of here. Or maybe you'll protect the innocent, and go home/stay. Then again, Malivolio pays well, and being evil is just so much fun. You can take on any angle in this confrontation, really...

    When you appear in Scatterworld, things will definitely be different from Earth. You'll be given some great abilities, and potentially a change in outfit, more so for the ladies than most of the guys. You'll meet numerous other species and use numerous magically enchanted weapons (The only way any weapon can really work in Scatterworld is with magical enchantment) as you attempt to comprehend the madness before you, and advance those fantastic abilities, with the Power Of The Three Tiers:

    1) Starter Kit: A Couple light powers to get you started, like a strength/speed/ETC boost, and a colorful aura like in the animes! Nothing too powerful yet, just street level stuff on the same scale as Spiderman or Ryu from Street Fighter. It's still important to have these, so...

    2) Mid-Pack: You've gotten to the basic levels. It is here you can choose a weapon for yourself permanently. A weapon stronger than the rest, because you have a personal attachment to it: Its power grows with you, and the appearance can be changed as you wish. You also gain a couple new powers too that are on the level of guys like Iron Man or Superman.

    3) Ultra-Arsenal: NOW YOU'RE PLAYING WITH POWER! It is here you gain a form you can transform into, a kind of ultimate mode much like going super saiyan or something. You're at your highest state of power, and the only ones who can face you are the others with the Power of Three Tiers.





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  2. hahaha sounds interesting.
  3. I'm interested--at this stage, at least.

    Now hurry up and start it before my mood changes... Uh, please.
  4. I'm interested in it too.