Scales and goo

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  1. Club Fae. A club where all sorts of creatures from a great many worlds come to meet, dance, drink, and even indulge in some carnal pleasures. Loud, booming music, writhing bodies grinding against each other, drinks being served by a cloud of energy and all sorts of creatures having a good time.

    At the bar, a blue scaled lizard-man is sitting, looking around for someone to catch his interest this evening. He wore some tight jeans, with a opening at the back for his tail, and a dark purple t-shirt with the letters PS written on it. His yellow, slitted eyes scanned over the crowd once more, lingering a moment at the portal used for entering and leaving, before he poured another sip of his drink into his large, toothed maw. So far, it hadn't been any ladies catching his interest, so it had been a rather boring evening. He was almost thinking of just drinking up and leaving, but he decided to wait a few more minutes, just in case.