Samantha Rae; Life of a Demented Child

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  1. A young girl strolled down the sidewalk, as though in a trance, she dragged her floppy eared bunny behind her, allowing it to drag on the concrete as she passed. She seemed to be about the age of nine or ten. Her long blonde hair, in a tangled mess hung over her face, hiding her features. The plain white night gown was dingy, ragged and showing the months of wear and tear it had endured. She kept her head low, focusing on each step she took, she felt in a fog, having trained her brain to shut everything that she hadn't chosen to focus on out of her mind. She shivered some as her bare feet touched the concrete with each step. Her arms were numb but she continued to walk, shutting it out her mind like she had done everything else.
  2. Hi Lulu. I see you've got two RPs with the same intros. Was this a mistake? Want me to delete one of them?
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