Save Yourself - The grim and twisted abuse of Innocence [MxM, MxF, FxF]

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  1. Mood Setter - Save Yourself by My Darkest Days

    This was what helped me make a vague, half noticed craving into some semblance of a plot. I hope you will find inspiration from it as well.

    Warning! The following is intended for a mature audience, and will contain such dark themes as abuse of trust, corruption of innocent and vulnerable youth, mention of sexual acts of varying depravities, substances abuse, unhealthy relationships of many kinds, dubious consent, mental illnesses comprising but not limited to sociopath tendencies, depression and various obsessive behaviors and finally illegal activities. I do not claim this will be all there is to it, so you should feel mature and secure enough to withstand any further and unplanned subject matters this plot will bring forth.

    That said, I will repeat in a clearer manner - +18 Only Zone below!

    Are you still here?


    Very well, know that you will only have yourself to blame.

    Now that my conscience has been appeased by my fair warning to all those passing through this thread, I will get into the heart of the matter. You should first know that everything bellow this point can be tweaked and changed with a compelling enough argument on your part or by a suggestion of a better fitting alternative to any of the content therein.

    The first point I would like to make is the reason why this search is not in the Libertine section; this story will be about morality and the failings of the human heart and mind, and even though there will be mention of sexual acts of various intensity, the focus will instead be on the twisted bond between our two main characters.

    Secondly, you may play a male, a female, a transgender, an hermaphrodite, a gender-fluid person - anybody as long as they are human or at least insane scientist's stray experiment-level human. You may ask me to make my character any gender, of any sexuality, as I am up for any type of pairings.

    While I do not have to play them, I would prefer to be the amoral 'psychologist' in this. Do, however, know that this will be free of psychological jargon, mostly because I don't trust myself to use them properly in a sentence. :umm:

    Alright? Alright! Time for me to actually spit out my damned plot, already!

    Here we go:
    Save Yourself
    The tale of Innocence led astray
    It all started as a rather mundane wish to hide what was wrong in -REDACTED-'s life in the first place, really. It was meant to be a way to let go of regrets and anxieties accumulated in everyday life, a lone anonymous session or two with an underground psychologist that would soon be a thing of the past and would thus allow -REDACTED- to enter a new, brighter stage of their life free of doubt and unresolved questions. It was meant to be just that, but...

    Maybe -REDACTED- would have been better off searching more about background than secrecy in the one who would essentially be given free access to their deepest, darkest thoughts. Then, maybe, would they have been spared the spiraling descent into the living nightmare their life would become. The thing was, who -REDACTED- thought was a cheap and unlicensed yet competent professional was a high functioning sociopath who had found their niche in manipulating those foolish enough to give them their trust and access to their psyche to the twisted individual's whim. Sometime it was something as benign as gathering embarrassing stories and anecdotes from their unwitting victims, but other times... like with this particular 'patient'... now, things became much more interesting when you could twist and destroy with impunity, right?

    After all, destroying something beautiful had always been this sociopath's favorite endeavor.
    And there it start, with both the victim and the abuser quickly becoming obsessed with each other. Where will it lead? Well, that is for us to find out, is it?

    There is, however, one last thing you must agree to before hitting me in the face with your overenthusiastic proposal to become my partner in this project;

    You must know of the things we must both adhere to for the duration of our partnership. For easier perusal, I put said requirements in a short and sweet list.
    1. We must both agree to post at least once a week, unless we warn the other of unforeseen circumstances that would make posting a given week impossible.
    2. We must both take into account the other's wish, and in the process take an equal part in the roleplay's development.
    3. We must write in third person, past tense and post at least a few paragraphs of plot furthering, character building or scene setting information, no exceptions to this rule!
    4. We must be open to each other, stating when a subject makes us uncomfortable and keeping a healthy flow of OOC communication.
    5. We must try to be friends! :heartbeat:
    Here's what I got, I hope to get someone's attention with this little idea of mine~!

    Good day to you!
  2. All I have to say about the plot is Yummy. I don't know why but I love those kind of plots it's just something about sociopaths that makes things fun. So colour me very interested.
  3. Great to hear!
    I'll set us a conversation so we can get to plan in earnest.