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    Charcter Sheet
    Name information: Named after Byzantine purple.
    Race: Human
    Hair: Purple
    Eyes: Red
    Body type: Small but Strong
    Height: 5'6"
    One word description of personality: Tsundere
    Most used phrase: "I'm not that good of a person. But, really is anyone as good as they try to appear? I just don't hide it."

    Personality and traits.

    All Take Little Give// Byzantine often carries a aura of being spoils and she likes to take from others but she secretly likes to spoil her close ones as well but only them.

    Sexual Teasing// All though she is slow to see when someone has genuine feelings for her. She often likes to tease people trying to get a reaction out of them. The harder it is to get a reaction the more she tries and her jokes get more forwards. "Shall we kiss and make up?"

    Berserk Button// Any mention of the grim that killed her mother.

    Short fuse// she often gets mad quickly with some people but it never lasts long.

    Brutal Honesty// "Hey, I speak the truth nothing more nothing less."

    Compliment Brush Off// She often never believes the first compliment some one gives her retorting back with a crud remark. "Ya, I know I'm perfect right?"

    Cry Cute// When she lets her guard down with those close to her she comes of as rather girly.

    The Cynic// She believes that no one is as good as they seem to be. Every act of kindness had a selfish motive when the person has no emotional or long term connection.

    Girlish pigtails// They say a girls hair shows how they really feel inside though it's kinda hard to see in Byzantine.

    Heroic Self-deprecation// She pushes her self just as hard as she pushes others on her team when it comes to training and fighting.

    Hidden heart of gold// It's there somewhere. . . She truly cares for her allies and her good heart is shown also by how she never agrees to taking a human or Faunas life wether they are good or evil.

    Nice is not good// she dose not believe in sugar coating her words.

    Jackass// She can be a straight up Jackass at first with people she dose know. But, she often points out the good points in others at first as well.

    Loving Bully// Yes, she will pick on you then love on you.

    Tomboy and Girly-girl// she often shows both sides depending who she is interacting with some people just bring out her true girly girl when they are around.

    Pick me up// When those close to her get down she often tries to encourage them her favorite line being. "You are better then you think you are. So, don't make me regret how I think of you."

    Weapons: Two hidden blade Gauntlets and One Bastard Sward



    Name: Takuto
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair: Blue Black


    Calm and Collected// He will remain calm even while other panic

    Utterly Quiet at times// Sometimes you forget he's there

    Hidden talents// He tends to pulls through with some trick he has.

    Get it done// If his group is having trouble deciding what to do he will simply do it while they fight.

    Secretly he cares// he wont come out an say it but he cares for his friends.

    ally cat// He has skills in living on the streets

    As sneaky as rat// Being a rouge he know how to lie, hide, and sneak.

    Weapons: Throwing knifes and two daggers.

  2. Character sheet (open)

    Name: Sandra Braun
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Hair: Braun ponytail
    Eyes: Green
    Body type: Athletic
    Height: 5'3"
    One-word description of personality: Dojikko
    Most used phrase: "I'm so sorry, I will try to be more careful next time"
    Personality and traits:
    Cute// Because of her being so clumsy, she often looks cute when she blushes because of causing a domino effect with some bikes in a row
    Romantic Love// She has a Romantic thinking about love. She really takes a little time to understand that someone wants a reaction from some teasing.
    Always Happy// She always tries to be happy and to cheer everyone up who is in a bad mood.
    Good fighter// Even when she doesn't look like, but she is a really good fighter and loves to fight with a sword

    Fighting: A light sword, easily to used with one hand, but also can be used as two-handed Sword

    Character sheet 2 (open)

    Name: Maxilian Kanders
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Hair: Purple
    Eyes: blue
    Body type: muscularly
    Height: 5'8"
    Most used phrase: "I will protect everyone I love!"
    Personality and traits:
    Strong// He is strong and can take much more pain then 'normal' people can
    Trust full// You can trust him, he never tells any secret
    Happy probably// He is mostly happy, even when he seems to be bored or angry.

    Fighting: a few shuriken, a sword and a shield
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  3. Byzantine and Takuto made it the the second town rather fast luckily they had a back for games and picked up on the SAO extremely fast. When they heard the announcement they knew what they had to do even at such low levels they had to make it here. Also other good players would make it this far fast as well. People who would make good comrades in this crazy game. They bother stood back to back leaning against a poll in the village center. This was an area where people waited to find teams. Each of them scanned other players with their eyes waiting for someone to stand out.

    "Hey Takuto what about her with the long black hair a speed attack time I'd say unlike you who is solely speed. She would work nice right?" Byzantine whispered to him. Of course without a word Takuto stood up straight and headed to the girl. "You idiot." Byzantine growled running after him. "Hey, you girl" Takuto called out to her. "Hey you can't just walk up to someone like that Takuto." It was to late though and he was already to the girl. Byzantine face palmed and she growled in frustration.
  4. Sandra and Maxilian followed the first players to the second town. They knew that they if they want to have a chance to train better, they have to reach the second town and there they have to do the quests to get quickly the level ups. When they both reach the town, they Split Sandra was waiting on the fountain while Maxilian searched for quests and useful things.

    With that, Sandra was alone as suddenly someone spoke to her. "Yes? What do you want? You are pretty rude, could have some better manners." Sandra answered to him and at this time Maxilian comes back. "Hello? something wrong?" He asked and waited for an answer from the man who spoke to Sandra
  5. Takuto's face went from blank to troubled. He didn't know what to say. Byzantine sighed as she saw the confused look on Takuto's face. "Jeez this is why I told you that you can't just walk up to some one like that." Byzantine turned to the now two people before her. "This is Takuto and my names Byzantine. Takuto here was wanting to ask if you wanted to form a team. He's not good at speaking with people. But he didn't mean to be rude." She glared at Takuto one last time before trying to fix the situation for him. She jab Takuto in the side for him to speak. He glared at her before turning back to the two. "Uhm, Hi. We are looking for some team mates if your interested."
  6. "Teammates? Sounds good, what do you think, Sandra?" He asked her and she pondered for a moment before she nodded. "Alright then. We are a Team then. Hi I'm Sandra and this is Maxilian" She said with a smile and looked at the both people. "So, are you familiar with this game system? if not, get used to it otherwise you will just hold us b-ahhh" With that she walked backwards and hit the fountain and land in it.
  7. Both Byzantine and Takuto looked at each other in surprise. What in the world just happened. "Are you okay? Takuto, help her." Takuto moved to the fountain quickly before leaning down and picking the now soaked girl from the fountain. "Why did you just go and fall over by your self." Byzantine's eye knitted together in confusion.
  8. "She is a little bit clumsy, such things like this happen to her sometimes" He couldn't hide how funny it was for him while Sandra took thankfully Takutos hand. She was blushing deeply and looked down on herself, dropping everywhere now. "Yes, sorry. I would understand when you now would prefer to search for other teammates" Sandra said still looking to the ground, sad and embarrassed now.
  9. Byzantine laughed before speaking up. "Well everyone have problems I mean Taku can't talk to anyone normally." Takuto stared at her with a glare as he help Sandra to her feet. "Like she had room to talk one minute she's a total rude brat and the next she trying to help people around her." Byzantine glared at him with a growl after a few seconds they both looked away from each other with a humph. "Either way what we are saying is it's cool as long as you two can fight we got no problem with your random clumsiness." Byzantine crossed her arms looking smug with her self as if they were here to help them. Even though a team would benefit both sides. "Ignore her, let's get some food and talk things over." Takuto held his hand out to the gril offering support to her with out a word.
  10. Sandra took his hand with a light blush and nodded. "Y-yes thank you." She said and grabbed his hand before walking away. Maxilian looks at Byzantine, pondering that she wouldn't accept his hand like Sandra did, so he let her follow them and walked behind the others as last one.
  11. Byzantine followed the two in front of her too a small cafe next to a inn. They took a table ordering from the npc. Since the game just started not many have set up shops yet so places to buy food and gear were limited to the basic game system at the moment. "So, I think a team of four would do fine it's big enough for now and has room to grow latter without turning complicated." She spoke with a nonchalant additude. She noticed that Takuto took the seat next to the clumsy girl and was rather annoyed that her childhood friend was trusting enough already to leave her sitting next to another male player. Though they weren't romantic to each other they were rather protective over each other. She proper an elbow on the table her chin resting in it. "No matter what we choose to do latter right now we need to help move up a few floors. Resources are low here on the first floor and many wil stay behind to afraid to leave these towns. I have a feeling many will just except to live in this world and that's that. So before that happens we need to advance while we have the back up of other players."
  12. Maxilian stands next to Byzantine, leaning against a chair with his hands on the back of the chair. He keeps an eye on sandra and the male she just took a seat next before he starts to speak.

    "Right, we need to move on and we should hurry up and get quests done as long as there are still quests left. So I would say we will ponder where and how we start, prepare for it and then get this show on the road."

    He looked around to see if everyone agrees.
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