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  1. Hello there, it's Sav. I've been looking to start up a few Group RPGs but I can't decide on what. Might as well ask the public, no?

    Idea One:

    Heros, Villians even a few civilians, are all forced to work side by side to defeat a greater evil. But nothing ever quite goes as planned, does it? Villains do villainous things...heroes try to be heroic... and shit just hits the fan.
    Don't really have much for the above idea, but bleh. There it is. Whether players would be able to pick heros or villains from comics, or be able to create there own is all up in the air right now. If you're interested, suggestions are welcomed.

    Idea Two:

    Children. Treasured by some, hated by others. You lot are the brats that've been left to the system, no family, no home. Unwanted, I believe, is the correct term. Luckily, there's an organization that's looking for exactly your type. Perfect assassins, or would be assassins. Trainable. Plus, if you die, it's no big deal!
    Unwanted children[teenagers] are taken in and turned into assassins. Plenty of room for plot development and so forth.

    Idea Three:
    The heroes have fallen, be it in death or by other means, it's time for new heroes--and villains, to rise from the ashes. A team is being compiled and trained to help combat a threat to mankind. Will you be ready?
    All the heroes have died and it's time for new people to take their place. Players would be allowed to pick from comic books and so forth, but there'd be very limited spots. Villains would be welcomed as well.

    All these ideas are crap. I'm just so freaking booooooooooored.
  2. You're right, all these ideas are crap. Currently. You should make some Group RP Planning threads for them though, because they have potential and with the right development they could be good.
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  3. do a group rp about gay alien villains in a world where evil wins and good loses. :^)
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  4. Yeah, that sounds pretty funny. I'd do that. But only if every alien was about as stereotypically camp as you can get.
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