Sarloch and Vampiress Angel Zombies!!!

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  1. The fight her and her brother had still rang through her ears and the last time she saw him he ran out the door. Now she was on the run to save her life along side a good freind of hers. Right now she was sitting her the car waiting for her friend to see if the nearby grocery store was clear they needed supplies and she had the car ranning in case something bad happened. Supplies was running thin everywhere they went and soon they would need to travel to another big city to make sure they survived. What would happen if the food ran out and ammo? Right now they were doing ok she had guns and a few other various weapons in the back just in case. The zombies started out small with one person who came back alive after being shot in the head and then bit the reporter. Then the reporter bit someone else and soon the whole city was engulfed in this virus that was quickly spreading.
  2. Her brother had gone out drinking after their fight, and was locked in an overnight cell when the disease started spreading. The cops, realizing this was a crisis, had holed up in the police department. He'd managed to convince them that if they were going to survive, they'd need all the men they could get. He waited there with them, helping stand watch and cook, and trying not to think about where his sister was.

    Her friend ran back to the car, opening the door and sliding in to sit next to her, "There's a lot of canned good . . . and it looks clear."Said the older girl, sighing."Pull the car up closer and we can start loading up."
  3. She never even got the message that her brother was in jail after going to drink. Right after he left is when it all started she was watching the news and saw the first bite. Thanks to her brother she knew what to do because he made her watch those scary zombie movies. At least she knew how to be safe but where was her brother? When her friend came back to the car she jumped and almost grabbed for a weapon she was deep in thought. "Alright." She said pulling up to the store front and leaving the car on in case something happened and they would need to make a fast getaway. Slowly she got out and then grabbed one of the metal bats instead of a gun they needed to save ammo as much as possible.
  4. Her friend followed, once again taking her trusty crow-bar and a pistol. She hadn't used the pistol yet, but it made her feel safe . . . and well, you never knew when you'd need one. "How long do you think till the military comes and saves us?"She asked, trying to make idle conversation to keep from going mad with fear.
  5. "I don't know if they will ever come." The military said they were going to come and help the survivors here but she thinks that the disease got so out of control that they weren't going to come. Slamming the car door shut she held her bat tightly and started heading towards the door to the grocery store. They would need to stock up on a lot of items to survive because they didn't know when they were going to find more supplies.
  6. Slamming the door may have been a poor decision, because as soon as she did they heard a moan coming from down the street."Shit . . . your damn clumsyness is going to get us killed!" She whispered harshly, hurrying quitly to the open door of the grocery store and slipping inside. She steadied her breathing and peaked her head around the corner, desperately hoping that it had just been a coincidence and that they wouldn't soon have a horde of walkers on their backs.
  7. She did not mean to slam the door shut just shut it lightly great now they were going to have to hurry. "I only saw a few out there so if they find us we should be able to take them down. I want to shop. I'm so hungry." She said grabbing a few big bags then started up and down the isles grabbing some canned goods and some girl things that they needed. Then she turned to the pop the fridge was still on so they would have refeshing cold pop. She grabbed most of the stock then turned back towards her friend. "I have a lot of things including pop." She held up the bags.