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    "Bathrooms in <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Kyoto </st1:place></st1:city>sure are weird," Kyle Edwards said to himself, shutting the sliding door behind him. He was a Caucasian sixteen year old boy, here in <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Japan</st1:place></st1:country-region> with ag roup of other American and also some European kids on a tour of a temple and a shrine. He had amber colored eyes, messy brown hair that covered most of his forehead and ears, and soft facial features. He didn't exactly look feminine, but he wasn't masculine either, evident by his minimal muscle tone. He was of average height and weight for his age, standing in at 5 feet 4 inches. He wore a earthy green colored short sleeved t-shirt, khaki shorts, white tennis shoes and white socks. All in all there was nothing that really stood out about him, excluding the fact that he was a tourist. He glanced down at his watch, noticing that he had taken a bit longer then what he had originally expected on his break, being 3:02 pm. However, he wasn't overly worried because the guide would most likely know when there was someone missing, and even if they had resumed the tour then it wouldn't be too hard for him to catch up and find where they are at, being the only sizable group of Caucasians in the area. You couldn't miss them, right? Still, better safe then sorry, he quickened his pace a bit in order to keep them from waiting at the rendezvous point for too long. He couldn't read the signs, but he was pretty sure that he had back tracked correctly to a set of double doors leading to the outside, revealing a bright afternoon sun with plenty of chirping cicadas. What there was a notable lack of, however, was his tour group.
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    "Now where could they be..." he pondered, glancing around with an increased sense of urgency. He planned on staying calm, but he wasn't actually expecting that they would leave him like this. Was he that unnoticeable? He was sure that they said to meet him at the east entrance...right? Was he not atthe east entrance after all? He tried to find an English sign in the area that would help clarify him on this matter, but failed miserably. The only Japanese that he knew was from watching anime, which hardly prepared him for finding his own way around. He was getting too nervous to remember which direction the sun was beginning to set in, which was the one clue that told him he was indeed mixed up about his current location. Instead, he decided to head back inside and search for either his tour group or someone that knew English who could lead him to them. After around ten minutes without any luck, he eventually found himself in some sort of back entrance. Had he been able to read Japanese, he would have noticed the "Do not enter" sign painted in read next to the door. Inside this new area were multiple hanging flower pots, overgrown weeds, and some stepping stones leading to a small pond and a stone monument type of thing, but he couldn't be sure exactly what it was. Perhaps it would be something talked about during the tour? The lighting in the area was poor, so it took him a moment to notice that there was a girl covered by the shadows of the monument. Perhaps she would know something, or at the very least he could wait here for the tour group to arrive, if they ever did. He began to walk over to her location, hopeful that she would help him get out of this. If all else failed then he'd just have to call his mom to come pick him up early. mess.
  2. Naoki Kae was an orphan, who'd never met a member of her family. She didnt know who she inherited her hight from, or her silky chestnut hair. She sometimes wondered if all of her family had soft, brown eyes, or if she was the only Kae with thin shoulders. Naoki hoped her family would have liked her cute, green dresses, and teddy bear back pack she always carried. But most of all Naoki wished her family smiled as much as she did.

    When Naoki had first seen the scroll with her name on, she couldnt beleive it was true. She had never met any member of her family, not even distant family with just the same surname. So it came as rather a suprise to Naoki when she saw the name 'Yuki Kae' on some yellowing parchment, at a car boot sale. While it wasn't the same as meeting a live person from her family, she felt a special connection with her ancestors name on the parchment. With out a second glance to what else may be on the parchment, Naoki bought it. The seller was obviously pleased to be rid of what he thought to be useless, but in actual fact was priceless to Naoki.

    After reading the rest of the parchment, and doing some online research, it turned out her family originally came from Asia, then moved to Europe some time ago. While she couldnt find much information on other family members, she had found a fair bit on Yuki Kae. She had even discovered where his grave was. This, paired with her lifetime want to meet one of her family members, made her visit Japan to see the grave. Since she knew no Japanese and was terrible at geography, she'd been with a tour group when first visiting the shrine and temple her ancestor was buried at. When break time came round, she left the group to find her ancestors grave. Simply guessing her way, she eventually found a red sign. Not caring what it said, she forged on past it, through weeds and past ancient hanging pots. Even in the poor lighting, a stone monument shone out to her. Naoki skipped down some stepping stones, then stopped in front of the monument, which had a little pond behind it. She fell to her knees before it, knowing she'd found Yuki Kae with out reading the inscription. Naoki shut her eyes, and leant fowards so her hair draped over her face. She thought she heard foot steps behind her, yet she didnt care, and ignored them. "Yuki Kae..." Naoki thought, "I know your dead now, so if your in heaven, please listen. All my life Ive wanted to interact with a family member, so just you hearing this would make me extremely happy. Ive traveled across the world for no other reason than to visit your grave with good wishes. To just be here fills me with a magical feeling, so thank you just for letting fate lead me here. If I could have spoken to you properly, I would have loved it, but since I cant..." Naoki took off her bear bag, afterwards placing it in front of the monument, "take my favorite possession. It seems silly, but...this means so much to me." A shining tear ran down Naokis face. It was then she felt a strange tugging sensation. She opened her eyes, yet the world stayed black. Her head felt like it was spinning, with out any explanation. And through the room echoed the word... Yuki.
  3. Kyle continued to approach the girl, curious as to what she was up to. She was kneeling on the ground in what appeared to be some sort of prayer, or at the very least she was deep in thought because she didn't seem to notice Kyle's approach despite his footsteps echoing on the stepping stones. He was wondering if he should call out to her, but he didn't want to interrupt her if this was indeed some intense spiritual revelation or whatever. He wasn't sure about all of the customs around these parts, but he knew that it would certainly be rude by anyone's standards to interrupt such an event. He lighted his steps and slowed down as he drew closer to the kneeling girl. Leaning forward, he was surprised to see a lone tear begin to fall down her cheek, catching what little light existed inside the shadow of the alter. He reached out his hand to touch her shoulder and ask if she was okay, when all of a sudden he was interrupted by a bizarre voice echoing seemingly out of nowhere.
    "Yuki who?" He thought to himself, looking around for the source of this noise. Was a man hiding in the room like a ninja as a prank to tourists, or was it coming from loud speakers? Or perhaps her phone was on very loud? He tried to speak up to question her about this, but he felt like his senses had all of a sudden failed him. Everything became much darker then before, his hearing made it sound like everything was muted underwater,and his body felt like it was getting tugged inward. He began to panic and instinctively gripped onto her shoulder even tighter, but his hand at that point became numb so he could hardly feel her body underneath his fingertips. The last thing he felt was a falling sensation through an empty expanse, and then he fell unconscious for what felt like a long time.
  4. A sudden tight grip held her shoulder. She wanted to turn round to see what it was, but Tsuki was paralyzed with fear. As reality became distorted, the grip tightened then... She blacked out.

    Tsuki woke up, with the sun dazzling her eyes. She glanced around, to see her self in a completely new place. "Did some one move me because I fainted?" Tsuki wondered. Unlikely, she suspected, since she didnt think they'd leave her in a prickly bush, surrounded by dirt. Tsuki then caught sight of a small boy- he looked nothing special, but was rather cute. She pulled her self out of the bush, then strolled over to the boy. With no clue what else to do, she prodded him with her foot.
  5. Darrius Lysander Castell was lost. Also known as DLC jokingly to friends. He'd been lost for the last half an hour, he hadn't listen when the tour guide had been explaining about the rendezvous point, he had been stuck in a manga on his smartphone. He had long ago given up trying to read the kanji or on seeing any english. His uncle had told him to stick close or he'd tell Darrius's mum. Predictably Darrius had heard "no" and thought "yes". He had walked off to inspect something and then the tourist group was gone. In one way he sort of already wanted to get away and in another it was by accident so he just shrugged and thought luck was with him. At least at first... While Darrius took a drink out of water fountain he paused to admire himself in the shiny metal. He was 6 ft and still growing for a 16 year old he had an athletic frame with broad shoulders that was well muscled though it hadn't always been that way when he was younger he had been a chubby kid, but exercise and dieting; particularly weightlifting had made him look like a model. He wore blue jeans, a purple shirt with a wolf head snarling on it in black, tennis shoes, socks, and a open zip-up black hoodie.

    His face was shaped like a diamond, with almond shaped eyes with epicanthic folds in their corners speaking of some asian ancestry somewhere in his blood. His eyes where piercing green that seemed to lighten in color depending on how much light went on it, but on average it was a deep emerald color. He had thick dark lashes and thinly arched eyebrows that he had to pick regularly to keep in shape. His nose was straight and sharp nose, with cupids bow running down to his full lips stretched by his very white teeth which he was obsessed with looking after, just like most parts of his body and hygiene. His skin was olive or light brown depending on how you looked at it, and he had dark black hair that stuck up in a peak over his forehead and was cut very short on the sides. Overall he thought himself quite handsome and even though he didn't want to be vain and he knew it was wrong he couldn't help feeling vanity and pride at his looks because after all he had not always looked like this way and it had taken work.

    He smiled, striking a pose at his reflection as he finished drinking. He was about to dry his hands when he heard a sliding door open. Instantly thinking that it was his uncle he darted into a hiding spot. He made weird expression twisting his face. Why am I acting like this? The likelihood of it being him is like...something really big too one. He didn't think it would be but his curiosity was piqued. He waited for a few until the teenager came out. Darrius almost laughed, but he just did it silently. He heard what the teenager said as he came out (at least barely). Darrius said silently to himself, "Amen Brother." in response. Soon the guy started walking away. Darrius followed him from a distance trying in his own way to be ninja like though if anyone saw him they would no doubt think it comical and Darrius knew that he didn't care. It was fun and it was kinda ironically fitting that he was in Japan when doing this. The thought occurred to him; it just walk up an explain, but he pushed that aside; this was more fun.

    He was just about to give up and just call his uncle and fess up or just go up to the dude and ask for his help; though the more and more Darrius followed him the more he thought he was lost as well. Anyway he was just about to do that when the dude found what looked like a back entrance he waited for the guy to move further into the room until he walked up to the door and peered around. His first thought after his eyes adjusted was, The hell... He really didn't know what to make of the place. Was it some sort of religious thing or something? He shrugged and focused on the two people in the room. He shrugged mentally and just took a few steps into the room when he heard the noise...


    It echoed through the room. It seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once. He froze and his heart skipped a beat. It surprised him and he wasn't shamed to admit scared him a little. He shook that off thinking one of the others had said it and was just about to open his mouth to ask who Yuki was or what Yuki was in English, because they seemed like tourists, maybe not the girl, but at least the dude. He had just opened his mouth and he only got out, "Who-" Before he felt really...strange. At least the is the word that could sum it all up. The darkness, the hearing the sounded like it was underwater, and this really weird feeling from his body. He thought he was dying or maybe fainting. At least for a split second. Then he blacked out.

  6. Kyle had lost all control of his senses for a long time, but they slowly began to return to him when he suddenly felt a prodding sensation on his body. Having just been roused from sleep he was quite groggy; he didn'thave a clue what was going on, nor did he care. The bizarre circumstances that had put him into this state didn't help either, so in fact saying that he had even wokenup was bit of a stretch. In at most a half awake state of existence, he flinched away from the sensation and muttered "Five more minutes" at whoever was trying to wake him from this slumber. He was able to sleep through thunderstorms and he was most certainly not a morning person eager to get out of bed. But wait a minute...this didn't feel like his bed at all. Thi srealization shook him further back into reality, and it was then that he vaguely remembered what had last happened to him. If that event wasn't part of his dream, he had lost consciousness at the shrine. Thanks to this and a continued effort to wake him up from whoever that was, he finally opened his eyes and glanced around at his current predicament. He was in an unrecognized place, somewhere outdoors with only a single village off in the horizon. He had thought that Kyoto was more densely populated then that, so this struck him as a bit odd but his mind didn't like to think much, especially after just waking up to such a confusing scenario. He took his eyes off of the village and then to the girl that had been standing over him; the same one that he had met right before passing out. That confirmed that it wasn't a dream, unless he was in fact still dreaming. However, his throbbing headache would tend to prove otherwise.
    "Thanks for helping me," he said to her weakly, wondering why she had brought him out here instead of to a hospital or...anywhere else, actually. He wasn't one to get suspicious very easily, so he thought it was more odd then something done with sinister intent. "Do you know where we are?" As he spoke he tried to get into a sitting position, feeling his strength slowly returning to him.
  7. "Yes, a pile of dirt surrounded by bushes, probably still in Japan. Other than that, no, and Ive been taken away from one place I wanted to be." Naoki wasnt in the mood to be helpful. She was bored and grumpy, like always after waking up. She hopped around in search of something to do with out having to leave her waking place and companion. She caught sight of a second boy, a more toned one. He was also unconscious/sleeping. A smile flickered across her face when she came up with a fun idea. "Cover your ears," she told the boy near her, giving him a wink. Seconds later she shrieked as loud as she could, "WAKE UP, YOU...WON THE LOTTERY!" Naoki couldnt wait to see the sleepers reaction.
  8. Darrius jerked awake with mixture between a gasp and a grunt noise. Lottery? Wha... He sat bolt upright his eyes wide, trying to process what was happening. It took him a few seconds to remember what had happen then a few more to register his surrounding. All the while he sat bolt upright his brow furrowed in a mixture of confusion and anger, his glare darting around him. Where the hell was he? How in the hell did he get there? Why the hell was he here? What the hell happened? Who the hell is Yuki and those two others? His gaze finally settled on the other two, his mouth opened and shut like a fish, but no sound came out of it until finally Darrius choked out "What the hell?!?" His brows furrowed in confusion as he slowly got up and he found his tongue. "Where the hell are we? And what the hell happened?"
  9. Naoki burst into hysterics as she watched the boys reaction. His face at that time was worth pure gold. As he did a fish impression her laughter just increased. It took a minute of deep breathing before she could answer his question without giggling. " clue. Not the foggiest. Well, actually, I do, I think we are probably still Japan, sitting in dirt. That's what I told him, but I'm not sure." Naoki pointed at the first boy to wake up. "Anyways, thanks for cheering me up. I'm Naoki, and you two are...?'

    Perfect. Simply perfect. Those were the only words Naoki had for her day so far. The beauty of Japan, the shrine with her ancestor, the two boys... Who cared they didnt know where they were? Naoki was no longer upset from just waking up.
  10. "I'm Kyle," he said, reaching his hand out to shake hers. He hadn't laughed quite as hard as Naoki had, which would arguably be very hard to beat, but he still had a much brighter smile on his face thenhe had when he first woke up here. Misery loves company, so with all of them in this same boat together it actually felt a little refreshing. The main problem was that none of them knew what was going on, which was weird. Someone else must have dragged them out in the middle of a prank? They hadn't done any harm to them unless they were responsible for knocking them out, and they hadn't stolen from them either. Kyle reached his free hand into his pocket and felt his phone still inside. Speaking of that, it was probably time to call his dad and tell him what had happened...or at least the parts that he knew had happened, which wasn't much. He'd call the police, but he didn't even know if they had a 911 here.
    After finishing his handshake, he pulled out his phone and flipped it open. The time on the clock said that it had only been a couple of minutes, which was strange that someone could have pulled them outside so quickly and then ran off out of sight. Once again he wasn't able to deduce the situation; all he knew was that something was horribly off about all of this. "The time's still around 3:20," he called out, in case they hadn't noticed this and could figure something out. He went into his contacts and had it dial his dad's phone number. Holding it up to his ear, all he heard was the ringing sound. No answer, not even a voicemail. "Now my dad isn't even picking up his phone...what's going on," he mumbled. He tried a few other numbers, but didn't get any luck.
  11. Naoki watched as Kyle messed about with his phone. Naoki despised phones. She considered them evil, since they caused road accidents and controlled peoples lives. She was glad it wasn't working- one less phone to worry about in the world. But as Naoki thought about the situation, she admitted to herself it would be helpful right now. Where was she? How did she get here? Why was she here? Who took her here? The questions swirled around like spaghetti and meatballs in Naoki's head, causing a burning headache. The situation was beginning to feel like one of those cheesy movies, where people transported to a parallel dimension. But that was impossible...right? Naoki pinched herself, reminding herself to stay with reality. A pretty strange one, but reality. Darrius and Kyle obviously knew nothing, and not much was happening while they were stood around. That settled it for Naoki. She started strolling off in a random direction, one which felt kind of lucky- not that she believed in luck.. "Well, I don't know about you two, but i'm going to try and find something to help us sort this out. You can either come with me, or stick moping around here all day."
  12. Darrius pursed his lips his eyes twinkling as the other two laughed. He was annoyed, confused and, angry, yet on the other hand he loves to make people laugh. It also didn't look like anyone including himself was in danger. He relaxed a crooked smile creeping up his face. He dusted off his pants and walked closer to them, while the other two regained their breath. He stood their with his arms crossed and listened. "Names Darrius." He said nodding to Naoki and Kyle in turn. "We probably are still in Japan, but where exactly?" He only paused a split second when he got the idea to look at his phone. Well that's really not that hard to figure out." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his smartphone. His mind has lots of different questions so he just focused on one for now: Where where they? He quickly opened up the GPS app, but it said he had not connection. His eyes furrowing he checked his internet connection; none.

    He glanced up at Kyle who also seemed to have his phone out and had just commented at the time. "Only a few minutes?" He glanced back down to reaffirm this. He paused looking at his phone. So it had only been a few minutes yet...looking around they looked like they where nowhere near where they had been. How had they got so far away in such a short amount of time? And for that matter why had he blacked out? He raised a hand to his head searching for a bump or something; he couldn't find any. He came to the only conclusion that made sense; sleeping gas. He just barely registered Kyle saying something when he saw Naoki started to walk off. He pocketed his phone and walked jogging to catch up to her. "Ya to many questions not enough clues for a full answer." Striding after her he was smiling, although he was confused, he was also exhilarated and this was much more fun then looking at some sites.
  13. His phone was practically useless now, not having many functions other then to actually call people, so he quickly gave up and tucked it back into his pocket. He wasn't fond of being left behind, so he made his decision to follow the two, at least until they got to a city where he could probably get a better signal and call his dad at that point. However, they hadn't made it too far when he heard a familiar sound, butone that was still considerably odd given the circumstances and took him a second to actually confirm what it was. It was the sound of horses galloping toward their location. He didn't know how people normally traveled around <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Japan</st1:place></st1:country-region>, but he had always logically assumed that they'd prefer to use cars or trains. Who did they think they were, Samurai? After seeing the riders moving into sight in front of them just as he was thinking this, he had a nice good chuckle. The five riders were indeed wearing Samurai armor, and one of them was holding onto a flag that he didn't recognize. The others had weapons such as lances and bows, but he was quite sure that this was some sort of a reenactment and was in no way real. He had to give them an A for effort on their authenticity, however. If he didn't know better, they truly did look the part.

    With no way they could possibly outrun them on foot even if they wanted to, the horsemen quickly caught up tot hem and were now within talking distance. The man holding the flag spoke out to them in a stern voice, but not knowing much Japanese he couldn't understand much of what was being said. He heard the word "nani", which means what, but that was all he could catch as the man hastily called out to the three of them. The other rides circled around them, pointing weapons their way. If this was still a prank they were certainly doing a good job and they'd all have agood laugh about it after all was said and done. For now, however, he was starting to get a tad bit nervous. He didn't know quite how to respond, so he stuttered a bit before reaching out his right hand and saying, "How do you do?"<o:p></o:p>
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    Naoki noticed the pair of boys obediently followed her, even though it she thought it was obvious she had no clue where she was heading. It didn't seem to matter too much though, since there were a group of figures riding towards the three. Riding? Naoki rubbed her eyes to check she was seeing true, but sure enough a group of about 5 people were galloping towards them. Wearing samurai armour. In the middle of nowhere. Naoki couldn't help but roll her eyes at the strangeness of the circumstances. After about a minute the riders had caught up to the wondering trio, then stopped abruptly in front of them. A stern man carrying a glorious flag spoke something in Japanese. Naoki didn't understand a word of it, but she understood the weapons the riders pointed at them were real. She didn't know where they'd managed to get the swords, but she certainly didn't want to be on the wrong end of those lethal blades. Kyle didn't seem to be that worried though, sticking his hand out and asking, "How do you do?" The reaction of Naoki was very different. She dropped down to her knees, bowed he head, softly speaking, "We mean no harm. I-If you can understand any English, we are simply lost and would like some guidance." Naoki hoped this would be enough for them to put away their law-damn weapons.