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  1. _____Describe to me either a character with a scar or scars or a character viewing a scarred up character from afar. What's their story? How did that character obtained that scar or scars? What type of scar or scars are they? Are they mental, emotional, or physical scars? Does that scar or scars effect the way the character views them self? Does that character accept the scar or scars for what they are or even proud of them? Why or why not? How do other people view them? How different are the views? Does the scar or scars bring pity or respect?

    _____Kuddos to those who can use this in a roleplay post :D
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  2. The pain, the aching longing deep within his heart, he had slowly grown used to. The years had passed, the world had changed, and of course time marched on without taking him into consideration. Despite being an angel, not even God cared about the harrowing suffering he had to endure. Losing his lover, his beloved best friend of millennia, had left him colder than he was ever before, and a greater hate in his heart for his Creator.

    Still, time stops for no one.

    He had detached himself permanently from Heaven and all beings associated with the celestial place once Raphael left. Initially he feared reprisal from Heaven's opposite, but no supposed hell hounds or demons came after him, least of all Satan himself. Abraham had expected his estrangement to transform him into a being similar to the infamous fallen angel but God instead had just let him go. After all, Abraham, despite his loathing for the Almighty, had no desire to become God or more powerful than God - only to be freed from His shackles. For whatever reason he was not punished in any way that he could recognise. Abraham had always assumed that losing Raphael was the worst thing that could be done anyway.

    Descending down onto Earth when he first left, Abraham found it remarkably easy to blend in with the mortals surrounding him. He hid his wings and kept his bodily motions at a human's level. It was surprisingly easy to merge in with society's own negativity and despair. No wonder so many people are going to Hell, he thought placidly as the angel made his way through his usual doldrum routine. Coffee, book store, time spent with nature, back home again. He had no need to fully participate in society, including working and using money. He found that people were very easy to fool and trick. Having not truly spent such intimate time with people he now understood why Adam and Eve were so easily tricked in the Beginning. Why he was, even.

    Raphael... I still miss you sometimes.
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  3. Caeca Luma was a woman ever caught between stunning success and dismal failure. She was never a lukewarm lover, never a distant friend or mild enemy. Whether she blazed with the fury of a thousand suns or had the chill of midwinter sunk into her very bones, she was never in-between. Her appearance had always suited that. Like all who bore the name Luma, she had fair skin and dark hair. In her case, she was alabaster pale with inky locks, and pale grey eyes that never threatened her monochrome countenance. It was that beautiful face that had won her the heart of a king, and that beautiful face he had taken from her.
    He had been the serpent-king, the usurper who had been discontent with merely being Head of the Mages' Guild and sought to be head of state as well. He was ruthless and powerful, and second in both of those things to his thirteen-year-old lover, Caeca Luma. He had brought her off the streets and into the role of his student and consort, a princess overnight and, in two years, a queen in her own right. His hunger for power was great; hers was greater. She quite nearly overthrew him at just age fifteen, and for her insolence he swore to make the world see as clearly as he did just how two-faced she was.
    He was a mage and she was a mage, but in his coils she was powerless, and she was maimed. With blade and flame and mana he stole her beauty from an inch at a time.
    Perhaps she deserved it. Perhaps not. But when she did escape his clutches, she was half the beauty she had been- quite literally. While the right half of her face retained its pixielike beauty, the left was in ruins. Blinded and deafened, he had bound too much of her magic to let her heal his revenge. Where once there had been delicate lips only scar tissue remained. Pale flesh was now pink and wrinkled and malformed, covering only the bones of her fragile face.
    It is commonly known that magic and madness walk the same halls, and her mind was a labyrinth now twisted by hate as well as hunger, only now with the face to warn the world. Most take the warning at face value. She is a legend to some reasons, a ghost story to scare children into bed with. In other areas she is mere superstition. In other areas she roams still, longing for the day when her revenge may be complete. Most view her with pity, many with fear, and some with admiration. She failed, but she came close, and it is an unlikely and fascinating enough tale to have come within a fingersbreadth of going from the streets to ruling a nation.
    It burns her up inside to have come so close only to fail.
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  4. 'Everyone around me thinks they know me. They think they can relate to what I've been through. They can't I'm sure of it now. They don't know what it's like to almost destroy the world because your part demon. They call me creepy, they say I'm weird. Well everyone's weird and I'm not creepy just different... Why can't they just leave me be. I don't wont to be bothered by them anymore. Huu... Why do I deal with the same thing every day.' Rachel had been think like this a lot lately ever since her accident of letting her powers lose and almost destroying the entire planet of Zenox. Her friends had been trying to get her to talk and share what was wrong. First Dave, then Cassie, Eddie, and finally Gar. What they didn't know was that not only was she keeping secrets about her past she didn't want them to know about but she was also keeping the past things she had begun to do when she couldn't take the pain anymore. She had been cutting her self. Some scars stayed but most healed because of her powers. She went over to her radio and put in a CD she had been listing to a particular song on it lately. It was called Scars by Papa Roach. *sigh* 'How this song seems to speak to me. Strange some I did get for simple reasons like they say in the song. An example would be my weakness is that I care to much. And these scars remind me that the past is real. I just want to be alone. I'm pissed cause you came around. Why don't you just go home. That's how I felt when my friends have come to bother me when I asked to be alone. When they finally give up because of me being with them so long I can tell when I've hurt them. Which affects me once more. Why can't I just be normal and not have powers like this. I almost told them once how I felt until I saw the unhealed cut still on my wrist that had become another physical scar to go with the emotional ones. They would have asked me over 9,000 questions. They'll probable ask again soon to talk. I guess I need to pause or turn off my CD before then or they'll force me to do something I hate.' *sigh* She went back over to the radio and turned off the CD. She had done this right on time for there was a small knock on her door. "Who is it?" She said almost whispering. "It's Gar again Rachel. Would you mind letting me in? You been in there for like a week." Said the voice outside her door. "And everyday you chose to pester me about coming in. So I'm not sure if I should let you." She replied. "Well if you don't want to let me in then fine but listen." He said to her waiting to see if she tells him he's wasting his time like she had been the last six days. Seven's the luck number right. She just stayed silent this time cause she didn't want him to pester her about her horrifying past of the fear she once in packed just for being born. Of course he didn't know that he just wanted to know what was wrong and if some of it had to do with her childhood. He breathed and the continued. "Well I just wanted you to know that were her for you Rachel and that we care about you. I'm here for you. Just if you need anything ask will gladly help in any way." She just stared at the door shocked. "You mean I didn't scary you all to were you wanted nothing to do with me? I didn't turn you away?" He replied with a clam kind voice. "Of course not. Were your friends. And Rachel I know your different but you don't scary me or any of us. Any ways I guess I'll see you around." "Yeah I guess. See you Gar. I'll probable be out tomorrow." She said finally after a few moments.
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