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There was a lot of room to explore in Sanctuary lore. If you created a small organization, a location, business, or an NPC that is not mentioned in my own lore, post it here!

Please run everything you plan to post here by me first, just to make sure it is of enough relevance.
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花街 Hanamachi
flower streets

  • Madam |
    Darling... I have built my kingdom on the bones of men who have tried to take me down. What makes you think you will succeed?
    Madam began at the bottom, or so she says. Little is known about her, including her name and true age. An entrepreneur, she is an opportunist at heart, and there is very little she won't do to keep her empire on top. Her students are the most important part of what she does, but in the end they are little more than pawns who she will not hesitate to sacrifice, should their risk outweigh their use.

    Madam is an enigma, as much physically as mentally. Her appearance shifts from time to time, the shape of her brow or cheek bone, her weight or the lines of age in her face... even her height seems to change constantly.

    Personality wise, Madam is significantly more consistent. She is charming and nurturing... Until she isn't.

    Madam possesses no powers anyone has ever seen. She claims this is because she doesn't need powers to control a situation. Her augments are solely cosmetic.
The Hanamachi, or Flower Town, is a collection of buildings found in the upper class district of Takym. Designed to look much like a floating island, these buildings vary in size and shape, primarily comprised of glass, steel and concrete and surrounded by artificial cherry blossom trees. Despite its fragile appearance, the Flower Town is well protected in both security and structure, Madam overlooking very little details in its design.

The Flower Town is comprised of four distinct sectors. The Okiya (the lodging), The Ochaya (the teahouses), The Kaburenjō (the school) and the Kenman (the call-office).

These names, and the basic aesthetic details of the Hanamachi and its employees are effectively where the parallel to an actual Geisha districts end. The traditional symbolism is largely done for dramatic purposes inspired, most surmise, by Madam's heritage.

okiya 置屋 | These are the living quarters for Madam's students. Here, the boys and girls she employs sleep, eat and spend their free time. The quarters are tiered, based upon the status of each student within the system... Maiko - or apprentices to Madam - are housed on the lowest tear. The middle two tiers are for average students and the very top is reserved for only the best. No visitors are allowed within the Okiya, and not even Madam lives there - choosing to reside within the Kenman, instead.

ochaya お茶屋 | The teahouses. This is where all business transactions take place within the Hanamachi. This includes services to clientele, as well as a bi-annual ceremony, where one student is afforded top-tier status, and is permitted to take a danna - or a patron. While no reason has been given publicly, Madam's most popular top-tier student, Hex, has yet to be given this opportunity, though most suspect it is because choosing a danna has been viewed as the nearest step to retirement and in fact, has preceded retirement in all of Madam's elder students.

kaburenjō 歌舞練所 | The school is where Madam teaches her students. No admittance is permitted to anyone outside of her students, and it is said that Madam deals with any attempts to skirt this rule with volatile repercussions. This is, of course, highly debated and in fact, Madam has countered the claims, suggesting that she much prefers political maneuvers to actual murder.

kenman | The Kenman is where Madam resides. This is also where all business transactions occur that don't directly involve her students. The Kenman is located within the center of the Hanamachi and is also the highest building within the district - largely supposing that Madam prefers to keep an eye on her enterprise from all angles.


All clientele to the Hanamachi, and the students themselves must ascribe to a list of rules. These rules are to be obeyed to the strictest degree and failure to do will result in dismissal as a client, as well as a blacklisting among Madam's network. Students who disobey the rules are turned away and left to fend for themselves.
  • No physical contact of an illicit or romantic nature is to occur between clientele and student. This includes, but is not limited to kissing, extended touching (please see note for approved exceptions), and all copulation of any sort All such encounters are strictly forbidden within the Hanamachi as well as outside the walls.
  • No abuse of students is permitted by clientele. And report of such actions will be grounds for dissolution of contract.
  • Students are not permitted to smoke, drink or engage in illegal activity within the Hanamachi or outside the walls. The only exception to this rule is one glass of wine or champagne if the function calls for it. Examples of approved settings for this would be a party and/or dinner.
  • Students are not permitted to extend their work hours beyond the approved curfew. Overnight visits are in no way permitted, even outside of the Hanamachi.
  • One may not speak of the Hanamachi or the students therein but to other clients. Clientele are invited to the Hanamachi only after strict approval by Madam, herself.
  • Students are to adhere to a strict code of ethics, even outside of working hours. This includes dress, speech and disposition. Any behavior not corresponding to this code is to be immediately reported to Madam for inspection.

NOTE: Approved physical contact includes arm-on-arm, provided there is no integration of hand-holding, brief touching of the arm, hand or shoulder, as well as middle or upper back, or dancing.
Thanks for the base code, Rissa <3


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Company Name: Alkay Mii
Product: Fashion apparel and accessories.
Target clientele: Upper class and elite fashionistas.

Type of products: Purses, shoes and heels, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, any kind of hair accessories. All products are branded with the logo (see above image), most of the time very discreet as to not be obnoxious. Company takes commissions, though typically those will be more expensive.

Milkkenbohn's involvement: Her power is at the center of her business. Every single item they offer was created by her. Thankfully, the more often she makes one thing, the easier it gets. Once her employees gather the right elements, she can transmute an unlimited amount of them until elements are exhausted. This is why customized items or commissions run at a higher price - she has to make them one at a time. She works a lot more than most people would imagine, but she loves doing it.

They work in a warehouse Milk purchased at the start of her career, situated in a non-residential area of the upper class district. Most employees are lower class and require a special "pass" to get past the gates of the district. Since Milk pays them rather well, they are not quite the poor rat streets, but are far from being close to the upper class folks.

Milky Rye division

Product: Perfumes, colognes
Target clientele: Upper class and elite, commissions only (for men and women)

Types of products: Perfumes, fragrances, colognes. The main target are women, but they will do more masculine perfumes on request. Every single bottle is hand-crafted by Ritly, using Milkkenbohn's power (borrowed), and they all sport the logo (see image above) in a discreet way. Each one has a unique name as well.

Milkkenbohn's and Ritly's involvement: Without Ritly's help, Milk has more difficulty transmuting a fragrance, since the transmutation is to a near atomic level. Ritly transmutes the glass into bottles, and decorates them as she wishes. The Alkay Mii employees take no part in this division of the business, since there are no large-scale sales of it.

About Milkkenbohn Eilleosh and Ritly Veldasian

A couple months ago, Milkkenbohn felt like she needed a new business venture to sate her ever-growing boredom with her current company, Alkay Mii. On her search for something new to do, she came across a younger woman whose powers were quite interesting. Ritly Veldasian was everything Milk was not, but they formed an unlikely partnership when she invited the younger woman to work with her.

Together, they started a new business venture: perfumes. For Milk, transmuting liquids, especially something with a specific formula like perfume, had always been a bit more of a challenge. However with Ritly's help of enhancing her power, it allowed her to concentrate more easily and soon she became somewhat addicted to this rush. Still working with commissions rather than putting out a standardized product, Milk rented a room from her own house out to Ritly, and together they produced oddly shaped glass bottles and perfumes. Each scent was different, as they were done for different people all the time. They went out for exhorbitant prices, which meant Milk could give quite the decent salary to Ritly.

Fast forward to present day, the two continue to work together and have found a very symbiotic relationship. Although Milk would deny it publicly, she has become friends with Ritly, perhaps her first true friend in many years.

-Ritly lives with Milkkenbohn, free of rent. She has been provided with everything she needs, so her own share of the business profits can be used for personal entertainment as she sees fit.
-Ritly has the most knowledge about what's trendy and who follows those trends, so most of the time she has control over the product's presentation.
-The perfume division of Alkay Mii is called Milky Rye, and each product is individually named after its ingredients.
-One of the conditions of their business relationships is for Ritly to be accessible 24/7 as orders from clients can be received at any time, and Milk takes pride in her delivery speed promises.

Ritly Veldasian is played by @Starlighter


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The Cartel is one of the most influential and capable groups of organized crime running the streets of Takym. They operate under a shroud of mystery and strike without mercy, each and every single member made loyal to the cause of selfish gain. They deal in drugs and extortion and Sebastyan, the charismatic mastermind behind it all, is rumored daylight as one of the elite and famous. Over his time as the big boss, Sebastyan has built an army of ruthless individuals--sicking his claws on people in their weakest hour and presenting them with the choice to work or die. He then bends these people to his will, giving them a taste of what they've always wanted but never enough to fully sate them. The more they listen, the more he gives. The Cartel is built on addiction and blackmail. Literally.

Very little is truly known about Sebastyan Klaus. He's an incredibly intelligent man who plays with the concept of addiction to get what he wants. He's eloquent, charismatic, a socialite at heart, but at the same time there is a coldness to him like no other. It's a dog eat dog world out there and Sebastyan, above all else, refuses to be eaten. His power lies in his heightened intelligence, the man possess a super brain that has been further enhanced by augments. Sebastyan is believed to still be at large and using every resource possible to locate both Tiff and Allie alike.

Xaya, though similar to the sisters in the sense that she came to the Cartel far too young, is perhaps the strongest of Sebastyan's loyal followers. His right hand. She's a mute woman whose body is covered neck down in tattoos. She's communicates through telepathy and serves Sebastyan with telekinesis. She was gravely injured by the sisters during their escape but survived thanks to Sebastyan's intervention.

Medina was one of Sebastyan's most capable enforcers. His left hand. He had very little substantial powers but was augmented to hell and back, nearly a cyborg by the time of his demise. Through mechanical upgrades and body extensions, he was the strongest physically in all of the Cartel, but was cut down by both Tiff and Allie during their escape. Sebastyan had been presented with a choice of saving one of his hands and unfortunately for Medina he chose the other.

Before anything else, Arche was a calm and collected individual. He was never the most expressive man, but he took pride in his values and held them up with dedication all the same. He was a good guy brought up in a bad world and it was because that part of him did Sebastyan choose him to watch over the sisters. Arche was the humanity of the Cartel, the good, and him falling for Allie was all according to plan. Their romance was as sweet as it was true, so it should come to no surprise that Arche's sudden execution was the nail in the coffin that finally drove the sisters to running away.

Tiff and Allie, while under the monikers of the Neon Demons, were the Cartel's golden girls. Circumstance brought them to Sebastyan and he molded them, slowly but surely, turning them into one of his strongest weapons. They were pivotal in overthrowing the Cartel's biggest competitions and his investment in them, both financial and emotional, seemed to pay off. Then they botched a job terribly trying to keep bystanders alive and they had to be taught a lesson. Tiff's lover murdered Allie's and it was then when a decision had been made. Both sisters chose to run, leaving and gaining scars along the way. Now, the Cartel is focused on finding them in hopes of killing one and rehabilitating the other.

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Written by: Zakiatr L'vengri

Fundamentally, the basis of Aug-Ball is startling simple. A circular arena. A goal on each end. Eleven athletes to a side, decked out in the latest and greatest of technological augments, ripping and roaring through ground, air and along walls at breakneck speed and force, aiming to go around or through their opposite number. One Official (equally decked out) to watch over them all. A singular spherical object given, for two thirty-minute periods, almost holy reverence. Deliver the ball into the goal more times than your opposition, through any means necessary. Simple, elemental, and fundamentally shaped by Old-World sporting tenets. As such, many of the initial aspects of the Aug-Ball handbook are simple enough.

[fieldbox="Core Rules and Terminology"]
  • Score: At minimum, a Score is awarded to a side when the ball enters the opposing goal. A Score Attempt is a player’s attempt to force the ball into the opposing goal in any number of methods, be it through a throwing action, or carrying it into the goal (some Official discretion will be applied in determining when an Attempt is made).
  • Double-Score: A Double-Score (its value equivalent to two Scores) is awarded to a side when the Score Attempt is made by releasing the ball from within the side’s own allotted half.
  • Infractions: A Score may also be rewarded to the opposing side when an Infraction occurs. Certain severe Infractions result in a Double-Score being rewarded.
  • Victory Condition: At the end of the Match duration, the side with the most Scores is deemed the victor.
  • Overtime: If, at the end of the Match duration, victory cannot be determined in such a method, the Match enters ‘Golden-Score’.
  • Golden-Score: Golden-Score is an indefinite period of play in which the first side to obtain a Score is deemed the victor.
[fieldbox="Terminology Continued: Positions"]
  • Strikers: Typically comprises two-to-four of the eleven players, depending on the side’s playstyle. Strikers, first and foremost, take on responsibility in delivering Scores. To that end, their Augments typically enable high levels of acceleration and mobility off-the-mark, or some degree of brute strength to break down the final lines of defense.

    [*]Poachers are known - somewhat derogatively - as single-minded Strikers focused solely on receiving the ball deep, given a direct line to the goal with little in the way of flash or flair. Lira Slivaxz of the Wixton Paladins is considered the “finest” poacher of all time - a statement of ridicule by those who loathe the playstyle -, renowned for almost clumsily barrelling himself into the opposing goal with the aid of numerous propulsion Augments.

    [*]’Technico(es) are considered to be more well-rounded, bypassing multiple players with agility and trickery, while also deferring to others for the Score with a creatively timed assist. As the saying goes, ‘Poachers go through, Technicoes go around’. Technicoes are typically fan-favorites in the Aug-Ball world. Moll Rokard, formerly of the Fulcrum, is considered to be the first Technico, and one of the great proponents of the position.​

  • Pivots: Where Strikers are the frontmost players, Pivots are - true to their namesake - the centermost players, and invariably the most balanced competitors. Numbering typically anywhere from three to six, Pivots are at once integral to a team’s offense and defense - they provide defense-splitting assists to the Strikers, while attempting to slow down opposing Pivots and Strikers. Pivots are, unavoidably, emblematic of a side’s playstyle, and are typically judged on three core criterion:

    [*]Possession: Simply put, possession of the ball is crucial on two fronts; possessing the ball allows the opportunity to earn Scores, while depriving the same from the opposition. Pivots are judged for their ability to maintain possession of the ball, whether it be through evading/powering through opponents, or passing the ball to fellow Pivots in a game of keep-away.

    [*]Creation: Simply playing keep-away will not result in Scores - Possession must be leveraged into Opportunity. Pivots require clarity of vision, accuracy, creativity and agility in order to thread the ball through the defense into the hands of Strikers, or dance their way through to Score on their lonesome.

    [*]Destruction: Pivots are the first line of defense, and must be ever so diligent in harrying their opposition when possession is lost - with the eventual aim of 'destroying' an opponent's period of possession. Pivots must be adept at intercepting passes, or forcefully (read: violently) snatching the ball from their opposite number directly.​

  • Defenders: And, finally, the grift and grafters, the unsung heroes: the Defense. Their goal is simple: prevent Scores through any means necessary. Methodologies of defenders differ, and often dictate their Augments - extending and telescoping limbs are often used by defenders who prefer to block Score attempts, while burst-propulsion Augments are typical of those who prefer to keep up with and stifle opposing Strikers.

    [*]Sweepers: Goalkeepers, notably, have been rendered a ‘dead’ role by recent rules (namely, players may not hover within a certain distance of their own goal for a period of over five seconds). From the ashes of goalkeepers, sweepers have emerged - players with the mobility to surge from other parts of the field to prevent last-ditch attempts on goal.

    [*]Markers: So named for their role in ‘marking’ opposing Strikers, Markers spend the entirety of the game making life living hell for their opposing Striker, ensuring that they never see a clear sight of goal. Markers thrive off of one-on-one duels, shutting down their mark through either viciousness or cunning.

    [*]Liberos: Founded off of the rediscovery and renaissance of the Old-World ‘quarterback’ position, the Libero is the long-range artillery man, delivering offense from his position in the defensive line. The Libero is called upon to make outrageous assist-passes from range, while also posing as the primary threat from Double-Score distance.​
Aug-Ball, however, was not created to serve, primarily, as an institution of sport - it is a vessel of marketing. Its athletes are receptacles of tech-wear and augments for the high and mighty, and the walls of its arenas are adorned with the insignia of the marketed few. Aspects of the Aug-Ball rulebook have been continually tweaked in an effort to maximize exposure of, say, the newest and fanciest augments. Take, for instance, the heavy restrictions on Power usage in matches, and the rules regarding Augment-Substitution - intended, respectively, to place the spotlight on Augments, and also increase the number of Augments showcased per match.

[fieldbox="Additional Rules"]Powered Rules:
  • All Powered individuals are to be ‘stress-tested’ to ensure appropriate levels of control and restraint.
  • The list of prohibited Powers can be referred to in auxiliary handbook ‘Powered Rules of the Aug-Ball Association’, and include, but are not limited to: manipulation of mental aspects, manipulation of a choice number of metals and alloys, telekinetic abilities, teleportation etc.
  • Power usage should be limited to three instances per player, per half. An ‘instance’, in this case, will refer to a period of thirty seconds in time, in which usage of the relevant Power is leveraged for a singular aim and purpose (to be determined based on the judgment of the Official).
  • Power-related Infractions will, at minimum, result in a Score being rewarded for the opposing team.
Augment Rules:
  • At any time during Intermission, a player may remove and substitute any number of Augments in preparation for the second period.
  • At any time during each period of play, a player may exit the field of play and substitute a single Augment before returning. This substitution may be made once per period by each player. Play does not stop during the course of this substitution.


Unbeknownst to the brain-numbed masses, but certainly not to you and I, competition is a meaningless word to those who’ve manned the Aug-Ball association. Or at least, competition in the athletic sense. Competition in the business sense is something else entirely.

Sixteen teams exist, with the nominal mantra of ‘winning and putting on a good - fast as a maelstrom in hell - show for our fans’, but the express purpose of ‘marketing agent’. In this current age, location and geography matter less and less; Aug-Ball teams do not refer to antiquated cities as their namesakes, but rather companies, sponsors, or upcoming business endeavors and projects, rotating them to suit the objective of the day.

Regular season encompasses a grueling thirty-eight games, culminating in a final play-off tournament to determine the season’s champion. Unlike certain Old-World sporting leagues, teams do not miss out on play-offs - simply put, that would be bad for exposure, and in turn bad for business. Poor performance, then, is simply punished in the form of a lower seeding during the play-offs.

Aug-Ball is an event for the upper-class and certain Elite and a numbing distraction for the lower-class. As Aug-Ball arenas are typically erected in upper-class locales, first-tier citizens are essentially the sole live match attendees. The lower-class, on the other hand, are restricted to viewing matches through (admittedly breathtaking) holovids, disseminated en masse.

The player-base, on the other hand, are plucked from upper and lower classes alike. Scouts are almost predatory in the latter regard, aiming to take in promising lower-class youth at bargain prices. Predictive biometrics have advanced to the point where Aug-Ball scouts have a good idea of prospective physical development of children before they even leave the womb. Frightening.

Allegedly, the progenitor of the Aug-Ball dream had more vaunted expectations for the league than ‘grand marketing scheme’ and 'understated moral quandary'. Kob C’Nilly was said to believe in athletics as the truest form of self-actualization, claiming that humanity’s ability to elevate themselves for the purpose of not the hunter’s necessity but competition to be their defining mark. A bored, and admittedly lazy scion, his vision found itself taken to market by more savvy members of his fellow Elite class.

In Kob’s words, his vision had been completely and utterly corrupted.

And while court of elite opinion was split, the point was rendered mostly moot in the wake of Mister C’Nilly’s suicide not long after the opening Aug-Ball match of the inaugural season.


Current Day: Heading into Game 19 of league season.

Current Team-names:
  • The Paragon Tacticals
  • The Lyelltech Fulcrum
  • The Tonkatz Braves
  • The Bthardez Lancers
  • The Gold-Chip Elite
  • The Wixton Paladins
  • The Feisandai Blues
  • The Royal-Key Whirlwinds
  • The Apothetec Storm
  • The Askidan Dodgers
  • The Dionizy Impetus
  • The Balaguer Shuffle
  • The Jacenty Clash
  • The Lachapelle Quantic
  • The Teledyne Connect
  • The Drakon-Technical Jacks


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Takym's Law Enforcement consist of 2 governing entities:


The Lower Class District falls under the jurisdiction of the National Security Police Department, or NSPD. NSPD ranks are as follow:
  • Police Commissioner: Head of NSPD.
  • Deputy Commissioner: Second in command
Tthe District is divided into Subdistricts (differentiated by letters A, B, C and further)
  • Commander: Head of each Subdistrict Division.
  • Major: Second in Command
Subdistrict Divisions are then divided into Precincts (differentiated by numbers):
  • Captain: Head of each precinct.
  • Lieutenant: Supervise specific divisions of units (detectives, patrols, etc.) as well as multiple Sergeants.
  • Inspector (optional depending on size of Precinct): Supervise large teams/multiple small teams.
  • Sergeant: Supervise small teams/fieldwork coordinator.
  • Police Officers: The basic enforcement unit
  • Recruit: Fresh graduates in training
*Detective is not a rank but a designation which the officer works in plain clothes. Detectives do not technically outrank a Police Officer but they are in charge of cases and are usually senior in service and so hold a measure of authority.

*High ranking positions (Captain and above) had rarely been occupied by Lower Class Citizen, and historically never higher than Major.


The Upper Class and Elite Districts fall under the jurisdiction of Citizen Regulation Agency, or CRA. Their ranking structure is divided into 2 departments:

  1. CRA Management
  • Director: Head of the CRA.
  • Deputy Director: Second in Command
  • Special Counsel to the Director
  • Chief of Staff
  • Executive Assistant Director
  • Associate Assistant Director

2. Field Agents
  • Special Agent in Charge (SAC)
  • Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC)
  • Supervisory Special Agent
  • Senior Special Agent
  • Special Agent
  • Agent
  • Trainee
*Despite the Elite District technically falling under CRA's jurisdiction, CRA Agents are often neither wanted nor needed due to the heavy presence and independence of private contractors under the employ of wealthy businessmen.

*Historically no Lower Class or Quasi-Upper Class have ever been recruited by the Agency.

*Benefits and paid in the CRA are substantially better than that of NSPD Officers, with workload significantly lower. Thus, positions within the CRA are heavily sought after.

*The CRA had been known to employ private contractors on a regular basis.


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an experience

A large and exclusive bar/nightclub situated in the best section of the Lower District, The Faithless Knight offers its services to very specific groups of clientele. The Knight consists of a large central bar, smaller bars off to the side, several back rooms and booths for conducting private business (requires booking), a Nightclub, a VR hub, a restaurant (with private rooms), and a large roof landing bay, all of which offer the very best services and products one could find. Some even say, the Knight can get you something straight off an Elite's table if you could afford it.

The business is very well known as a place to conduct business for major players on the either side of the fence. The Knight is a neutral ground of sort, where an informal but otherwise effective truce holds, under the blessing of high-ranking officials and important businessmen with ties that needed looking the other way.


The main crowd that can be found every night are NSPD officers, who made the place their usual haunt ever since the NSPD Commissioner became a Board member.

Although any Law Enforcement Officer can enter freely, The Knight permits only a selected few to enjoy its services, to be granted entrance you would need a reputation, or connection to the right people in the right places. To many, admittance to The Knight is seen as a badge of honour or an accomplishment.


The Faithless Knight has a set of very strict rules that does not permit exception.
  • No physical conflict is to be started within the bar proper.
  • No third-party service is to be openly advertised or conducted within the bar proper.
  • All employees are to be treated respectfully.
  • Patrons' privacy are to be respected above all, any infringing equipment or action will result in severe penalty.

something off the menu

Any service conducted within the Knight's premise is strictly legal, however if a patron is looking for something more, the bar could use their many, many contacts and kindly direct customers with special needs to off-premise businesses.

more or less

The Knight's management are strictly Upper Class, with many Board members representatives of Elites.