scared of growing old?

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I am 26, I feel pretty old here, don't get it the worng way I love you all, I just feel old.
You probably in school living your parents and I work to earn money to survive, it's scary and I feel alone.
Maybe that's why I started RPing again and found this lovely community, cause I needed an escape from a cold reallity.

So dudes and dudettes, how old are you, do you fear the future, you want any adivice?

You're not old, btw. D:< SO STOPPIT.

And I is 18. * w*
I fear the future often, actually. One of my biggest issues is I think too far ahead, and worry myself into a figurative coma.~ I need to learn to only worry about the now, and take things one day at a time, or one week. I'm prone to having anxiety and stress, so I try not to worry, but it comes back in some form at a point anyways. v.v; I'm workin on it.
Also, it's so very very weird knowing I'll be turning nineteen in February.. o_o; soooooo weird. It just doesn't look like my age. xD I use to make my rp characters 19 when I was like 12. So. lawl. It's just very odd to me. But I find the age fits me. SO BRING IT ON FATHER TIME. -determined face.-
I am 31, and I do not fear the future.

The problem I've encountered is, hardly any of us were prepared for the "real world." Don't take that the wrong way, because I'm not calling any of us older folks failures or whatever. We were, in general, ill prepared for the cold and harsh realities that comes with going out into the world and becoming adults.

More and more these days, young people are having a "quarter life crisis" of sorts. They get out from under the coddling umbrella of high school, get an easy diploma in College/University, and finds that there are no jobs available for the qualifications they have. Some, like me, didn't finish College for a variety of reasons (exactly two people here know why I did not, and I'm not sharing publicly) and are trying to get back in. Alas, for someone like me, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have to work to live, but I want an education so I can make more. There isn't enough hours in the day for me to seek out that education, and still work.

It's a cold, harsh world out here. You may think you're ready for it, but reality will kick you in the crotch so hard, you'll be eating your testicles for a week.
I am 29 and I am not afraid of my future... only death. >> Death freaks me out.

As for the future, I have learned that no matter how shitty things get, it can always get BETTER as long as you stick through it.

I was one of the people that got screwed on the "family support" list. o___o So my teenager years were filled with Lifetime Movie drama. I never graduated highschool and I never even had a CHANCE for college. By the time I dug myself out of depression to try doing stuff in the Real World, I discovered that the Real World doesn't give a damn until you have those pieces of papers to prove you went to school. D: They also don't want you if you don't have work experience. But you can't GET work experience without someone hiring you. And you can't go back to school if you can't afford to pay for it. And even if you went to school the chances of getting the kind of job you wanted was slim, because competition was so high. It was a cycle of shit. t____t

Eventually, thanks to a community of roleplayers, a core group of friends, and the love of my life... my situation improved. :D Running a community gave me self worth, friends gave me the support I needed, and my love was my hero. I GOT LUCKY. c__c Like, really lucky. And count my blessing every day.

NOW, I take things day by day. Since moving to this state, we've taken things step by step to acquire all the "necessities" of being an adult. XD We're kind of living life backwards from societies expectations of what adult life should be like.

In the future I'll have a family... and after that... go to school. >:D I'll be one of those badass middle-age/older women that are in college.
*___ *
You are amazing, Diana.
I greatly admire you, just reading through that.
You are a Champion.
*Puts Staci in the closet.* How embarrassing. o___o
I have no fear of growing old or death. My motto is, make the best of each day cause life is WAY too short. I am not an extreme chance taker, but I try not to miss opportunitys to do the things I love.
Every time I see someone around my age, like Hades, say how they feel old during their twenties it makes me want to simultaneously laugh and slap them. Are you going to die next year? Or in your thirties? I mean, sure it's possible, you might even get sick. But that's no certainty, and you're not going to die of old age, so just get over it. Live and get a hair cut or something.

I don't fear growing old or dying, I look at both as great eventual accomplishments. I look forward to them, but until that time I embrace what I have now. When I started to get that "old" feeling, I started working out and eating better. Problem solved for me. So I say if you don't like how life is, then change it.
I'm only 19, and no, I'm not scared of growing old. In fact, I look forward to getting older. Then people will listen to "Old Man Mooners" and his crazy talk about "one hundred and fifty-one Pokemon". As if there were only 151. Ever.
I'll be 21 in 5 months. *shrugs* Everyone calls me an old lady because of my health issues and memory loss. I'm also the eldest child of my family. And, I turn my nose up at some advanced devices; iPones, Nintendo DS, iPads, shit like that. So, I don't blame 'em. They can call me old. But I ain't. I'll be young forever. Ain't afraid to get old and die, because that's just life...

And like my Mother and Father, I'll still be sexy when I'm 40, probably even 50. :D
At 32 I'm likely the oldest active member on site ATM. I love getting older, new experiences, new challenges and more knowledge. That all being said, I'm going back to school since while I have a decent job, it's not going anywhere. I'm also once more living with my parents after an ugly blow up of a roommate situation. I took a real hit in my self worth after that, but I have amazing friends that reminded me that I am good enough, smart enough, an gosh darn it, people LIKE me!

The thing I fear is not old age, nor death (not ready for that adventure just yet though) it's things like illness or injury that could cost me my way of life beyond just a little slowing down at 90. Also that whole old and alone thing, but that's not a conversation for here.

In conclusion, life throws you lemons, you make lemonade, compost the leftover, and look for the next piece of fruit.
... I ain't scared of growing old because everyone knows Asian women's physical strength increases tenfold the older they get.

I don't exactly fear getting old, but I fear the future, I worry about losing my job and don't be able to pay the rent, I just don't know what to do...
If I lose my job I'll have nothing to hold on...
And the thing is I suck at my job, I can be creative in my art and writting, but when it comes to make like a flyer to sell what my company sells, I just don't have lots of ideas, plus they don't even have pictures of their products, I have to search on the web, that's illegal...
But they don't care, I doubt the inspection will notice that, but still...
My health disorder is going to kill me anyways...So no not really, death is just a part of my daily existence and hasn't stopped me any.
I'm fourteen, going on fifteen in December.
And I absolutely do not fear growing old or dying.
Only thing I fear about the future is growing so old that I can't walk and have Alzheimer. ]:<
Or going blind or something.

Honestly, I'd rather die young (not too young, maybe around the seventy or eighty years) than grow so old and fragile that I have to depend on other people.

But with my future, future, I am worried about the unemployment rate here in the U.S. It's the highest it has ever been, and if it's still like that when I get out of highschool, I honestly do not know if I am going to be able to get a good job. I'm going for Military most likely, so I may not have to worry about it too much, but you just never know what may happen that may prevent me from being able to join.

I'm planning on going to a Technical College, but again, if I am able to do so. Mainly my job future and schooling future is what I am most worried about right now.

But back to the main topic, no, I am not afraid of growing old or dying.
For the LONGEST, I was afraid of dying. But... I just got over it one night and now I honestly am not afraid anymore.
It's part of the cycle of life. You live and then you die. We can't control it. Only thing we CAN control is an approximate life span of our years. How we eat, exercise, how we take care of ourselves...etc...can all effect on how long we may live. We don't know when we're going to die, but we can at least help our health for a better life span.
I'm 26, 27 at the end of the year.

I'm a doctor.

I'm also a boxer, a martial artist, a cartoonist, a philospher, a collector of old sayings, a world traveler, a fighter, a lover, a historian, a musician, a composer, a dancer, an amateur gymnast, a weightlifter, a runner, a writer, a theologist, a geek, a nerd, a jock, and a widely-read lover of the literary canon. Soon, I'll also be a husband and after that, a father.

Let's just say I did a lot of stuff in 26 years.

Personally, I'd love to have gray hair. It'd mean I've been a doctor long enough that I'll finally feel like I know what the hell I'm doing. That, and nurses, techs, med students, and residents will worship the ground I walk on and the concrete I spit on.