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  1. Just an interest check. Who would be up for a Samurai Warriors Roleplay?
  2. Thats a rather broad subject. I was going to make a feudal japan RP at some point, but it'd encompass more than simple samurai.
  3. Oh but you underestimate the samurai warriors universe. Many times ninja had a huge role along side riflemen and and bowmen to accomplish a win a certain battle. I would indeed allow more than just samurai. Beyond that, the historical twist of this story is genius and every game has differs on certain things which I appreciate greatly. Feudal Japan is such an interesting topic to me and I've been looking to a roleplay for some time now.
  4. I would! I would just love a Samurai warriors rp.
  5. Great! So there ARE fans on here. Cool! ^u^
  6. -_- I do know about feudal japan. The problem is, most people don't so when people start talking about samurai there is a very high chance that they're just making words with no actual understanding. Also the correct term for Ninja is Shinobi.
  7. "...there is a very high chance that they're just making words with no actual understanding."

    I understand your concern, but being brought up in an age with unlimited access to information and having played the games since I was 9 (I'm 21 now) really helped cement those interests in a person. The actual history is way more interesting than people give it credit for and it was one of the only times in school I felt a real connection enough to research it much further. Samurai Warriors just gave me a creative outlet to sit down and play through some of those things I've been studying. It creates a depth to these historical figures that likely could never be reached otherwise. Very cool feeling, indeed.
  8. I know exactly what you mean. You'll have to forgive me though. From a single sentence, one is unable to reach a conclusion about how much knowledge one has about a subject, so given that you gave no information about exact time period, daimyo served under etc then I was forced to assume you were the kind of person who simply wanted to walk around in ornate armour.
  9. Is there any SW character in particular you would like to roleplay as?

    My favorite characters are Hideyoshi and his strategist duo, Hanbei and Kanbei. I really like Ieyasu, Nobunaga and Ranmaru as well.
  10. Mitsuhide is my favorite by far. I love to play as him. I really like him from SW2 the best. His fight with Nobunaga is so intense and their his story is one that strikes me the most. Honda would be fun to play too. I've been a fan of his whole persona too. However, my favorite weapon in the hand must be Hojos cane from SW3. It is so cool! Whats your favorite weapon?
  11. Ooh, I love SW! Okuni is my favorite character from that series even though her moveset isn't very good.

    I have a couple of questions about this though. Is this a 1 x 1 rp or a group rp and are we limited to using canon characters or are original characters allowed?
  12. My favorite character are Kanbei's orbs. I find the demonic fists attacks very fun to use.
  13. One x one would be fine, but if you have some friends or fellow users who would enjoy playing alongside. If you all want a custom story with custom characters it can be created. I'm great at that kind of stuff. Otherwise, you can pick a character that already exists and we can go from there.
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