Sansa's Mega Supreme World-Building Mastersheet

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome world-builders, writers and creators alike!
    If you've clicked this link, you need a tool for building your universe. Your world. Your baby. This is the land where your story is going to place, so it needs all the dedication and attention your tale itself already has. I've combined a list from my master's program as well as some of my own input to create this handy little mastersheet for your convenience. You can fill it out and utilize it to enhance your creation. This is mainly for fantasy and sci-fi worlds. It is intended for those creating an entire planet from scratch, but it can be used as well for fantasy cities and cyberpunk nations. Whatever you desire to get out of this is exactly what you will find!

    Why is this tool necessary? Well, it's not. But it's really damn helpful. Some of these things you haven't even thought of, some of them you wouldn't even consider until you see them in the list below. The more information you put down on paper, the more room your brain has to get creative with other aspects of your story. I'm writing a novel and this has worked for me every single time. I highly suggest you copy/paste this list and save it for future use.

    The keys to getting the most out of this sheet are:​
    • Research, research, research! If your atmosphere lacks oxygen, look up ideas you could use to allow human life. Think about evolution, chemical makeups, biology, political structure, historical dictatorships, all that good stuff. Looking at our real world will inspire your fantasy one.​
    • Be as creative as you can be. There is no limit. Allow yourself to go all out, and don't be afraid to reign it in if need be.​
    • Go beyond your plot. Even if some of this information isn't relevant for your story, decide it anyway. You never know what can happen as you write, and pre-established worlds will make your narrative much more solid.​
    Alrighty, here we go!

    The Mega Supreme World-Building Mastersheet (open)



    Is it Earth? Unlike Earth? Future or Past? Alternate History? PLEASE DESCRIBE:

    Additional Information:

    Major Geographical Features:
    Natural Resources:
    Weather Patterns:
    Additional Information:

    Important animals:
    Animal Characteristics (intelligence, eating habits, lifestyle, relationship to primary races):
    Domesticated Animals:
    Additional Information:

    Additional Information:

    World History:
    Noteworthy Wars and Conflicts:
    Political Structures:
    Level of Technology:
    Natural Disasters:
    Additional Information:

    Population Ratios:
    Additional Information relevant to population:
    Languages Spoken:
    Level of Racism (if applicable):
    Additional Information:

    Cultural Personality:
    Cultural Rituals:
    Language Spoken:
    Cultural Traditions:
    Customs and Beliefs:
    Gender Roles: (Some great resources to figure your world's gender roles are @Brovo's Gender 101 & 102 guides!)
    Additional Information:

    System of Law:
    Law Enforcement:
    Economic structure:
    Titles and Naming Conventions:
    The Arts:
    Postal System:
    Additional Information:

    Primary Belief:
    God or Gods:
    Places of Worship:
    Birth, Marriage, Death:
    Influence of Religion (how important is it to people?):
    Additional Information:

    Alternate Measures of Time:
    Additional Information:

    Political Structures:
    Relationships Between Countries:
    Current Conflicts:
    Weapons Technology:
    Tactics Employed (spying, war games, political marriages, etc):
    Additional Information:

    Technology Level:
    Influential Technology:
    Tech Level Differences (races and locations):
    Medical Technology Level:
    Important Scientific Advances:
    Waste Disposal:
    Additional Notes:

    Medical Tools:
    Additional Information:

    Magic Level:
    Influential Books and Grimoires:
    Counter Magic:
    Additional Information:


    *announcer voice* But wait, there's more!
    Aside from filling out the above sheet, you'll want to do mega research if you're serious about making your world come to life. It may seem daunting, but it really pays off. I had to do an entire class just on research, but at the end of it I felt like the God of my novel's world. I knew everything. There wasn't a single aspect of anything that I was missing, and to have that research makes my novel come to life in more ways than I thought possible. You can have that, too! It's not reserved only for those of us selling our souls for college education. Why? Because I'm sharing it with you. Huzzah.

    Below is the research template. I'll leave it empty at first, and then give an example of how I used it for my novel.
    Research Template (open)
    Type of Research: Location, Time Period, Politics, etc.

    Five Research Categories: (NOTE: You do not have to five. You can have more or less.)
    1. .
    2. .
    3. .
    4. .
    5. .

    Keywords for Your Research: List about five.

    1) Internet Source #1 - provide link.
    • List about two or three reasons why this source benefits you.
    2) Internet Source #2 - provide link.
    • List about two or three reasons why this source benefits you.
    3) Hard Copy Source (book or journal article) – provide link or title.
    • List about two or three reasons why this source benefits you.
    4) Image Source – provide link.
    • List about two or three reasons why this source benefits you.
    Repeat these steps for each research category.

    Now, here's an example of how I did this for my novel. (NOTE: It should go without saying, but please don't copy any of this information. This is a part of my novel and I've got copyright goodies.)

    Research Topic: Location

    My Five Research Categories:
    1. Architecture
    2. Transportation
    3. Technology
    4. Pollution
    5. Archaedon Tower


    Keywords: Towers, skyscrapers, infrastructure, buildings, maintenance

    1) Internet Source #1 – How Skyscrapers Work. (n.d.). Retrieved March 03, 2016, from How Skyscrapers Work
    • This link explains how skyscrapers are built and what keeps them standing. As Archaedon is primarily made up of skyscrapers, this resource is very important in explaining in simple terms how to accurately explain them.
    2) Internet Source #2 – Australia & New Zealand History. (n.d.). Retrieved March 03, 2016, from Learning the Importance of Various Types of Towers | Australia & New Zealand History
    • I should probably know the important of different types of towers if I’m making a city that is primarily made out of towers. This will help me distinguish what kinds I need, and what purposes they will serve.
    3) Hard Copy Source (book or journal article) – Glenn, M. (n.d.). Architecture Demonstrates Power [PDF].
    • This article (?) explains the nature of power in relation to architecture. It will help me think of key points and ideas to what the buildings in Archaedon look like, and how they will coincide with the wealthy and powerful.
    4) Image Source –
    • This picture gives me a nice image of what I imagine the higher, richer levels of Archaedon to look like. You can see that there are darker places below the wealthy homes. Since Archaedon is a city that functions on different physical levels, this picture gives a nice (although basic) look of how things will be.


    Keywords: Airships, trains, hover crafts, blimps, monorails

    1) Internet Source #1 – Airships: The Future of Air Travel? (2012). Retrieved March 03, 2016, from Airships: The Future of Air Travel?
    • Airships are the main source of travel in my story. It is important that I know how they function and what the risks are. This article explains the possibility of airships in our own future, as well as the chemicals they would function with and what the dangers might be.
    2) Internet Source #2 – Monorail vs. Light Rail. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from Monorail vs. Light Rail
    • On the ground level of Archaedon, slaves primarily use a light rail. Up in the higher levels of the city where the wealthier live, monorails are the primary mode of transportation apart from airships. It is good to know the differences between both of these methods, as I will be describing them often.
    3) Hard Copy Source (book or journal article) – First Flight: How Wright Brothers Changed World. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from First Flight: How Wright Brothers Changed World
    • This is an explanation of how flight changed the culture of the modern world. It might give me some insight as to how new technology would influence the city and its political system.
    • A combination between airship and zeppelin has a nice look for what I had in mind. The small shoutout to WWII-era mechanics is perfect for the political dystopia I’m creating.

    Keywords: Television, radio, telegrams, medicinal practices, technology divide

    1) Internet Source #1 – Digital Divide - ICT Information Communications Technology. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from Digital Divide - ICT Information Communications Technology
    • This link is all about the digital divide and how poorer, uneducated civilizations struggle compared to those of the modern world. Considering there is a massive divide in technology between the slaves and the upper classes in my novel, this link will be useful in weighing the damages.
    2) Internet Source #2 – Hope for America: Performers, Politics and Pop CultureTelevision and Politics. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from Television and Politics - Hope for America: Performers, Politics and Pop Culture | Exhibitions - Library of Congress
    • This article covers how television impacted politics and continues to do so. Since television and media are two of the main technologies I’ll be using, it is important I know how they affect political nature.
    3) Hard Copy Source (book or journal article) – Parks, P. J. (2013). The digital divide. San Diego, CA: ReferencePoint Press.​
    • The digital divide will be a huge point of interest for me in this novel. With the lack of available information to the slaves, along with government censorship, so the more I know on the subject, the better.
    • This is the kind of technology I imagine there being in Archaedon, at least among the rich. A large glass interactive screen in every home would serve as television, computer, everything one needs. Below is an example of slave technology:

    Keywords: Eco-friendly technology, chemical emissions, waste in big cities

    1) Internet Source #1 – The Impact and Effect. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from The Impact and Effect - The Steam Locomotive
    • Steam locomotives are used more often than not as means of transporting goods between lower-class and slave civilizations. Since there are far more slaves/peasants than any other caste, there are more trains and railways than any other type of transportation. The effect of their pollution will be useful information.
    2) Internet Source #2 – Green Innovation, Eco Friendly Technology & Eco Friendly Homes - Green Innovation. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from Green Innovation, Eco Friendly Technology & Eco Friendly Homes - Green Innovation
    • This website has a TON of good information on eco-friendly technology and how we can impact the earth positively. I will keep this in mind as I write the novel, as most of Farlienne runs on renewable energy.
    3) Hard Copy Source (book or journal article) – The Human and Environmental Effects of E-Waste. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from The Human and Environmental Effects of E-Waste
    • This article depicts the electronic waste of humans and how it impacts the environment. Electronic waste will be primarily produced by nobles in Archaedon.
    4) Image Source –
    • The above picture is what I imagine an Archaedon factory to look like. A lot of smog is produced from these factories, and a lot of commoners are employed here.

    Keywords: Architecture as a symbol of power, tallest skyscraper in the world, electricity usage in large buildings, maintenance of skyscrapers

    1) Internet Source #1 – How The World's Tallest Skyscrapers Work. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from How The World's Tallest Skyscrapers Work
    • Unlike regular skyscrapers, the Archaedon Tower is twice the size of the tallest building in the city. I will need to know more about super skyscrapers and how extra interiors support the structure.
    2) Internet Source #2 – Architecture as a symbol of power. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from Architecture as a symbol of power
    • The Archaedon Tower where the royal class lives, where parliament is conducted and where the senate/various courts are held. This building is the pride and joy of Farlienne. It is meant to show the wealth and power of the upper class, and the strict power it's government holds.
    3) Hard Copy Source (book or journal article) – The Role of Architecture in Humanity’s Story. (2012). Retrieved March 05, 2016, from The Role of Architecture in Humanity’s Story
    • The importance of architecture in the timeline of human existence is a wonderful subject to learn about. This article has sources and interviews from professionals with various opinions on the topic.
    • This tower has the formidable look I was searching for. Though the Archaedon Tower would be surrounded by other skyscrapers and levels of the city, none would reach as high as this one.

    Wow, this is a lot of research. It's going to take time. It's going to be frustrating. You're going to want to rip your hair out. But it's going to pay off more than you can possibly believe, and that's a guarantee. Don't take my word for it--try it yourself! And I'd love to see the worlds you create with the resources I and many others have provided you throughout this forum.
    Let me know if I can answer any questions. Happy building!
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  2. I've already started my own Rp a while ago with my baby and I quickly learned that I needed to have many of the ideas and world building polished and thought out. This will help me so much in the very possible reboot for this year. I thought about making this into a novel but haven't decided yet. Thank You so much for the wonderful resources.
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