San Andreas Fault

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  • It was predicted by so many. The biggest threat that California could ever face. An earthquake that would split about a third of California from the rest of the country, killing millions, and leaving a devastating scene. However Dwayne Johnson isn't going to be in this story.
    A group of beings were chosen by a higher power to keep the devastation to a minimum, by saving the lives of those caught in their impending doom. This group of people will have no idea what's happening to them. Their bodies will undergo drastic changes to be fit for the challenge of saving the west side of California. They will be confused and a little scared at first, but once they meet up they will figure out what they have to do. That group of people is you!

    You will have a dream 4 nights before the earthquake. You will see images of the destruction and devastation of the area. You will also see different images of you using your newly acquired abilities to help save the lives of those who can only do as much as running for their lives.

    ((k so now that you know the setting and the plot it's time to make your characters))

    Char Sheet:


    Age: (Minimum 16)

    Occupation: ("Student" for younger aged characters)

    Origin: (Where you're character's from)

    Abilities: (Not anything to overpowering, but nothing that makes your character helpless)


    Weapons: (If any)

    History: (Optional)


    ((Feel free to go crazy with these characters! Just no one who can stop the whole earthquake with the snap of his/her finger))


    Post at least once a day, and if not then message me to let me know how long you'll be inactive. I'll just take your character along or you can tell me what you want me to do with him/her

    You can play a max of 2 characters.

    If you play more than one character please make sure each character's font color is different. It would confuse me drastically if you didn't.

    No godmodding/overpowering. Get hurt every once and a while.

    If you want to kill off any of your characters let me know ahead of time, but I warn you, you will not be able to make a new one and add him/her in.

    No Mary Sue's or Marty Stu's

    No underpowered characters

    (That's pretty much it. Create your character and get started when ever. I'll post my char sheet and first post after I get a taker for this rp)

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