Savory vs Sweet

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Savory or Sweet?

  1. Savory!

  2. Sweet!


  1. John

    "Joe was definitely in the wrong there." He nodded.


    "Woohoo." He said monotonely then smiled at Gwen.
  2. Diana, you need to get a job.
  3. The only way I can see a secret propose foR these food poll is, DIANA IS THE ALIEN!!

    That or she planning an Iwaku get together In which case: Diana, I formally request to be placed near both WND and Grumpy and have Asmo's chair between me and the stairs.
  4. Jason

    "I did want to get you as far away from him as possible, and no, you haven't. The only person who has seen me angry in this room is John. The furthest either of you have seen is slightly irritated."