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  1. Name: Chang Huang
    Age: 19
    Bio: Chang was a beta tester just like Kirito was with SAO. Chang and kirito were two of the top players. So once Chang entered the new world of SAO, he immediately knew what to do. He wears chinese type cloth armor with his character because he knew what monsters would drop the materials to make it.
    Weapon of choice: A long straight Chinese blade.
  2. Name: Hiriko Tsunada
    Age: 18
    Bio: Hiriko had been one of the few beta testers so she took to the game quickly once it had been fully released. She had been startled to find out that the 10,000 players who had got ahold of the game when it officially released she hadn't been very happy about that but took to the life rather easily. She stood on her own as one of the really amazing players often times compared to Kirito or Chang. She never wears armor, usually just regular clothing, she prefers kimonos and knows how to wear them in a way that doesn't hinder her fighting.
    Weapon of choice: A double edged katana.
  3. Chang was standing in the midst of the crowd of normal and ordinary players. They all were ported here to the middle of town he wondered. This wasn't like the beta to were they all just received video messages about what should be done or what was to be expected. This was new, it was something rather strange. Upon hearing the shocking new of people dieing, no logging out except by winning the game. Chang had a shocked face just like all other players. once the announcement was finished Chang quickly was running through the crowd trying to quickly run around and they were very scared. Chang knew he has already played this game so far never finished it, but he knew what to do at the beginning. Chang ran quickly to the forest edge to find materials. But he was interrupted in his tracks seeing a familiar face of another beta tester. "Hey you!" He yelled out. he stood there looking at her directly as there were several players crossing across them.
  4. Hiriko had started to move as soon as she heard the news about people dying and all the players being trapped in the game, she was a little nervous but that didn't stop her. Hiriko's mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts, she had to get stronger rather quickly, she knew she'd need a better weapon, she wondered if anyone else would think the same as her while she was moving towards the edge of the town but a, "Hey You!" Stops her in her tracks and she turns to another Beta Player; she recognized him but couldn't recall his name. " were a tester too...what do you want?" She seems a little cold but what could one expect with the news they had just recieved.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.