Saturday Community Update: Don't Let Foxes Drive While Drunk

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Our month of costumes are over and all members are once again dressed as their normal selves <3 I think everyone is in agreement that Orochi had the best costume ever. If you don't know why, send him a PM and ask! >:D This week, your community update is brought to you by FOXES. When your fox gets drunk, a good head stopping usually does the trick.

:rum: :foxconfused:

New This Week:
  • New in the OOC; Hargonstein Asylum sets you in a Loonybin following the lives of crazy people. Drama Camp brings you all the drama and hilarity of teens at a summer camp for acting and tech. In Born to Kill, you have the option of playing a human form of a weapon! Quests is a great fantasy game for bring your own unique plot to interact with others. Finally, there is Thirty Seconds From Mars if you just want some good old fashioned alien butt kicking.
  • IWAKU WORLD has started an over arcing plot! If you want to get involved, show up and play! If you don't, feel free to start your own mini plot!
  • In the Social Groups if you're looking for a place to get all the naughty out of your system, you'll find Smutclub is the perfect private place for it.
  • Out ChatRP Schedule for November is up, and we've already had a couple fun evenings! Try to get something started yourself and don't forget to stop in the Feedback area to give more plot suggestions.
  • DOWNTIME, DOWNTIME, DOWNTIME. We've had a lot of frequent downtime in the past week with the server. Hostman tells me that they've just moved us on to new hardware (again) so this should hopefully be all cleared up this weekend!

Upcoming Updates:
  • A reminder AGAIN that there will be a forum update in a couple weeks. This will be the new version of our vbulletin system. Settings and design will NOT drastically change, but there will be some tweaking and some new useful features for roleplay content.

  • WE WANT YOUR NOOBS. Advertise Iwaku on other websites you like to visit! (Make sure to follow their advertising terms so you don't get in trouble!)
  • The Iwaku Newsletter always needs content! Stop by the Group to submit ideas or articles.
  • If you are a Roleplay GM, please submit a quick paragraph about your plot to the Tavern. It will help players find your roleplays better. :D

Play! Explore! Have Fun!
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