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  1. MC= my character (female)
    YC= your character (male)

    Both characters are engaged when the rp starts. They've been together since sophomore year of high school and they just finished their first year of college together. They're on summer break and everything's great and shiny and happy and they've been intimate with each other since college began since they started living on their own. But then, about a month before they start to plan their wedding, MC starts to get strange text messages from a restricted number. She keeps it a secret for a little while, until she flips past the news channel one night and sees a guy she used to know from middle school. He recently escaped from a mental asylum where he was put after a sexual offense. He's pretty insane, though if you met him in person and he didn't want you to know, it'd be hard to tell just how sick he is. Which is what makes him hard to catch.
    MC tells herself it can't be him sending her the messages, but after he sends her one telling her he knows her name, she's sure it's him. Throughout all of this YC starts to notice how strange she's acting and confronts her about whatever she's keeping from YC and eventually she tells him, but he only waits a few days to tell the police and during that time, the psycho guy finds and kidnaps her. He starts sending YC creepy videos of his fiancee and stuff he does to her and that if YC tells the police about this, she dies. So basically, it's up to YC to find MC by investigating the videos--say he's majoring in video editing or something-- whenever the psycho decides to send them.
    Question is, how broken will she be when he finds her? and can he put her back together?

    It will definitely be a long one, but I'm hoping for an rp partner who's willing to stick to it to the end and can post relatively often. (hopefully once every two days at the least unless an emergency pops up)

    Anyone interested can post here. If you want, you can post a character bio here too.
    Name: Lucy Patinette
    Age: 19
    Personality: extremely altruistic, loving , forgiving, laid-back, and opinionated

    the phone...perfect>


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I'm very interested in this roleplay and would love to be a part of it. If you would please PM me and I'll do my character and we can discuss details
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