Sancture of Buai

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  1. Buai.


    The name means "Soldier of Hues" and is perfectly fitting for the island. The people, wildlife, atmosphere...they are all soldiers. They all have been blessed with the will to live, and even the 'survival of the fittest' is at a natural low. There is too much beauty and harmony in the island to have any violence or confrontation in. There are too many smiling faces, new birth, and exhales of the breath of life to be anything less than what it is....

    A paradise.

    Buai is the island of colors and paradise. there is a big mountain that has a built in water fall crafted by Nature's beautiful hands herself. The water trickles down, causing tiny plants and lowers to grow along side of its narrow edges. It eventually ends and shortens in a tiny ravine. The ravine brings the life into Buai, providing for both the wildlife and the people. Everything is in a chain, a cylce. To disrupt that balance is to doom Buai to a tainted and corrupt, surely the islands doom.

    However, there is too much love and passion the hearts of the Buai people to corrode the island down to its very core. The Sancture makes sure of that. her power alone enough to sustain the needs of an entire population?
  2. The sun streamed down through the canopy of leaves, dappled sunlight playing over the shallow water, casting reflections on the smooth rocks and the scales of fishes glittered as they swam without fear around the young woman standing in the water. Eydis stood still as a statue, creamy dress ending just above the surface, her eyes closed, dark hair gently blowing in a cool breeze, the wind whispering secrets only available to her ears. </SPAN></SPAN>

    The place was remote, near the heart of the island, a place for peace and meditation or as in this case a ritual performed by the Sancture to bless the island and the natural circle of life that always kept Buai in balance. In her hand Eydis held an intricately shaped staff decorated with feathers and painted beads, identical feathers were woven into her head band and her cheeks were adorned with a pattern painted in ochre, earth blood.

    Suddenly her eyes snapped open, a vibrant violet against her tan skin, and as if directed by music, tactful drums and soulful flutes she begins to move, dancing in the warm water. Beads of water flew around her as the Eydis gracefully twirled, bowed and jumped threw the water, over the small rocks decorating the bottom, never hesitating never slipping, a smile spread in Eydis face as she let her emotions show in her movements. Starting out slow her dance gained speed yet she didn't splash the water, her dress keeping dry, then she slows down her movements get more methodical and precise.

    With a last bow she ends her dance the water settling, the ripples growing bigger until they vanish and the shallow pool is smooth as a mirror once more. Raising the staff towards the sky Eydis started speaking, her voice light as a breeze and deep as the earth, rhythmic and steady she continue her chant in the ancient tongue, praying for the continued protection and blessing of her people, moving her staff through the air in patterns well rehearsed. Finally falling silent Eydis walked out of the pool and onto the rocks nearby and headed for the small trail leading down to the beach.

    Warm sand greeting her as she came down the slope, leaving the shade of the trees and entered the full force of the sun. Having placed her staff by her small cottage Eydis wandered the beach, enjoying the feeling of sand between her toes, the fresh air and the call of sea birds. Despite seeing all the beauty of Buai surround her she could not shake off her role as the Sancture entirely, she'd been trained for so long it had become who she was and now her mind was often occupied by the island or its people more than on herself.

    Having come a way down the beach Eydis were brought from her thoughts by a strange wind, it whispered incoherently and for once she didn't know what it wanted to say exactly. Looking ahead, shielding her eyes from the sun she saw a dark shape in the sand as if tossed up by the sea. Curiosity awoken over the strangeness Eydis walked closer, wondering what the ocean had brought her that the wind didn't know about.
  3. He knew the engine was going to give out, he just knew it! He had told himself over and over again, 'Before I leave this place, make sure the engine is running the way it should.' He told himself that constantly, even while he was eating his pathetic excuse for a breakfast, which was nothing bu a granola bar. And now look at him. Growling angrily while pulling the string of the motor boat only to hear a guttering splutter in return. Kastin wiped his brow for the umpteenth time in the past five minutes while he rocked the boat that had sputtered to a stop in the middle of the lake.

    "I...knew...this...was happen!"he grunted. With each pause, he pulled relentlessly on the engine starter but with no success. Actually, the only success he had was hearing the guttering sound of a dead engine. The sun decided to play tricks across the back of his neck, burning him and taunting him to sit up right instead of being hunched over in the boat. The climate in addition to the current situation were two things Kastin Shin had tried oh so desperately to avoid. It could not be helped. He was stuck there in the sun until the rescue boat from Omegga Port came back to fetch him and--


    Included with the shout was a wave of water splashing in his face. Kastin was not ready for the sudden wash of cold water over his burning face and not by the girl in the water at that! The water shrouded his vision momentarily but it did nothing to his voice.

    "Clairissa! What is your problem!?"he shouted, rubbing his face with vivacity. He wiped away enough water to be able to spot the girl with the fuscia hair bobbing in the crystal blue water. He stopped after a while, staring at her while she only laughed aloud at his surprised reaction to her sudden appearance from underwater. Apparently, Clairissa had decided to take a swim during the time Kastin was attempting to fix the motor of his precious boat. However, to see her in that water...A dark blush swam into the crevices of his cheeks even as Clairissa laughed even louder in her sang-song voice.

    "What! You seemed hot! I was only trying to help you, geez!"she said in a mock offensive tone. Kastin shook his head bit it only brought his thoughts back to the engine. With the heaviest of sighs, he ignored the return of the sun's beating and tugged the starter string again. He had no idea why he kept trying; it was all too obvious that the engine was out for the day.

    "We have to call Omegga Port and tell them to bring us a boat out here. I feel stupid doing it though. I knew that the engine had a problem this morning, but I...I could've sworn I checked everything! And all for this stupid fish. Why do I put myself into these kinds of things for fish, Clair?"he asked, rubbing the back of his neck at the itching sun that burned on that spot. There was no immediate response and that made him turn around, scanning his eyes in a crescent circle around the boat that sat in the water, but he saw nothing. Not one ripple or bubble. A dark feeling sunk deep into his stomach, clenching around until it practically forced Kastin out of his current position. He wrinkled his nose, lifting the small mole on his face a tad bit while he walked to the edge of the boat.

    "Clairissa?" he said again, peering down over the edge boat. He could see a great deal in the blue, crystal-like water. Schools of fish bundled together as they rushed with the current, the occasional swaying of multi-colored coral, and...a strange gold and pink fish...the Flora Fish! The fish he was looking for! A bubbling of excitement rumbled through Kastin's veins, tossing out the worried thoughts of the worn out engine and he proceeded to grab his swimming gear: a snorkel and an underwater camera. He started to wonder if Clairissa had spotted a school of the rare fish and that was why she had not shown up yet! Whatever the case, Kastin had to get into the water. He kept his eyes peeled on the Flora Fish even as he slipped into the water after taking a deep breath and holding it tightly in his lungs.

    That's when everything turned different.

    There was a rainbow-like flash that swam in front of his the shape of Clairissa's body! Kastin stopped swimming and wafted in the water with wide eyes. Was that really Clair? And why was she...what was going on! The mysterious sillhuoette teased him, kicking a foot and swimming off in front of him.

    "Clair!"he shouted while the mouth piece of the snorkel left his mouth. That was the last thing he said before the water around him pulsed in colors. Fish changed from white to lime green, corals darkened in color, and he was beginning to see more and more water rainbow girls. His heart thumped in his chest like an acient drum to an ominous beat, and it never stopped. The sound never left his ears...even as he blacked out.

    * * *

    The sun returned. That is how he knew he was still alive. The sun had returned to trample over his skin as he lay...wherever he lay. Kastin knew he was alive, but everything in him was so numb that he just decided to let the sun take him, baking the skin on his body.

    "Clair...Clair...?"he said in a scratchy voice to no one in particular. He continued to chant her name, laying down in the darkness of his own mind and under the sun.
  4. Quickening her gait down the beach Eydis saw the dark shape was actually a human, both intrigued and surprised she bent down in the warm sand. It was not one of the islanders that much was certain but then how had he ended up here on an isolated island where no strangers came either by accident or purpose. Kneeling down beside him, not noticing the hot sand or sun having long since gotten used to it, her thoughts raced with how and why the man had come here, but the ocean must have liked him as it kept him alive to be washed ashore.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Suddenly he seemed to come to a bit, murmuring a name in a raspy voice over and over again, his dry throat made it hard for Eydis to hear exactly what he said but she guessed it was a name. Looking around over the beach she could only see golden sand stretching out around them with blue waves caressing the sand, no other person that mysteriously had been washed ashore. Rising up, casting her dark hair over her shoulders Eydis looked around but none from the village was out on this part of the beach.

    She would have to leave him while she got some people to help her carry him to the village, but to spare him from the sun that he apparently wasn't used to Eydis took a sturdy grip under his arms and dragged him up out of reach from the ocean. Leaving him under a tree, safely shaded from the sun Eydis hurried back to the village to call for help, granted she could probably drag him all the way but if he was wounded in some way that wasn't the best idea.

    A cottage at the edge of the village that were mainly meant for ritual purposes, decorated with designs of birds, land animals and plants and was often used by Eydis for meditation and prayer, it kept the things she used in rituals and it was also the place were she mixed the red paint she used. The other purpose for the cottage was medicinal, when someone in on the island got hurt or sick they were treated here, a place were they could get treatment and also spiritual strength.

    Despite the man being a stranger it lay not in the islanders nature to ignore someone in need of help so even he was allowed in the spiritual place for healing. As soon as the man was carried to the village and placed in the cool cottage Eydis started looking over him for wounds. For having been washed ashore from the ocean the man was surprisingly unscathed, he had some scrapes and bruises, a heavy sunburn on his exposed skin and probably quite dehydrated but nothing worse.

    After cleaning the cut on his forehead and bandaging it to keep it clean Eydis then proceeded to clean and bandage some cuts on his arms and chest and also used a cream on his burns to help them heal quicker and not damage the skin. As he was a stranger to this island Eydis put up healing charms so the island and the spirits could help him heal and not push him away.

    Her work done Eydis left him to rest and walked out to speak with the curious villagers, although she would have no answers. She as well wanted to now where he was from and how he washed up on Buai but it would have to wait until he woke up.
  5. Clairissa was a horrible respondent. He was sure he had called her name over 20 times but he never got one peep of response, not one! The only thing he got for his worn out efforts was a chattering of birds and lapping of waves. If he listened hard enough, he might have been able to hear the sound of his skin baking beneath the sun. But no, he only wanted Clair to answer him! Just to hear a slight peep of her voice was a confirmation that she was alright and not hurt. How he had gotten to the sandy bed he was at he would never know, but something had to had brought him there. Surely the waves would have killed him. The current was not strong but he had lost consciousness while looking at the Flora Fish and some other strange rainbow like things...but he had remembered Clairissa. Just where was she now!

    "Clair..."he called again, not louder at all. If anything, ti was softer and deeper, signifying that he was about to rocket himself away into the dark paradise of unconsciousness again. He dare not move any of his limbs for he was sure hat he may have been suffering from third-degree burns. Still, he was going to call that name until he got a sign that she was alright. All he needed was one single little thing...and he soon got it. Before he knew it, someone had heaved him off of the sand. It was a human body for the feel of skin was familiar to him. Kastin rubbed against the soft arm as best as he could, knowing it was a woman...maybe Clair! Nothing else seemed to phase him. Kastin had gotten the confirmation he needed. The darkness could take him freely now.

    * * *

    For second time that day (had it been a day?), the sun had returned to tickle his eyes behind his closed lids and awaken him from his slumber. This time, it was the burning that had gotten him to wake up, it was only the constant light on his eyes. Kastin groaned and once the sound reached his ears, he had opened his eyes slowly in confusion. His throat was no longer scratchy and raspy like before! Meaning...someone had been taking care of him. His curiosity was getting the best of him while he sat straight up, laying a hand against the side of his forehead. A sash of white cotton met his fingers in return, along with the cool, short strands of brown hair as well. He even felt better, even as he stood up and looked around at his current location.

    It looked nothing like anything he had seen at Omegga Port. For starters, the smell of plants, incense, and something else had threw him all off. His nose lifted into the air as he took small wafts of the foreign smell. It was definitely unfamiliar to him, but it didn't ring any alarm bells in his head. As he took in the smell and scenery with his light purple eyes, he could hear a distant chatter from outside the cottage like place in which he was in. The sounds were muffled but he was sure there were people out there. Kastin took careful and tentative steps towards the door, only because he was positive that he was not at Omegga Port. Soon, after looking around for the last time, he sighed outwardly and pulled the door back...

    ...all in time to see a dazzling, colorful island in front of him.

    His eyes had doubled in size. There was no way he was in Omegga Port! For starters, the people he had heard earlier looked nothing like the people from Omegga! They had no suits, no jeans, and just did not look professional at all! Instead, they were more like the islanders they were: skirts, colorful woven clothes, sandals, and even bare footed! Kastin scratched the back of his head. He hadn't seen Clairissa walking around with those people...that was his main worry. To hell with the location; Where was Clairissa!

    "Excuse me...Hey. Hey! Excuse me!"he called out to a woman with long brown hair. She looked wise enough to know what was going on...maybe too serious! The moment his eyes met hers, a cold shiver ran down his spine...and most of it was regret.

    "Uhh...Uhh...I...hello. I am Kastin Shin from Omegga Ports. Do you mind telling me where I am?"he asked while doing all he could to avoid her eyes. Whoever she was, he did not want to be on a bad side!
  6. Relishing in the cool shade from the towering palm trees Eydis walked through the dense jungle, following her was a group of children, they always loved following her around when she had time. With her serious and calm nature Eydis never seemed like the type to entertain kids and certainly not someone that could keep their interest up for long but somehow all the kids still loved the young woman. Surrounded by eager but attentive children made Eydis feel more alive, she loved her role as a priestess, she really did, but her hard training had left her without a real childhood. Her time with the children, even without playing, filled her heart with joy and her smile would reach her eyes brightening them just a bit.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Eydis told them about nature, the special coexistence between the wind and the ocean, how everything went in a circle and how to live in unison with the animals and plants on Buai. Like she did her rituals and duties Eydis treasured these moments greatly, among pure and innocent children she felt she could let her guard down just a little and her long forgotten personality as a child herself would emerge.

    As the group closed in on the beach Eydis brushed back strands of dark hair from her face, her fingers tracing over the paint on her cheeks, after finding the stranger she had forgotten to wash off the paint as she had tended his wounds. The paint was specially made for rituals and should only be worn at ceremonial events she'd have to stop by the medicine hut after dismissing the children, casting a lavender eye on the sun Eydis judged it was probably time to check up on the stranger as well.

    The children behind her froze slightly and their fluttery chatter seized and also the adults nearby stopped in their work to see the stranger walk across the beach seemingly confused and unsure. Not surprising after waking from his wounds and heatstroke but it was more as well, Eydis sharp eyes could see he was unfamiliar with the entire place.

    As he directed his confused questions at her Eydis stepped ever so slightly in front of the children, suspicious of the man, he was dressed weirdly, spoke gibberish and was a stranger, all strong points for Eydis to distrust him. The fact that he was the first newcomer she had seen did not make her curious and open, rather the opposite and she wanted him off the island so the peace could return.

    "Buai." She finally said, her tone showing clearly what she thought of strangers. "The island graced by the wind and touched by the ocean. The balance is not to be interfered with, you should leave now that you have awakened." Her words final and set in stone, Eydis did not want to risk the fine balance of Buai to be disrupted, this stranger, Kastin, may or may not be a threat but she did not want to take any risks.
  7. He could tell that he had already gotten on the woman's bad side just by the lack of emotion behind her voice. Her words were crisp and clear, like a glass vase that is prized in a mansion above all things else, or even the coldest of lake waters. There was no mistaking one syllable that came from her mouth; everything was straight, forward, and also very serious. Kastin was studying her face even as she was saying the few words she did speak. Like her voice, not one sliver of skin was out of line. Her lips stayed in the same width when she talked as when they were closed. Her eyes did not dart or move for that matter. They were focused straight on Kastin, boring a look of seriousness at him. The lines in her nose were not wrinkled, but as smooth as the skin around the rest of her body. All in all, this woman was a living, breathing statue of cautiousness. A statue that wanted him out.

    Kastin was forced to tumble over her explanation of his location in confusion. The island graced by the wind and touched by the ocean? It was too spiritual for him and far from being a direct location, that was what he was looking for. Instead, she gave a solid, philosophical explanation, and even ordered him to leave for he was apparently interrupting some sort of balance. Kastin, not trying to be the funny guy bu having nothing else to show for his confusion, spun around on one foot, looking down at the sand beneath as if he expected it to teeter and tilt.

    "Balance seems fine to me. Look, I don't know anything about this place, lady, and believe me, I wanna leave here too, but how can I leave back to Omegga if I knew where I was going!" The frustration was starting to sink in again. The frustration of not knowing. Not knowing who this woman was, not knowing where Buai was compared to Omegga, and not know where Clairissa was! That was the worse, for a cringe came into his eye when he thought of what could possibly be happening to her while he was 'conversing' with this woman who thought she was so...

    "Who are you anyway? You think you're so high and mighty, telling me where to go? Show some respect for an outsider! At least have the decency to point me in the right direction!" It was humorous for at first, Kastin took one glance at her after walking out of the cottage like thing, and instantly stammered in fear. Now that she said nothing but three sentences, he was challenging her. Regret peeled through the back of his throat but he never broke his purple eyed glare.
  8. Eydis disliked not knowing what was going on, the man named places she had never heard off and he clearly had no ability to understand deeper meanings. Even if he was confused and had recently woken after some accident Eydis showed no mercy over his lack of understanding what balance really meant, it was not a measure of how the ground stood it went deeper than that.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "I do not really expect an outsider to understand," she said in such a way you would address a young child unaware of complicated things. His other statement made her uncomfortable, not that she showed it on the outside, having much knowledge about almost everything involving her home island and what the wind sometimes shared Eydis was used to know whatever she needed. Now she was put in a situation she was unfamiliar with. "I have never heard of this Omegga before, we have never had any contact with such a port, and if it was nearby I would have heard about it from the wind."

    This could pose a problem Eydis realised, to send out this stranger in seas that may not lead him to his home with wounds still not healed could pose a stronger threat than him staying until he could find his way home. Closing her eyes as a breeze picked up, her feature softening ever so slightly, the wind caressing her skin and playing with clothes and hair, easing the heat brought by the sun. "Very well," she said with a slight sigh as if in defeat opening her eyes. "You can stay until you are healed and know how to find your home."

    Despite herself she almost smirked at his next words, the man went from looking rattled and unsure as he had exited the cottage to talking back to her, it showed he had some backbone at least. "I am Eydis Arkan, priestess of Buai. I give my respect to those who deserve and earn it, not to a stranger I have just met." She said meeting Kastin's purple glare with steady lavender eyes, while she was not used to being challenged it was a bit refreshing she had to admit.

    "Ever since I found you I have heard you mumble something in your sleep, it sounded like a name." Eydis said, remembering Kastin's feverish mutterings. "Should we look for another stranger washed ashore?" If another had been washed up on Buai it would be best to find him or her before they spoiled the ocean with blood or disrupted any sacred location.
  9. Kastin was taken aback about her sudden change of decisions. At first, she seemed like this woman thrown onto a high pedestal, that whatever she said went and there was nothing anybody could do about it. She was the boss or at least she had the air of a boss. She did say something about being a priestess of the island...and that threw something off on Kastin's current description to everything. First she was talking about talking wind, being a priestess, and never hearing about Omegga. None of what she was saying was adding up in Kastin's mind. He burrowed his eyebrows in both confusion and frustration, not sure which emotion was stronger at the moment.

    "What? You can't talk to wind. That's insane. It's atmosphere and has no tangibility or senses at all. Sure you can feel it but you can't talk to it. Unless you're one of those crazy people that belong in a psych ward."he said, scratching the small tufts of brown hair on the back of his head. The skin on the back of his neck was still burned by the sun but it did not feel as bad as it had before. Still, Kastin could not get over this lady and all of her crazy talk. He didn't back down once, whipping his head back to her.

    "And another thing. How can you say you don't know about Omegga? Omegga is the biggest port in all of Gerdine! That's where you guys get all of your supplies, oil, food, and entertainment! Where I got these clothes as a matter of fact!"he said, pointing his finger threateningly to the side of his pants at the large imprint of an auburn OP on the right, stitched finally among the leg of his pants.

    "Omegga...Port! I can see if you don't know how to get there, that's fine and all, but don't say you don't know it!"he said. He didn't know if this Eydis could tell if he was on edge or not, but it was all too obvious that he was. Calm, cool, and comfortable Kastin Shin was now losing what little sanity he had gained ever since he had awoken in the cottage and on this god forsaken island. He only wanted to see the Flora Fish and look for Clairissa. Eydis's next words had made him stop. She had confirmed that she was the one who had rescued him from the heat and had apparently heard him calling for Clairissa. Clairissa...whom she said she had no notion of seeing. Kastin's palms gathered up in sweat when Eydis looked to him for an answer to her question. An answer he had but was afraid to give. So, instead, he took a detour.

    "I just wanna go home but i'm fine for now."he said, lying through his teeth. "Wanna give me of tour, priestess?"he said, trying to hold back a chuckle at the title but smiling cunningly at her nonetheless.
  10. Unfazed by his accusations of her sanity and his wild rant Eydis stood silent waiting for him to quiet down. She did not quite know what a so called psych ward was but it sounded bad and she certainly hated being called crazy, what kind of place did he come from when he didn't know the simplest things. No one on the island had her kind of skill but, she was the Sancture after all, but they still knew the balance and what kind of invisible forces existed in nature. Biting back a sour remark as she realized Kastin was rattled and confused but her violet eyes narrowed as she glared at the rambling man.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "What is Gerdine?" She asked, raising an eyebrow in question as Kastin finally calmed down a bit, deciding to not touch the first subject until he had calmed down more. Or perhaps not at all if he was able to leave Buai soon. "We do not get supplies from anywhere, we take what the island and the ocean give us to survive," Eydis looked to his the design on his pants where Kastin pointed at. "And we make our own clothes." Just a hint in her voice suggested what she thought about the strange thing to have someone else make clothes for you, it was absurd.

    Eydis sensed that the man was hiding something when she mention that she had heard him mumble a name, it was just a subtle hesitation in his demeanour but after some pondering she decided to let it be for now. If his friend was in the water then she reckoned he would have said something, perhaps he lost track of this person before he came close to Omegga or perhaps he was just deluded, after his display just now Eydis leaned slightly for the latter.

    Kastin's question for a tour was surprising, and his grin annoying, but maybe he was trying to make the best out of the situation and he did seem to calm down. As a Sancture, tour guide was not exactly on her list of duties but if she guided him around then she could keep an eye on him so he didn't damage the island. "Very well," she said with a barely audible sigh. "Follow me and I'll show you." Turning around Eydis headed off back towards the village, her long hair trailing after her as she walked swiftly not waiting to see if Kastin followed. The villagers that were still around started leaving as well, going back to the chores that needed to be done before sundown.

    Stopping on the beach before a few cottages Eydis made a small gesture towards the houses; charming houses built of wood mainly, those that were built on the beach or partly over the ocean stood on poles allowing people to walk under them. "This is the village, you are free to sleep in the healers hut for now unless you want to sleep outside." She said stiffly, a bit unsure over the unusual situation. "The spring flows further in among the trees, that is where we get fresh water. Be careful if you walk off into the forest, there are spiritual places that you don't need to disrupt, as a priestess or Sancture more accurately it is my duty to keep Buai safe." Her last words were sharper and Eydis was more worried about the island than Kastin's safety, looking at the dark haired man she waited for his reaction.
  11. The two of them were clammering at each other like little children. Each and every time Eydis said something with that smart mouth of hers, Kastin had a comeback or two waiting for the opportune time to pounce down her throat. Her lack emotion or expression was only pissing him off more. His constraints were faltering and, in short, he was letting this woman get to him. As he stood on the sand of the strange yet beautiful island, his sanity was being pulled by strings, strings that said woman was in possession of. The heat was already a winning factor in Buai so there was little reason for him to get too upset. If his face brandished any more heat, he would have rolled over and died by that moment. Instead, he trekked on careful waters, following the woman with the icy glare.

    "This place is like some kind of fairy tale. Hold it, let me guess. You don't know what a fairy tale is. I'm surprised you and your people even know what clothes are. Make them yourselves. Oh, yeah, now everyones a seamstress."he said in a deflated mumble. At this point, he should have known that he was pushing Eydis's buttons but she went right along and pushed his own, talking down to him as if he were an inferior. If she wasn't so crackpot insane, he could've flaunted his power in Omegga Port. He was a well known aquatic expert, specializing in tools, fish, wild life underwater, and was captain on every ship he had ever been on. Kastin Shin was a name that the people of Omegga Port knew quite well, and whether this Buai had heard of it or not, he would not drop his demeanor for a slight misunderstanding.

    "I'd rather sleep outside than that foul smelling place I woke up a few minutes ago. Let me guess again, you burn planets and flowers as a sacrifice to the almighty Wind Goddess, don't you?"he murmured again. Any father and Kastin may have found himself right into her line of fire. Inside her eyes, or as much as he could recollect, she had no time for his jokes and sarcasm. Kastin could hardly be blamed, however. When she explained about the clothing and showed him the huts and people, Kastin's worse fears were slowly being realized. There was too much evidence against him for him to put up much of a fight against her facts. Since he had awaken from his horrible sleep, Kastin had not seen one little bit of technology, not even the simplest of electric wires. His brow buried deep against the white head band, sweat forming around the white edges, tenting it with the lightest of tan colors.

    "So you're saying I can take a bath in this lake? Well, lead on, priestess."he said, using her little title to his advantage again. It was the only thing he could say to gain some power over her.
  12. Anger flared in her at his words, though she had better control over her emotions than Kastin as she hid her anger more, but she did realize this battering would only continue as long as neither backed down. Eydis, though, wasn't used to give up control near something completely strange and so she did not want to treat him like she would any other person on the island. "On Buai only children are incapable of providing themselves with something as simple as clothes," she snapped, his harassment on her people made her loose control slightly. Of course even on Buai people helped each other with everything as some where better at some things but she wasn't about to get into details with the man.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Foul smelling?" Eydis said after a deep breath, determined to keep her cool. "It is only incense and herbs used in medicine and rituals." In Eydis opinion they were relaxing, the smell comforting and refreshing. "What goddess? The wind does not need anyone speaking for it, you just need to learn to listen to what it tells you." Although, even if it was like that for Eydis, understanding the wind by concentration no one else on Buai seemed to be able to do that.

    "You can," Eydis said, slightly ticked off by his use of her title, not that she disliked being called a priestess as that was what she was but he said it in a mocking tone that annoyed her. "The deeper part of the spring lies further in among the trees." Eydis led the way into the cool shadow under the palm trees, quickly reaching a crystal clear stream that glinted through bushes and grass leaning over the edge. The stream passed through a ravine, sometimes close to the forest floor and sometimes it had carved down into the ground, the ravine would shortly even out though as they got closer to the lake. Following the stream north Eydis walked quietly at first, not noticing the rough forest floor even with her bare feet, despite her suspicion against the stranger she were just a tad bit curious. But before she could make up her mind to form an actual conversation or not they reached a clearing with a lake in the middle.

    A waterfall cascaded down a cliff side filling the small lagoon with water, the original source lied further up on the mountain where the sacred spring was located, that was not for an outsider however. In the lake fishes swam around in a wide array of colours matching the many flowers and bushes on land surrounding the clear water. Stepping over to the water edge Eydis kneeled down and washed her face with the cool liquid, rinsing off the red paint from her cheeks.
  13. It was obvious that both Eydis and Kastin were at two opposite ends of the stick there. If he spoke words of fire, she just soothed them over with ice despite the fact that he was getting into her head. As strong as she appeared to be, Kastin looked at her facial features enough to see slight tinges of strain and annoyance whenever he said something smart. He guessed Miss High and Mighty had buttons that she did not enjoy being pressed, starting with the island and the people. Kastin found it very cruel of himself to even pick fun at the people and their ways, but all in all, he was only scared. Yes, it was fear that was causing him to be so mean. His purple eyes slid down to the underbrush of trees, leaves, and insects that they walked over, going deeper into the island. She had a point though, Kastin would defend Omegga Port the same way she would defend Buai. Now the self-guilt began to swallow into his stomach while Kastin did everything to avoid her eyes.

    "...It...It is pretty."he said with no emotion at all. That was as far as he was going to get, it seemed. He hoped she was able to spot a slight apology if she could spot a person lying on the shore of her own island. Kastin's tongue clicked at the top of his mouth, bending low to avoid a limping branch. She said she was the priestess of the island, and though something like that was hard to ravel around his head, he had heard about them from books. Women with a purpose, sometimes a magical one, to keep things in balance around a city, town, or in this case, an island. Kastin cast a look over to her, noticing the redish brown blotches of color around her face and suddenly flinched. He really really hoped the whole magic thing was not true.

    Eydis lead him on through the forest, crawling over things with her cream, bare feet. Kastin's eyebrow lifted, mole on his lip doing the same, but decided against it. He had already tried to make ties with her before; he had best not talk about anything else that came off as strange to him. Besides, sometimes through his childhood life, Kastin would walk along the shores of Omegga Port with no shoes as well. He came to find that he ran a lot faster when he didn't have any shoes on. He could recall, very clearly, Clairissa becoming angry with them when the two of them played games like hide and go seek or tag. She would always force him to wear shoes, claiming that he was at an 'advantage.' Kastin was brought back from his nostalgic memory to see Eydis making her way over to a beautiful waterfall. He wasn't even being nice this time: the thing was magnificent.

    "Hey. You said you didn't see someone else on the island?"he said, trying to make it sound as if he could care less. She proceeded to wash her face while Kastin, walking right beside her, cupped his own large hands in the water, meeting a soothing, cool feeling in return, splashing water on his face. If he wasn't awake then, he was now. The crisp water sprinkled in parts of his hair, his hand wiping his face and waiting for her to answer.
  14. Eydis moved her lavender eyes to Kastin, a look of mild surprise on her face, she had not expected him to just give praise to the island like that. His words contradicted his expression though, giving praise with no emotion, maybe he meant something else, perhaps the man was trying to make up for his behaviour or did she look into it too much? Eydis decided to go with the first, if he meant it then it was good and if not then accepting the words was better then to start an argument.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Whatever his words about the island had been earlier Eydis noticed the expression spreading over his face as they reached the waterfall and felt both proud and also satisfied that despite his gruff attitude he was capable of appreciating the beauty despite what he was going through. Eydis did realise that waking up on a strange island surrounded by strangers must be confusing and upsetting but she disliked the feeling of not knowing what was going on and to accept him could lead to her loosing what little control over the situation she had.

    "I did," she answered suddenly brought back to reality by his question. It seemed casual, like he was simply curious but Eydis suspected that Kastin indeed had expected to see someone else when he woke up, first she knew he had muttered a name when he recovered and later he avoided the question about another person having washed ashore. "The beach is large but smooth and I did not see anyone else on the sand or near the water. But if you think there should be someone else then I will send out some people to search the island?" She suggested, stroking back her dark hair that was on the verge of falling over her shoulder and into the small lake. "I could see to that while you bathe," she offered, keeping her eyes on him but not with a hard glare this time.

    While waiting for his reply Eydis looked at Kastin, the sun burned heavily on Buai and for anyone not used to the heat it was bound to get sweaty and uncomfortable. "Would you want some new clothes?" She asked after awhile, having fought between staying indifferent towards him or taking a step towards acceptance, besides his clothes just looked plain weird in her eyes. "Or you can borrow some clothes while we wash yours," Eydis added after a pause, in case he felt unwilling to give up a link to his home.
  15. He hoped, really really hoped that she was wrong, but he hadn't doubted her expressions when he furst saw her and he was not going to do so then. There was no hidden smirk or sly grin. Her expression was the same as always, blank and slightly intrigued. Kastin gave up the questions, wiping the rest of the water free from his face as an annoyed flare came back up to his cheeks. He had no reason to get mad at her, it just made no sense to him! None of it made any sense at all! He was in his boat, trying to start up the stupid engine so he and Clairissa could look for the Flora Fish. He was in the boat and she was in the water. He went in the water and woke up on a magic island. It made not one piece of sense whatsover!

    "No, there's no need. I'll look for myself. I...I mean my friend may or may not be here. If...If not then they're problem home, where I should be."he said, stripping of his vest. It was getting hotter the deeper they went into the forest. Even the water had some heat to it, cupping his hands and running it down his shoulders which were now exposed by his white tank top. The water had swam over different parts of his back throw the tank, stinging on contact. Kastin's face cringed in a slight pain, remembering that he had burned his body badly when he woke up in that cottage. The medicine that someone (Eydis?) had applied to him was wearing off. They must not have the same medication treatment Omegga Port had...if they had any medication treatment. Did they use magic on him?! Kastin's head was brought back up when Eydis had asked him about his clothes.

    "You...want to take these clothes off me? I'm kind of burned."he said with a smirk. Kastin had always been a playing type of guying, toying with people just to find out how they ticked. Eydis seemed to calm and primp for her own good and he figured that she was easily ticked off by people messing with her superiority. He chuckled to himself, unwrapping the white band he had around his forehead and dipped that into the water as well.

    "I'm not an alien. I know how to wash clothes." And they were back. Chewing at each other's necks.
  16. Eydis nodded in acceptance to Kastin's words though not really understanding him in his decision. Why he would not accept help from the islanders in case his friend was still alive and in need of help, it made no sense to her. But something in Kastin's hesitation as he spoke told her that perhaps he had little faith in his friend actually being on Buai, and as a realist Eydis silently agreed. It was obvious that Kastin was from an entirely different place and probably far away so the chance that his friend was washed up on the same small island was small but she decided against pointing that out.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Sure, you should consider searching later in the evening though," she said and wiped water from her cheeks that had started to trickle down her neck. "You do not seem very used to Buai's strong sun so to save me the trouble of treating more burns it would be best to wait until the sun is on the way down." While Eydis gave him good advice she couldn't hinder herself from adding the last part in anyway.

    Interrupted by Kastin as she was about to stand up Eydis stayed her motion and looked at him, finding his words strange. "I'm positive you could undress without my help," she said with an eyebrow raised. Her training form early childhood had made her pretty much oblivious to any kind of relationship further than friendship and often took things literary but she had no problem discerning pointed words or when she was toyed with. "Though you have some burns indeed, after you are finished here it would be a good idea to let me get you some more medicine to ease the pain." Stranger or not and despite having trouble getting along with him Eydis had no trouble offering help when it came within the range of her healing skills, it was a vital point in her training after all.

    "I am not so sure," she said with a small smirk. "You dress quite strangely after all. But you are free to do what you want of course." Rising up Eydis swept back her dark hair before looking down at Kastin. "I'll take my leave then so you can take your bath, shall I keep nearby or do you think you can find your way to the village alone." Her words could have been simply an offer of help if not for her pointed tone, slightly narrowed eyes and the smirk that played in the corner of her lips.

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  17. For someone that wasn't from Omegga, Eydis sure did catch onto a lot of things that he pointed out. He was quite embarrassed that she caught on to what he was implying and felt even more bashful when she commented on his clothing as well. He wiped the water from his face and turned around to give her a glare. Though it didn't come off as menacing as he wanted it to be, it was enough to let her know that he was thoroughly ticked by what she was claiming. Kastin tried to breathe regularly and think logically about Buai and how he came to be there, but the conversation with Eydis was seemed like he had lived in Buai for quite sometime, even though that wasn't true.

    "I can find my way back to the village perfectly fine without your help. And look here, I don't even need the sun or wind to guide me there either."he joked. He was hitting soft spots to her, he could tell, but it couldn't be helped. What more could he have done? Eydis turned away from him, leaving him to the so called 'bath' he was supposed to be taking. His eyes hit the soft blue and green hues of the water and his face dropped in disgust. It seemed like something off a stranded movie, how someone had to bathe in the waters of a lake or ravine. Back home in Omegga, he had a lovely condo with indoor plumbing, hot shower, and multi-aromatic soaps there for his liking. Here? He had a bunch of plants, couple of bugs, lake water, and a sarcastic priestess.

    Living in Buai was going to take a lot of getting used to.

    "Just because I know the way back doesn't mean you should leave me here!"he said before taking his shirt of and placing it carefully beside him. For some reason, he had a fear of some ancient creepy island ghost sneaking up on him and grabbing all of his clothes while he was naked. With all that he had seen so far, he couldn't possibly put it past him.