Saving Two Worlds (IC)

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  1. The Core Entities gather within in the pixeliated, black, chaotic space that is the Gaming World's Core. The spaceship, The pong paddles and ball, And finally the eldest, The Missile. They gathered to discuss ways to Stop the current disaster plaguing their world. The journalistic corruption and workings of a once noble movement, Have both come and turned on Gaming. They have an unleashed a sort of rainbow colored goo infection and twisted creatures with it have been engaging in a full on throttle assault on the Game World. And while the reality side was going alright as they were fighting hard and winning in some areas. However it wasn't going so well for The World side. They still had secure areas but there were also a lot of battleground and lost territory. It took awhile but they decided on a course of action: search through and find some who have a love of gaming and use a sort of portal/honey pot to get them in and give them powers and an entrance to help. It didn't take too long to draft up a list. and the honey pot. Also all were conveniently located in Ryden City,CA. A Game Dev and gamer hot spot funny enough.

    Avery groaned at the alarm clock going off. After several failed attempts she finally hit the snooze button. Sitting up and stretching she gets ready for school. She hated Mondays. Getting out of bed and properly dressed, then a quick Breakfast and off to School. She was a pretty good student if not very social. And some of the stuff the populars fling her way don't help, especially the teasing she gets in the locker room. What's wrong with finding both gender's attractive? She went through the day and dealt with the jerks until about lunch when she was discretely surfing the net on her phone and happened upon an email about her geting selected to beta test some upcoming game. She didn't remember signing on for anything like that but hey, free game. And apparently it was to be a really sweet Fantasy RPG, right up her lane. Now she couldn't wait to get back home, as apparently it arrived today. She looked through the net some more sighing at the shit that a movement that claimed to represent her. "That's a laugh..." she mutters to herself. They were ragging on games and her when she spoke out. Plus of course the laughing stock that was gaming journos. There was a reason she hung around youtube a lot. reliable reviews. Not to mention they don't regularly insult her, Though seems a few sites were shaping up. The bell rang snapping her out of it and she went on with her day, really wanting to check out that game: Savior of the Twin Worlds.
  2. Catherin finally logged out of her game of Stalker and spun around in her chair to get ready for school. She slept alittle but she always loved playing that game especially at night. It made her freak out and was always a invigorating experience overall. For her it was the best thing about the game. It was a game of wits and how to evade the monstrous beings and other humans within it. Even though it was a game she had learned a thing or two from playing it over and over again... always finding new things that were not there before and doing better and better each time. Not only that but when she lived in Russia she used those skills from the game in real time. She made things that made her parents do a double take.

    Never the less she stumbled to her feet and into the hallways of her home and out the door having dressed and showered earlier in the day. She loved the feeling of the air hitting her face and the smell of the crisp morning air. Sure, no one messed with her at school as she knew more than her fair share of ways to take care of herself. But! People did hit on her on both sides of the spectrum... It was known she swung both ways but to her Love was Love and no one had earned her love enough to earn her heart. People never made fun of her due to the fact she had a overall enigmatic and commanding presence about her that made people think about what they were going to do.

    On the counter when she was making her way out of the home was a copy of the Game Savior of Two Worlds her father had gotten for her. Both her parents were no where to be found but never the less she jogged off to school not bothering to take the bus. It was somthing she found easiest to do. Not because people on the bus made fun of her but that she beat the bus to school even when following its route. She was overly fit for her age and loved all of it. She may be an intense gamer but all time not spent gaming was spent working out and scavening in the woods with an almost obsessive compulsive manner.

    After school had ended she immediately grabbed the game and booted it up "Savior of Two Worlds... alright lets see..." She mumble.
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  3. Lan Ester

    Lan moaned as the alarm clock went off. A night of drinking didn't help out as the man started to fight off the hangover he had. Thankfully, it was a day off for him from class as he hit the snooze button. He got up and started to cure his hangover. After spending the good majority of the morning easing his hangover, Lan decided to hit up Nether. Three hours passed as Lan was logging out of the game.

    "Looks like this run was great. I pity the person that lost the Cruz sniper rifle. He shouldn't have shot at me." Lan muttered as his phone message rang.

    The man checked the messages to find that there was an email with a link to download the game Savior of Two Worlds.

    "Hmm. Guess I'll download it. About time it came out." Lan muttered as she clicked on the download link and started downloading.

    The reason he was interested in the game was that the game had Survival Horror genres and it had the controls for the genre as well. That was enough reason for Lan to try the game out.

    The download progress finished as Lan smiled.

    "Let's get this thing started." Lan muttered
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  4. Just another day for the urban legend Karasuma-san.

    The jet-black warrior rammed a motorcycle over a runaway robber before swiftly grabbing his stolen items, then driving off into the shadows.

    A most odd mannerism, but she had to do what she had to do. She had to do what she needed to to survive.


    She was now in the forest as she approached an old trailer, covered in vines and branches. She unlocked the door and entered it, only to be greeted by a home of her own custom alteration, decorated by things she had stolen.

    She removes her overcoat, revealing that she wore nothing but spats and boots. She drops her boots on the shelves and proceeds to remove the spats that constricted her bottoms. She looked at her findings.

    "Saviour of the Twin Worlds, I guess I'll play these while playing my mobile games."

    She boots a computer up, and was ready to roll.
  5. Alicia Harding - Platform Cafe

    Serving yet another customer she smiled with a friendly smile, enjoying the mood of the place she had painstakingly made into the cafe it was. There were several computers in one corner, with the best processing capability she had afforded. Several tables were in the main area where people sat down playing cards or just chatting. In the back area were there rooms where people could rent time and space to play on the consoles. It wasn't just once or twice she had to enforce the rules when it come to the games being 'forgotten' in the bags of her guests so now she rented out the console games together with the time in the console room.
    Checking on some pastries in the oven she smiled contently. Another good day at the cafe, it was always fun to meet people who enjoyed games.


    Noelle Rivers

    Grumbling she realized it was almost time for school, again. Sighing she saved her game and checked her e-mail for any gaming news. Seeing the invite for the beta testing of a new hybrid game she immediately clicked the link and downloaded the game to her cell using the given code. Now she had something more fun to think about.

    At school was boring, yet again some lame, crappy article was roaming the net making gamers a laughing stock again. Ignoring the shatter she stared outside the window instead. Maybe she could drop by that cafe with the games and cakes again, she had gotten her allowance...
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    ⇓Keira Daisy Gilbertson⇓
    The short girl with ponytails, was hiding in the bush in front of her house. She had waited until her parents left for work. The little girl, Keira, had skipped school. She didn't feel like going, it was a Monday. Who goes to school on Mondays? Keira jumped out of the bush, dashing into the house.

    She was glad that she remembered to take her house key with her. Kiera ran up stairs and threw her bookbag on her bed. "She's Safe!" Keira laughed and jumped on her big plush bed. She grabbed her laptop out of her bookbag. Keira loved watching people get hurt doing dumb things on YouTube.

    She found a video of a guy trying to do tricks on a bike. He face planted into the ground. "Ha! Idiot." Kiera shook her head, she went to check her email. "...what's this?" She saw an email, about some new game. Saving Two Worlds. It was a Fantasy/Adventure MMORPG, her type of game.

    It was free, she just had to download it. She clicked the download link, while it downloaded Keira went back to watching funny videos. "Ha! This is way better then some damn school work."
  7. As School was wrapping up she saw Some people she sorta knew in the hallway and gave a friendly wave. She knew a few people in the school but not too well. She made a stop at the local gaming cafe, she liked the place, and ordered a chocolate milk. She would usually drop by the back and goof around on the consoles but she had a load of homework to take care of. Plus of course that Game. She stopped and chatted with Alicia Harding, mostly gushing over games. plus secretly being kind of attracted to her. Though soon she had to go.Eventually she reached her place and found the game in her mailbox. The Box art and screen shots made her drool a little. "Looks like homework is taking a back seat tonight..." she mutters running up to her room. It was a bit messy with some clothes ontop of the semi-old TV which was ontop of her dresser. Checking the disk seemed she could use her PC to do it instead of needing to hook up a console to the TV. poping the disk in. After impatiently waiting for it to install, she launched it. The screen went black. She tried bringing up task manager but that did nothing. Then she noticed an electric like energy pulsing out of her machine and growing until it ate her her computer and sucked her into it. Causeing her to black out and then wake up floating and gazing around in a giant pixeliated space with a light, arrow and the pong set. "whow..." she muttered to herself and saw others around.
  8. Noelle Rivers

    On the way home she was about to stop by the gaming cafe, but seeing as there was a girl her age there she walked past instead. She'd come by another day. To eat the delicious cake. Drink some tea. Borrow the computer. Dammit, why did there have to be a girl her age there? Sulking she got back home.

    Finding a package for her in the mail she paused, stunned. Snail mail? For her? Bringing it inside she saw it was the game she had signed up for. This early? Postage is slow. It takes days! Carefully opening the box she graced her fingers along the lines of the box art. Still, it was pretty... Once the box was open she found the disk. This wasn't a prank, right? Or some virus? Her attention was soon grabbed by the art cards inside. Absentmindedly she booted up her laptop and put in the disk, running the installer that popped up all while staring at the art cards and the screen shots. Was this some heavenly temptation?

    The program fully installed and ready launch she double-clicked the icon getting a black screen. "No, no, no, no, no, no..." Panicked she tried to get her computer running. "No!" Instantly grabbing the cheap spare laptop she usually used for homework she planned to fix her beloved gaming computer, not noticing the pulsing light. Setting the laptop in place all she needed was to hook it up. Looking up she was caught in the light.

    Waking up she saw the same girl she had seen at the cafe and many other people. Was this a trap? Looking around she felt panic gripping her heart. No. No. No. Closing off she quickly his her panic behind her normally cool exterior. She wasn't going to let her guard down again. Not again.
  9. Lan Ester: Click start for wtf.

    Lan quickly installed the game, which took a while considering his pc had alot of survival horror games on it. But soon enough, the game was installed as Lan quickly washed up. Grabbing a cola from the fridge, the man went to his computer and sat down.

    "Ok. Let's get this thing started." Lan muttered as he double clicked on the icon.

    The screen blacked out.

    "The hell?! Did the game just kill my compy?" Lan exclaimed quickly getting up to start looking for spare parts.

    The man was distracted as the computer lit up, engulfing the man in white light before he had the chance to say what.

    Lan groaned as he woke up.

    "I have got to stop drinking." Lan muttered before seeing the area palpitated before him.

    The only thing that lit the current area was the glowing stick and arrow as he then saw two girls there. Including himself, they were the only things in this area not pixelized as he decided to break the ice.

    "So, nice light you have here." Lan muttered looking at the two girls.
  10. Catherin

    Seconds after the game had booted up her entire screen began to flash up before everything around her lit up with a brillant glow of her computers Camera. The light shot out at her and she felt her head and world spin in a massive circle before everything began to slow down once more. She had thought that it was a sickness caused by the flashing light but then she realized that everything was so very different.... it didn't feel normal.. the smell of her clean room was gone and her computer was no longer infront of her.

    The only things around her were a guy and two girls making her blink twice before curseing loudly in Russian. "Damn!" She cried out before falling back against what she thought was the ground. She lay there for several seconds before blinking again and realizing that she wasnt having a momment or going into some type of mental fit. "So... Hello..." She mumbled out absolutely unsure of what to say or do in this situation. "Nice going Catherin..." She mumbled to herself.
  11. As Karasuma grabs a jacket to sling over herself, she notices something odd.

    The game seemed to distort...

    ... distort the...​

    ... fabric of reality.​

    She knew something was going on, but she just couldn't get up. The very reality before her was pixelised, broken down to bits, before she saw a different world like none she had viewed before...
  12. ___________________________________________________________
    ⇓Keira Daisy Gilbertson⇓
    After seeing that the game had finally downloaded, Keira went to install it. At first nothing happened, then her laptop went black. "Hey...what the hell?!" Kiera was hitting buttons on the laptop, trying to bring it back on.

    Then she saw some blue light."Uhh...Waaa!!!" Next thing Keira knew, she was being sucked into her laptop. She rolled to a halt, in some foreign place. She could see other people around. "What the Freak is going on!" Keira was tense now, this had to be a joke or some crazy laptop graphics trick. She just looked around clueless.
  13. ((Yay! I can finally post this!))

    The three beings speak in unison in a monotone, loud, robotic voice that carried age and wisdom "Greetings young ones..." they spoke, for lack of a better term. "Welcome to the core. The place in the gaming world were all power originates. we have a dire situation." they proceed to explain everything:The Gaming World, How it works , The betrayal by game journo's and it's current crisis. Avery absorbing all of this asks:
    "What can we do?" the ship says "We came up with a plan. To bring those who had a love for gaming here. To offer them a chance to protect it. do you accept?" Avery nodded in determined fashion and suddenly a charm appeared. It's main body was a keyboard with a cell and typical controller attached. The Pong trio explained "This charm shall allow you to fight. and the game we sent will act as a gateway and allow you to communicate with eachother when time doesn't permit." in a more kindly voice. finally the missile spoke "Who else among you shall take up the cause?" in the most powerful and oldest of the voices.
  14. Lan Ester

    Lan paid attention to the beings as they spoke as he digested what was being said.

    "Right. So there's a world we gotta save and the only way to do that is through the game you three sent us... right. Ok. I'll bite for now." Lan muttered as a keyboard with a cell and a controller appeared.

    Lan took the time to take a look at the items before a question popped into his head.

    "Why us though? There are millions of people who loves video games just like everyone here. Why pick us out of all of the possible candidates?" Lan asked looking at the three beings.
  15. ___________________________________________________________
    ⇓Keira Daisy Gilbertson⇓
    Keira was just standing there, when robotic voices started to speak. "So you want us, to save the world? Really." Keira took off her shades, showing off her striking Hazel eyes. "Wow this is something."

    Keira couldn't believe that people were really going along with this. She just stood there, getting aggravated by the minute. Then a voice in her head started to nag at her. She thought about her parents, they would be mad at her for ditching school, but they would be even more mad at her for not trying to save people who needed help. "...I'm In. I just better get some cool prize or something after everything."
  16. Noelle Rivers

    "How do we know this is not some elaborate prank?" Speaking up Noelle's cynicism towards it all contrasted her preferences in games perfect, or perhaps it was her cynicism that made her find comfort in those games. "I play games and all but the savior trope is kinda overdone and obvious." Stubbornly she refused to accept it, even though she wanted nothing more than to sign up right away to protect the world she found so much comfort in.
  17. The beings grant Keira her charm as well and say to Lan "Indeed, there are many. However you were picked not only for your love of games but potential at the very least for courage and will. That is why we chose you, more may show potential and then they too shall join in the fight. Until then it is just you." They then address Noelle in uncharacteristically smart alec tone "True it could be a scam, but yet you have no wires on you nor vents blowing you up, yet you are floating" they say as it has no real floor yet they weren't exactly falling either. just floating.
  18. Catherin

    Catherin just stared at the entire fiasco and was rather suprised for the first time in a very long time. She wasn't worked up, upset, questioning much or even afraid. For once she was entirely complacent with the fact that she was in a video world. Perhaps she was drunk... or high... Nope couldn't be them.. she hasn't smoked in over a week and she hasn't had a drink in six days. Then... it was real.. SWEET! Catherin's body language perked up and she immediately shifted her weight as the objects landed in her hands. "Alright... I guess I am game.
  19. Noelle Rivers

    Looking more closely around she realized that yes, she was actually floating. Hiding the excitement of being in a game world she kept her tone. "Hmpf, I guess I'll bite for now and join this thing." The snark of the game creatures was refreshing, reminding her of the odd times she played fantasy MMORPGs and got into insult fights with other players. Not that she would admit that.
  20. The beings gift Noelle and Catherin the charms. Now all that was left was Lan. He could decline or accept. All up to him,really.