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  1. Hey.. I am new to this website which i was recommended to my friend.. Don't Mind my Ugly Drawing >.< But uhm... I guess I go many Names, Brock is my real name but people online call me Chaotic, Star, Vex, Vin, Wolf. Though just call me Star or Light here? idk ;~; I am really shy but I want to make new Friends and have good Role play. I try my best to be very detail. But yeah Hey..
  2. Hello Star, welcome to Iwaku~ I can be your friend if you'd like ^ ^ I enjoy making new friends. Enjoy your stay :)
  3. So many names! O_O Welcome to the community, Star!
  4. Welcome Light~! You can call me either Emo the Eskimo Extremo, or Kay, and I hope you enjoy your stay for a very, very long time~!
  5. @HibikiKuraii Thank you, I would enjoy friends I feel very Welcomed c:

    @Diana Yeah sorry, I just made So many user names in the past that people just call me random stuff now, Thanks for the Welcoming c:

    @KayThePilotChapter Thank you Kay c:

    I feel special as my friend is teaching me how to use this site >.< lol
  6. Welcome from another newbie. :)
  7. Hey Starlight! Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you have tons of fun :) If you ever need any help, feel free to contact myself or any one of the wonderful staff members! I'm sure you will be quick at meeting friends and have a great time.
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