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  1. Don't mind the title at all, I just love using that word whenever possible. Anyways, I'm a total stranger to this site, but not to roleplaying. Many people, probably at least a few thousand every month, decide to start roleplaying with absolutely no prior experience. Alas, I am not one of those fine folks.

    I've been roleplaying for a bit over a year, so I can't be considered a writing 'veteran' or anything as valiant as that. I can write pretty well, but only because I'm one of the few (haha, kidding...) people who proofread their posts and use spell check. But I'm still not that amazing with the art of writing. I throw in a few metaphors and stuff, but gerunds totally confound me.

    I'm just a student, so I honestly don't think I'm that interesting. At any rate, you can call me Sky or Skye. I'm a teenager, something I don't really like to reveal because, based upon my experiences, people tend to look down on younger writers. If you can't tell from my writing, style, I have the XY chromosome. (That's the male one, right?)

    I'll probably be real active once I get into the swing of things, so you can expect to see me around. I'm not familiar with this site, so I'll probably make some newbie mistakes. (Don't we all?)

    In other news, I love to eat Fish'n chips and my favorite video games are Pokemon BW, Animal Crossing, and Kingdom Hearts II. I don't know why I love fish'n chips... Guess I just love the fish. And fries.

    As some can attest, when you're comfortable writing, it doesn't feel like you wrote much at all! Hope to see you around. If you read this all, I commend you. Don't feel obligated to respond or anything, I know we all have tight schedules. At any rate, I'm happy to be here!
  2. You're correct, in that the XY combination is male...

    Sorry, genetics is one of those areas I enjoy as a hobby. Anyway, hello to fellow new guy!
  3. Howdy Skye! >:3 We're happy to have you! Welcome to the communiiiiity.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Skye!
  5. Welcome Skye! I love fish n chips too, but mainly because they remind me of home. Well amd they are crazy addictive. I wouldn't be worried about being looked down on for age. Most of the RPers I know started very young including myself. I am sure you are fine.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku! We specialize in rpers that are new here but not to rping!

    I'm October nice to meet you!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Writing is something we all struggle with. Some write too much, other too little... some too wierd xD

    Hope you find some great stories to partake in, and of course Enjoy your stay :D
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