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    I slowly awaken with a slight yawn, my head throbbed in pain as if I have been hit with a hammer. My eyes held that blurry vision before moments before finally coming into the clear to the point where I could actually make out the outlines of other people surrounding me. I was a bit confused before I shifted slightly to the point where my back was off the wooden ground and my right arm and hand balancing me while my left hand rubbed my eyes as I looked around, the place I was in had boarded up windows and a dark eerie feeling. Blood splattered on the wall and dangerous weapons in every corner. My dark colored hair cross over my eyes and innocent looking face as I continued to take in my surroundings silently before realizing that I was not anywhere near home. A light flickered on and off over my head before I slowly got up onto my feet and sighed wondering if this was all a bad dream. My black tank top and skinny jeans held massive holes but I couldn't remember a thing as to how my clothes got those holes or how I ended up her with these strange people. My black converse were not as clean as they use to be but I didn't mind. I looked at the others while taking in there physical appearance before finally moving away from them as if they were the cause of me being here. My slender body was sore but it didn't phase me. I continue to stare at the others wondering what has happened over these past few hours. My height was five foot and eight inches and I at least weight a hundred and five pounds.​
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  2. Alex
    I felt sore as I woke up. My body was, what seemed thrown not he ground. Looking at myself I notice that my leather jackets was dirty and my jeans had holes as well. Slowly getting up, I looked all around me I notice another girl but thought nothing of it yet. What am I doing here? I thought to herself. "Fuck," I muttered as I try to stretch and my muscle began a to sore in an attempt ordeal less sore. Fixing my pony tail I notice the black and white converse I was wearing were fine. At least I was fine looking and not missing any clothing. Looking around the room again I notice that I was in a tattered looking room. So far, everything didn't make sense. The last thing I remember was that I feel asleep at home or was I knocked? I didn't remember. "How do we get out of here?" I voiced out. I didn't now what was going on and I felt myself get glittery. Why was I here? Slowly she sat back down. A headache size of a mouton came washing over her. "Fuck," I muttered under my breath. She needed a someone to explain why the she felt like crap and had a headache size of Mt. Everest, and why she was here. It didn't make sense at all. Attempting to get up again I began to walk around the room. I was dying to find a way out of the room and trying to find a way home.
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  3. Jessie
    I stared at the other girl as she slowly wakes up and stretches her muscles, I looked around with a smirk on my face before I looked over to my right to only find a note of a nail that was stabbed into the wall. I made my way over to the folded piece of paper before finally arriving and yanked it out under the nail before flipping it open and reading off what it said.

    "Welcome, You all have been injected with a disease and only have hours to find the correct antidote. . In order to survive you must complete each and every level. All of you only have hours to live so I suggest you all hurry. Now you have entered the first level, In order to pass this level you must find a key to unlock the door but be warned, don't look in the easiest places. . "

    I was shocked and then I dropped the note while thinking silently to myself, Without anyone else's opinion I started to search the room as if I was looking for a pin in a hay stack. ​
  4. Alex
    I frowned a is saw the other girl held a mote in her hands. Rolling my eyes I grabbed the note from the floor when she's as done read it. Scanning it over I frowned. I didn't like the sound of this. Crumpling the note I stopped it as we'll looking around the room I try to find the key. Stepping around the floor to check for lose floor boards, there weren't any. Looking up I, the ceiling she hadn't spotted anything at all. Cursing to myself, I then try to check the room repeatedly over and ovr age in. They needed to get out of here in order to live. And if the other girl won't help her she won't help her either.

    I felt the wall nearest me. Maybe there was something lose that a key would be. I walked over to the door quickly and looked at the door knows. Judging by the color, type, and look of the knob hey had to find a bronze key and it was an old fashion one, not the keys you would normally see today.
  5. Jessie
    Clearly this girl acted like a child with her little attitude which I did not appreciate at this time as I searched frantically for the key my eyes lad upon a massive blade that was stained in blood. I smirked slightly before looking away to find any other unusual things maybe that was where the key was hidden. As I continued searching something seemed a bit off, Was it just me or was the oxygen in the room getting denser. While thinking it was all in my mind I looked over to the other girl while wondering what was happening here. I was highly confused as to how I got here but the more I thought about it the denser the air became. After moments it was not as easy to breath so I looked faster. "Where is that damn key!" I shouted getting a tad frustrated with myself. I started to move things around before I came onto a brown old fashioned box. I picked it up in my hands before trying to open it but it would not open. "Fuck!" I shook the box next to my right ear while hearing the sound of a object within that was when I tried to pry open the box harder.
  6. Alex
    I didn't think much of the other girl.
    In the end if she was going to get herself killed, so be it. As time continued on the air seemed denser, it became harder to breath. Looking around the room again she spotted things that might hold a place of a key. When I heard the other girl yell I yelled back, "If you panic and yell! You will take up all the fucking damn air!". Looking at what the girl was holding her arms I walked over to her. Grabbing the stupid box I threw onto the ground hard. When it still didn't break she stood on top of it and threw my weight onto the small box. If it held the key to the door, I didn't give a shit if I had some bruises here and there. I knew I said I wouldn't help the stupid girl but realizing she would die too and again threw my weight on to the small bow. Hoping the cover would crack.​
  7. Jessie
    While trying harder to open the box I heard the girl's voice yell at me and that was when I snapped "Bitch!, you can go to Hell for all I care!" Just then the girl came up to me and snatched the box out of my hands before throwing it forcefully to the ground to see if it will open that way, I didn't care what it had to take but of course this was not going to be easy. "Don't look in the easiest places. . " I remembered what the note has said and that was when I looked around further knowing that something harmful had to be in that box. That was when I looked back at the massive blade wondering what it was doing here in the first place. I started to feel a little drowsy as I made my way of to the blade And looked around there that was when I found a small door hidden behind the blade. I grabbed onto the handle of this door before opening pulling the door open and saw the key. I reached my right hand in and at that moment a gun shot has been fired through my arm and I screamed in pain before quickly grabbing the key and ripped my hand and arm out of the little door before throwing the key to the side and cried as blood poured out from my wound before creating a pool of fresh blood.
  8. Alex
    I rolled my eyes at the stupid girl. TO me she was naive and just plain stupid. Couldn't she see she was helping her? "Fucking stupid bitch," I muttered. Hearing a gunshot i looked up. "Karma Bitch," I again muttered to myself. Walking towards the girl I said, "Take my a jacket and put it around your arm. It'll help stop the bleeding." Taking my jacket off I handed it to her. Getting up I grabbed he key that was thrown over to the side. Holding it up to the eye, it fitted he door knob completely. Walking back to the girl she held out her hand. "Hey, if we are here together we might as well help each other," she started. "And don't give me that 'bad girl
    attitude you got yourself going on there, it's not fucking working on me. I'm stupid."
  9. Jessie
    "I don't need your damn coat!" She yelled before tossing the coat away and stood up slowly before grabbing the wound with her opposite hand, she winced before glaring over to the girl and smirked before moving her hand from her wound and snatched the key out of the girl's hand before walking to the door and placed the key in the slot before finally hearing the lock click and that was when she turned the knob of the door to the right and pushed the door open and gasped while inhaling a breath of air. She then looked over to the others before walking back towards the other sleeping people and started to drag ever person out one by one. Tears fell from her eyes as her wound was still tender. The key was left in the lock but she looked up to the girl and spoke "Take it just in case. . "
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