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<dl><dt id="profilefield_title_1" class="aboutme_left">
</dt><dd id="profilefield_value_1" class="aboutme_right">Hello everyone. I am here at the suggestion of a good friend of mine, and am eager to do some roleplaying. There are a few things I think you should know about me.

I am a mysterious person. Not the bad mysterious, like the guy you see on the street at night and you can't decide whether he is a vagrant or not. No, I possess the intriguing, sexy mysteriousness of a dude who doesn't talk a lot, but you can tell from his eyes there's something going on in there. Also, he clearly takes care of himself, but has stubble like he doesn't shave everyday, which makes an ambiguous statement about his concern for his looks. I guess you could interpret that favorably and assume he isn't superficial, which is refreshing. There are just not enough people like that. It's sad, really. But I digress.

What was I talking about? Oh, right. I'm mysterious, but I'm also approachable, like a guy with a cute dog. At first you see some guy, and maybe he's mysterious, but you don't think much of it until you see his dog. Then you think, "I wanna pet that dog", so you walk over and ask him if the dog bites. He says no, but when you were a kid a guy said that and his dog bit you anyway. So you cautiously approach the dog, but the dog is totally cool and lets you pet it. Then you start talking with the guy, and the guy is cool too, and the two of you become friends. That's kind of how our interaction will go down, except without a dog and on the internet.

But enough about vagrants and dogs, or whatever (in all honesty, I wasn't even looking at the screen while I was typing that, I was watching From Russia With Love and eating a hotdog). As I said before, I'm here to roleplay. I enjoy almost any type of campaign, especially with a detailed story and deep character interaction. I look forward to getting to know everyone.
What if your first reaction to the dog is a dinner of roasted pup and a side of cat-tails?

Uh, I mean.... >___> Some of my best friends are that creepy guy on the street at night, lurking in a back alley or under a broken streetlight, trying to sell you watches or give you cand-- .... I mean.... :D HAAAYY WELCOME TO IWAKU DOOD.
This guy has a Jeremy Brett avatar. He must be a pretty cool dude.
I see a virginian in our midst. /peers
>A dude who doesn't talk a lot
>All those words

Everything I know is a lie.
But anyways, welcome. It is nice to have you on board.
You made me laugh. :D Welcome to Iwaku!
Welcome to Iwaku! We have so much awesome for you to see, I'm October, I'll show you around. Right this way!

On your left you'll see the General Discussion board, post stuff there! Get to know your fellow Rpers on an intimate level!

Just past the Asylum, where Darkness and Rory make out with Orion all day, we Have the RP sign up forum! Check it out for games currently accepting characters! Right next door, is the Roleplay invitation request area, if you have an idea but no one to help you plot, post it here and players will be on it like white on rice!

And if you follow the signs down around the corner there, you see the Cbox! Come on in and talk with us!

Welcome to Iwaku! October's got all the awesome links down for you :D

Your profile says you like gaming! In that case, you should check out Iwakumon and Iwaku Triad :)

And we have a group for gamers too! Iwaku's Gaming Guild

By the way, I'm Sakura :D I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi roleplays, too, so I'll probably see you around :D

Hi there and welcome to Iwaku, Feday~
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
I have a feeling that we're going to get along swimmingly, so I do hope that you stick around to watch the start of our awesome friendship.
Lots of people have tossed super helpful links to places for you to check out, so I shall defy this norm for now and instead engage you in friendly conversation:
I'm curious to know who referred you here! Do you know their username?

Oh, and if you need help, please feel free to ask! Happy playing.
Thank you everyone for the kind words. Thank you Freikugel for knowing who Jeremy Brett is. I salute you and your excellent taste.

Kitti, I was referred by Ossochanter who is a very dear friend of mine. After looking around some, I'm pretty sure I'll like it here.