Saviors Of Humanity

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  1. It was an ordinary day in Las Angeles, traffic was heavy like always,people were rushing home,but then the radios started getting fussy and the television went to black, then something terrible happened, a man appeared on the t.v's, everyone stopped as they watched and listened,the man stood their," Hello Humanity,you must be terrified right now, thinking this was a terrorist attack,well,it's much worse,bring him here" two men in suits bring a man in front of the camera,the man was crying"This is your fellow human fokes, here, i'll help" the man takes a black and orange staff and stabs the man through the stomach"Victim Number 1" the stations go off and everyone yells through the streets,
    The CIA right away tried to find out where that was sent from, but is impossible to find, the CIA then create project S.O.H to form a team to fight against the mysterious figure
  2. One woman named Sarah watched as her brother got stabbed to death on television. She was young and beautiful, with curly brrown shoulder length hair tied into a pony tail wearing a Sydney's Eatery waitress dress. She was in the middle of washing dishes when she watched the horrible video. The plate in her hands dropped, crashing to the ground. Tears formed in her eyes as she covered her mouth with her hand.
  3. "You okay?" Jordan peeked from the counter. There was definitely something wrong. She never stops working!
    He thought. Must've been that guy who got killed on TV. He was a dick anyway. Then a guy appeared at the counter.
    "May I take your order?"
    "Ah, yes. Burger and a round of shotgun shells."
    "Wait, did you say shotgu-" before he managed to shoot Jordan in the face he grabbed a plate and threw it at him. The man broke it. He shot me and I caught the bullet. For a moment tehy both just stood there in awe. Jordan threw the bullet at him at light speed and it caught him in the neck.
    "Boo-yah." He grinned.
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  4. Sarah stood there in shock and fear, she turned to Jordan, her co-worker, best friend and her crush. "Jordan?" she said just staring at him "did you just...catch a bullet?"
  5. Jordan quickly swivelled around. "Um... I didn't mean to startle you... But yes, I did just catch a bullet." He smiled.
  6. Sarah nodded and looked down, first her brothers dead and now this. It would take her time to process this information. She took a deep breath and walked up to him, "are you okay?" she asked looking up at Jordan.
  7. "I've been feeling fine but I've been having nausea lately." He said. "Did you hear on TV? The superhero squad or something. Has there been anything weird going on with you lately?"
  8. "No" she said snapping out of her thoughts. "No i don't think so...Im completely ordinary...I uhh, I better go home" she said and walked past him to get her things from her locker.